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  1. Piano Mom
    Piano Mom Walt Oleksy
    Rest In Peace, Walt. We are forever grateful for your contributions and encouragements here.
  2. zdl1985
    Happy to be a part of the TMS community. I look forward to reading others' success stories. Also, looking for advice.
  3. reemdesouky
    I accept the diagnosis but I doubt my ability to use it to heal myself by myself. It is hard for me to concentrate because of my headaches.
  4. reemdesouky
    this site is hard to use but I finally found the place where I can write
  5. commit
    Looking for a TMS medicine person to help guide me on my chronic pain journey. I'm coming with open arms excited about the possibilities.
    1. reemdesouky
      don't forget to update your pain situation.
      Jun 10, 2021
  6. Arabella
    Constant chronic pain in need of help x
  7. oneperson
    oneperson TrustIt
    Keep up the good work Trustit! I understand all too well the maddening sinus stuff. Thankfully, I recovered. My <3 goes out to you too about your siblings. (((<3)))
    TY for sharing.
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  8. megank
    Glad to be here
  9. Islander
    Anyone revólveres from dermatitis?
  10. Pimpollo
    Chasing that neon rainbow of a pain free life..
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  11. ibelit
    Need help!
  12. Davideus85
    Davideus85 lydia_2504
    Hi Lydia. I’ve noticed how active you are in the TMS community and I was just wondering how long you have been suffering from TMS and how successful have you been in recovery?
  13. Ieuan
    Learning for life
  14. Sita
    Sita TG957
    I read your book. You had a difficult journey, I'm happy you are OK now. Good work! I talked to 3 people this morning and recommended your fantastic book. It helps me a lot. Gradually, I'm increasing my meditations now. I've been using the same tools as you:forum, mindfulness, meditation, exercise. I started some time ago. Thank you for taking the time to write it. God bless!
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    2. TG957
      Sita, thank you so much! It is the feedback like yours makes me feel that I did not waste 2 years working on the book. Wish you the very best of luck in your healing!
      May 6, 2021
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  15. Magnolia
    Finding healing
  16. oneperson
    oneperson Andy Bayliss
    Awesome Andy!
    As far as "parts" work, do you do anything with Internal Family Systems?
    Thank you for sharing and I'm so glad you are able to hike the woods again...and ski!!
    ~Carol :)

    PS: After I posted this message, I looked at your website. I'll be visiting it in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again! :)
  17. oneperson
    oneperson TG957
    I just read the Foreward to your book & will be ordering the paperback later this month.
    I live w/an "incurable" neurological disorder.
    I'm in process of diving deeper into any residual emotional stuff. A TMS home program helped me in the early 2000s to overcome previous different chronic illnesses. So, here I go again. ;)
    I look forward to reading your story. Love the title, btw. :)
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    2. TG957
      Thank you, Carol! I hope the book will be helpful to you!
      May 6, 2021
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  18. HowToSayFUPolitely
    I was able to successfully heal from many different conditions, primary for me was pelvic pain, back pain, and plantar fasciitis
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  19. HowToSayFUPolitely
    If you are interested in learning more about TMS and my story, please visit my website and blog at howtosayfupolitely.com
  20. Adrienne1968
    I've truly just started my journey and I am determined to be rid of my pain