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  1. sheltered
  2. MatthewNJ
    MatthewNJ tmstraveler
    hi there,
    thanks for being a part of our chat last week. I was really impressed with you. you are on it!
    Peace, Matthew
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    2. tmstraveler
      Thanks, Matthew. It's work but I understand it more and more each day. I appreciate the encouragement!
      Dec 13, 2019 at 4:06 PM
  3. MatthewNJ
    MatthewNJ Antenbunny
    hi there,
    thanks for being a part of our chat last week. I was really impressed with you. you are on it!
    Peace, Matthew
  4. Fredray
    Fredray blackle22
    I also have dry eyes. Do you still use eye drops after believing its TMS. and hows your eyes now
  5. thoms
    French guy that finally know what the source of his pain.
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  6. Hayley
    Healing pelvic pain which is due to TMS
  7. karimcake
    Barrister in the UK knocked sideways seriously & suddenly by circa 25 years of unacknowledged & invisible ‘stress’ now manifesting as TMS.
  8. Tilli
    Day1. Over the past week I’ve been really thinking about my life and all the abuse I survived. My pain is obviously related !!
  9. Tilli
    TMS and strokes ?
  10. Linden
    Getting better almost every day now! Thank you to Dr John Sarno, Dr David Schechter, Mike Ozanich and everyone on here!
  11. Goldy
    TMS in progress...
  12. lortega0707
    I Believe !!
  13. Cory Best
    Cory Best
    Would like to talk to a TSM practitioner direct. Is it possible?
  14. Mamaheather
    Doing good slowly seeing progress which is a good sign and all I need to keep going!
  15. terullian
    Lost in uncertainty
  16. Linden
    Hello everyone. Think I'm a prime candidate for TMS as no treatment has helped my pain. Just getting started on week 2 of journalling.
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  17. Amira
    Stay positive!
  18. Jacqui71
    Hi am new and could do with some support here with dealing with this pain ☹️ Finding it very hard at the minute to cope
    1. plum
      Sweetheart, post something on the support forum about what you are going through. People here will help you but we need to let us know what is happening for you.
      Oct 10, 2019
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  19. Andy Bayliss
    Andy Bayliss
    I am back in the land of internet. I hope everyone is refining their own path to healing!
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    2. Forest
      Welcome back, Andy!
      Oct 21, 2019
  20. rmorrisette
    Recently learned about TMS, and following the educational treatment I'm already recovering, and fully expect to recover fully.
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