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  1. Onbts
    Struggling. Need hope again. Flare up of nerve pain.
  2. Lilaynie
    All over body pain, IBS, headaches, depression, anxiety etc
  3. JanAtheCPA
    JanAtheCPA niap independence
    Great intro, thank you and welcome!
  4. lucky one
    lucky one
    can someone help with starting a new post? I'm a newbie and I can't seem to find a way. Thank you
    1. Kathy56
      Hi everyone I'm a new member ,, just joined a few moments ago. I also don't know where to comment and tell you about myself or ask questions . I have been learning about TMS for sometime, and would love to learn more..Thanks!
      Jun 20, 2022
    2. Kathy56
      I remember Ezer from that l Pudendalhope forum.I was once a member of it too .It scared the heck out of me and that fear has been one causal of my horrible struggle with pelvic pain..I left that forum several years ago. I heard that Ezer has recovered.I am so happy for him ! and others and want to learn how to really" feel "my emotions. That is the hard part for me ..Thank you
      Jun 20, 2022
    3. lucky one
      lucky one
      Hi Kayhy 56 This is the way I did it. If you are doing de Structured Educational Program, sign in to the forum and on the right hand corner click start a thread and you can post a omment. If you want other subforums you can choose one and again login to that forum and follow
      the same instructions.

      I hope this helps.
      Jun 21, 2022
  5. BeauB77
    BeauB77 Walt Oleksy
    What a gorgeous and inspiring story. Thank you
  6. brecar92
    brecar92 Ellen
    Hello Ellen, I'm a chronic pain survivor too and am starting a podcast about pain sometime in the next few months. Would be willing to let me interview you? - it would be a chance for you to tell your story in audio form and help others.
  7. niap independence
    niap independence
    DON'T GIVE UP YOUR QUEST FOR BETTER - It is there in front of you, just keep looking.
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  8. Mika
    TMS even though there are different sructural tissue or bone changes?
  9. suchi
    It is amazing how my back pain has reduced considerably since I started reading about TMS!
  10. SuzieQ
  11. BusaraPitafai855
    ราคาบิทคอยน์ร่วงต่ำกว่า 27000 ดอลลาร์ ขอบคุณ https://ibrizz.com/
  12. Rpoole8537
    This is the first day of my structured program. Mt symptoms are dizziness and fatigue, not pain.
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  13. Islander
    Has anyone cured from Mast Cell Activation syndrome?
  14. sybil
    Have had chronic back pain for over two years. Am reading Sarno books and had a few therapy sessions.
  15. Esmarelda
    Esmarelda miffybunny
    Can you help me? I have suffered from anxiety for years and years but lately it has become severe. After I pee, it feels like urine moving around but I don't really have to go again. This happened last summer, went to the doctor and said it was urinary retention or OAB. It isn't OAB. It went away for 6 months but came back just recently. Do you think this could be TMS related??? Thank you so much.
    1. miffybunny
      Hi Esmarelda, yes it's absolutely tms and simply anxiety! feel free to contact me in private if you would like.
      Apr 17, 2022
  16. Music meditation
  17. Katy Elise
    Katy Elise
    Back to doing TMS!
  18. larkwest
    3/2020, pain began. 8 Orthos, got Nowhere. Fall '20, Bullshit cancer scare; more pains manifested. TMS makes sense! At frontend of TMS.
  19. Dorado
    Keep the faith and keep going!
  20. megsnewfreedom