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  1. Idearealist
    Bound and determined
  2. Reemerge
    A young mom diagnosed with fibromyalgia determined to re-emerge pain free.
  3. dabella988
  4. Brajesh
    Only you can heal yourself, I can take your hand and be with you until you do.
  5. dabella988
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  6. Romain
    Hello everyone, I'm Romain, I come from France !
  7. Philippe1982
    Philippe1982 Mclean
    How are you? Still have the dizziness, metallic taste ...?
  8. silentflutes
  9. xeniel988
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  10. persistant
    Hi, I'm new here and wondered if there is a support forum for those diagnosed with CRPS? I'm also confused about status updates vs stories
    1. Andy Bayliss
      Andy Bayliss
      Hi persistant and Welcome! I don't often use this feature, and just saw your posting and your story. I hope you might try the Structured Education Program at the Wiki as a way to learn and post your progress. Also, you can make a new post of any kind, to say more about your situation or ask questions. I think you're in the right community here! Andy
      Feb 4, 2021
  11. kusnaidiads
  12. Stiffbreeze
    My only regret...is that I have...TMS
  13. hxyly
  14. richard13
    richard13 Ellen
    Thanks Ellen for sharing such a cogent description of the TMS process and your experience of it. Copied it to share with others. I like how the info appeared on your phone (I had a similar "happy accident", a book left open on a neighbor's table).
    1. Ellen likes this.
  15. Bodhigirl
    My TMS has learned something new? Night sweats that seem unrelated to hormones but rather to sheltering and political upheaval.
  16. richard13
    Recovered from bouts of chronic pain in various parts of my body (see My Story).
  17. Circlesquared
    Circlesquared Gigalos
    Are you still experiencing muscle twitches?
    1. Gigalos
      Hi CS,
      Yes, rarely, but when I do it is always from being tense about something.
      Feb 12, 2021
  18. plankcut1
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  19. Onbts
    I am kind of hopeless rn
  20. cupacupi48
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