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  1. Benjiro
    Somewhere under the rainbow
  2. kim marie
    kim marie
    I put my story in here THREE times AND lost it ..I need HELP I was HELPED in 2013 reading HEALING back PAIN. 2015 pain is back SUICIDE PAIN
  3. kim marie
    kim marie
    I was on here back in 2013 .I read HEALING back PAIN. Went on the Saturday chats. I had my life back
  4. HappyLittleClouds
    Sponging up knowledge!
  5. Carc612
    After 5 months of horrible anxiety, I realized I was having physical
  6. Lonewolfbunny
    I have a long history of battling every kind of TMS symptom. For the most part I feel I am 90% better than I have ever been.
  7. Kathyd
    I just tried to enter a long but it won't post and was deleted Please help!
    1. plum
      All posts autosave so look again to see if your words are there. Go to the post, click reply and your comment should appear in ghostly form. If not maybe @JanAtheCPA can help.
      Jan 4, 2020
  8. dfinchy
    Finally I feel safe-
  9. plum
    plum Dragonfly
    Welcome to our forum my dear ❤️
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    2. Dragonfly
      Thank you beautiful Plum ❤️
      Dec 24, 2019
  10. GUY
  11. GUY
  12. broncos24
    broncos24 InRainbows
    How are you feeling? Any better?
  13. sheltered
  14. MatthewNJ
    MatthewNJ tmstraveler
    hi there,
    thanks for being a part of our chat last week. I was really impressed with you. you are on it!
    Peace, Matthew
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    2. tmstraveler
      Thanks, Matthew. It's work but I understand it more and more each day. I appreciate the encouragement!
      Dec 13, 2019
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  15. MatthewNJ
    MatthewNJ Antenbunny
    hi there,
    thanks for being a part of our chat last week. I was really impressed with you. you are on it!
    Peace, Matthew
  16. Fredray
    Fredray blackle22
    I also have dry eyes. Do you still use eye drops after believing its TMS. and hows your eyes now
  17. thoms
    French guy that finally know what the source of his pain.
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  18. karimcake
    Barrister in the UK knocked sideways seriously & suddenly by circa 25 years of unacknowledged & invisible ‘stress’ now manifesting as TMS.
  19. Tilli
    Day1. Over the past week I’ve been really thinking about my life and all the abuse I survived. My pain is obviously related !!
  20. Tilli
    TMS and strokes ?