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  1. tanny
    tanny Kathryn858
    Kathryn858, I have had vulvodynia over 10 years (as well as other TMS conditions). I know it is TMS, I've read Sarno's books, Steve O, and Howard Schubiner. I am confused as to how to start a program. I feel very scattered as to what approach to follow. How did you begin your journey to recovery?
  2. mariasanchezolm
    Apasionada de los viajes y las inversiones
  3. Segastar
    Double trigger finger, stressed and trying to keep sane
  4. Tennis Tom
    Tennis Tom juan cg
    Hi Juan, sent you a PM, did you get it?
  5. juan cg
    juan cg Tennis Tom
    Hi tennis tom, im 28 years old, i have had hip pain since i was 20 and recently diagnosed with double hip OA, if you dont mind i would like to make you a few questions related to that, there are some mail adress or something where i can write you? thank you in advance !
    1. Tennis Tom
      Tennis Tom
      Hi Juan, sent you a PM, did you get it?
      Jul 22, 2020
  6. Segastar
    Decided to buy both Healing Back Pain and Mindbody Prescription.......time to see if this helps......
  7. Segastar
    Today was the unofficial day 0 pf looking towards TMS as a possible cause for my issues
  8. AMarie
    Recovered from chronic back pain years ago... now I'm chronically fatigued.
  9. Idearealist
    Walking across coals that might not be as hot as I thought they were.
  10. candysworld
  11. Boston Redsox
    Boston Redsox
    Still on my journey after 10 yrs , not giving up hope I will never quit.
  12. Macair
    I also am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. I have been using a MindBody app for 6 weeks and have gusts of hope, but the pain gets worse
  13. allan.gringo
    Hi Everybody, I am a newcomer to this site, but having read some of the posts, there is much I can learn. .
  14. Lee Willows
    Lee Willows
    I don’t have much of a story I’m just looking forward to the journey! I need it and I’m excited!
  15. Northwood
    Northwood HattieNC
    Appreciate your story, and I'm glad to see you've come so far. This is such a trying journey: doing the work, hoping things will change, trusting in the face of doubt. Thanks for your sharing.
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  16. daniebama
    surgery my ass
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  17. gcrl
    Searching for my own path
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  18. Rene100
    Rene100 Steve Ozanich
    Dear Steve
    I keep getting bad gastritis (inflammation of stomach lining and deuodenum) right after I have emotional run ins..any advice on.how go prevent or stop emotions from doing this? Thx!!! Rene
  19. Kathumi
    Back to work and my emotions are expressing themselves - more pain, a stiff neck and a twitch in my eye to boot! LOL.
  20. MarkB
    MarkB D'niceTMS
    Thank you for sharing this story and for you kind words during the chat today. Sarno would be proud of the torch you carry. Your words and encouragement carry it well.