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  1. Magic Hands
    Magic Hands
    Day 1: I've accepted the TMS diagnosis with gratitude and am glad to have found this community.
  2. Lynette S
    Lynette S
    Here to learn, but excited about the possibilities.
  3. simplest2remember
    4 years is enough! Time to move forward.
  4. miketinho
    Trying to heal myself and help other people
  5. Toronto888
    fighting anxiety and LPR
  6. RobOptimist
    In recovery :)
  7. rara rivera
    rara rivera
    Reiki Practitioner here to answer questions and provide help for TMS
  8. Sharada Devi
    Sharada Devi
    Delighted to say that chronic pain no longer runs my life!
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  9. sensitivebody
  10. TheJourney
    TheJourney Ready2heal
    Hi. I felt familiarity in your post. Could we have a talk when you have the chance? Share our experiences and feelings maybe? Thanks
  11. Neil Durrans
    Neil Durrans
    Recovered & now teaching others how to recover from Dystonia & autoimmune conditions
  12. Elias
    Fighting back
  13. riv44
    riv44 Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)
    I wondered if Walt was still with us...I have been absent for a long time. RIP.
  14. Kiki
    how to unregister
  15. Kiki
  16. Saffron
    Saffron Ellen
    This is very helpful. Thank you. All my issues have improved. But daily migraines unchanged. I am a retired psychotherapist. I treated with hypnotherapy. But I cannot get any reduction with migraine and the drugs I am on are not allowed at my age. I won’t give up. But I am struggling. I love what you’ve written. Ty
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  17. ARWR
    The one you feed.
  18. marxxy
    marxxy flora93
    How are you kow?
  19. marxxy
    marxxy readytoheal
    How is your vulvodynia, i am currently struggling
  20. marxxy
    marxxy NicoleB34
    Hi I am suffering the aame as you. How are you now?