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New Profile Posts

  1. BillyPilgrim
    Chronic Pain sufferer since 1997. Diagnosed with FMS and ADHD. Happy to chat with other users.
  2. dreamweaver
    dreamweaver AndyG.
    Hi AndyG. I read some post you had alopecia did you get rid of it with tms technique ?
  3. Hopevsheadaches
    Trying to educate as much as a can whilst this headache batters me. TMS.... You will not win....
  4. anat
    anat Andy Bayliss
    i sent u a message in your website
  5. anat
    anat Andy Bayliss
    wow. please contact me. i want to hear more
  6. SoniaKettlebella
    SoniaKettlebella Derek Sapico MFT
    Are you taking new clients?
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    2. Forest
  7. Gugi
    Gugi Jules
    Hi Jules . How can I contact you? Dealing with a bad case of CS but can’t cure the starting point. In other words there is ongoing pain which is structural, and real ( in my mouth) and can’t be fixed because of the CS symptoms itself. This puts me in a loop situation. Any insights or suggestions ? Tms more activity approach makes things worse like your case… thanks..
  8. Ann Miller
    Ann Miller
    Pain free for years!
  9. PAChristine
    Battling chronic migraines and trigeminal neuralgia for 6 years. PA-C, cat lover, gardener, bassoonist, and amateur interior designer.
  10. rachel454
  11. NNava
    Just Begin....
  12. Kimmer
    Just returning to all these concepts after fitter intro to them one yearcago
  13. Jaxxie
    Hi everyone! I just finished the ten week Presence Process. Is anyone one else currently doing it or just finished?
    1. plum
    2. plum
      Hope that helps x
      Aug 16, 2021
  14. blueroom
    Day 1 and counting...here for the journey.
  15. Neen
    Neen Celayne
    HOw are you now Celayne? Just come across TMS so much to learn! Can you suggest the book or books that are best? Thanks in advance if you can reply, stay well.
  16. Neen
    Neen Lynn S
    How are you going now Lynn?
  17. Neen
    Long term sufferer of MdDS a floaty, bobbling dizziness and brain fog with sore neck, had on and off 20 years.
  18. BetJuara001
  19. Marylens34
    Sometimes time is just killing, but people used to think that it helps.
  20. 444
    444 Ellen
    Thank you for the time you put into writing your story. This is very comprehensive. Probably something I will reread as needed. Hope your still doing well.
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    2. Ellen
      Thanks for your comment. I'm still doing well, with the occasional relapse which resolves quickly once I acknowledge it's TMS.
      Jul 9, 2021