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New Program I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 6.5 years ago

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by gabi69, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. gabi69

    gabi69 Newcomer

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 6.5 years ago

    During last months I am working with TMS and there is a big improvement. The pain recovery program is helping very much.

    Does anybody know even one case where TMS treatment was helpful with Parkinson's?

    Thank you!
  2. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sweetheart, my husband has Parkinson's and we use TMS protocol in his care.

    I recently bought a book called 'Fighting Parkinson's...and Winning' by Howard Shifke. I'm midway through reading it but a huge aspect of his recovery focusses on the emotional.

    From page 69:

    "This meant learning to transform my anger. Anger is at the top of my list of the three causes that bring Parkinson's symptoms to the diagnosable surface. Part of Parkinson's recovery required letting go of anger, or as is discussed earlier, giving up the right to hold onto anger."

    Here is the gentleman's website:

    https://www.fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.com (Fighting Parkinson's Drug Free | Embracing the disease from a new perspective.)

    This book beautifully embraces the emotional aspects of healing from a man who has been declared free of Parkinson's symptoms.

    Very inspiring.

    Plum x
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  3. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    ABSOLUTELY. One’s emotions and beliefs regarding their Parkinson’s diagnosis greatly affects their individual outcomes. Some people claim to have been 100% cured of Parkinson’s by doing emotional work (these specific patients believe repressed emotions led to their particular Parkinson’s disease; I’m not saying that’s the case for everybody with Parkinson’s, of course), while others say they weren’t 100% cured but are functional and much healthier.

    PLEASE, no matter what you do, do not ever give up hope of living a happy and fulfilling life!

    How relaxation techniques can greatly improve the quality of a Parkinson’s patient’s life, as sympathetic overdrive (which is the basis for TMS) is common in these individuals: http://www.outthinkingparkinsons.com/articles/meditation (Re-Learning Relaxation (Anti-Stressing) with Parkinson's Disease)

    How belief in a simple placebo can significantly increase dopamine in a Parkinson’s patient. Note that while placebos may be helpful, they still don’t get to the root of one’s emotions, but I still think this information is extremely relevant as it shows that a Parkinson’s patient can sometimes increase their dopamine naturally, without true medical intervention:

    A. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20679593/ (Effects of expectation on placebo-induced dopamine release in Parkinson disease. - PubMed - NCBI)

    B. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/12/healing-science-belief-placebo/ (Unlocking the Healing Power of You) (Discussed later in the article)

    How neuroplasticity/meditation can benefit Parkinson’s:

    A. A Parkinson’s patients walks again with neuroplasticity/meditatitive techniques (discussed later in the article): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2907188/How-brain-heal-body-Astonishing-new-research-reveals-brain-s-ability-rewire-conquer-pain-overcome-untreatable-illnesses.html (How your brain can heal your body and overcome 'untreatable' illnesses | Daily Mail Online)

    B. A Parkinson’s patient’s tremor disappears with regular meditation: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-meditative-life/201002/meditation-and-mortality-practice-and-parkinsons%3famp (Meditation and Mortality: Practice and Parkinson's)

    We are all here for you. Also, remember that every disease has a psychogenic component, meaning that our emotions play a major role in how we feel and thrive, no matter what the diagnosis is. I remember reading that gay AIDS patients from the 1980s died much quicker if they weren’t out to their families and felt ashamed of themselves; alternatively, gay AIDS patients who received strong familial support and loved themselves often lived years longer. And this was before working medications were available to AIDS patients. Now, of course stress didn’t cause AIDS, but it ultimately impacted the quality of the patients’ lives and made them more suspectible to opportunistic infections. Breast cancer patients who practice mindful meditation and self-love also lived longer than those who didn’t in multiple studies. There are so many other examples of this. This is because stress and rage can further suppress our immune systems, nervous system function, hormones, etc.
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  4. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle


    Bless your heart for that immensely generous reply. There is much to inspire and @gabi69, I pray you take these positive messages deeply to heart because you really can have a profound effect on Parkinson's with such insights.

    While my hubby isn't cured, we are very hopeful that he will be one day. It's amazing to reflect upon how the field has transformed during the last ten years. Back then, when my boy was diagnosed, there was a terrible paucity of information. We cobbled together what we could and have always been very proactive in our approach but I have to say I reached the point where I stopped reading about Parkinson's because so much of it was mainstream, scary and doom-laden.

    *the most beautiful rainbow has bloomed in the sky...isn't life wonderful*

    Only recently have I re-explored tinternet and have been delighted to see there is an increasing wealth of wisdom out there. So a huge thank you, especially for the Out-Thinking Parkinson's link which I shall explore, and that article alone discusses something we realised was central all those years ago. It is good to hear others bearing out your personal experience.

    I believe that within Ayurveda and some Japanese (?) healing systems there is no diagnosis of Parkinson's. It is believed to be entirely due to Sympathetic Dominance. Ah, how fondly I remember the days of our eccentric but utterly adorable Indian doctor and his foul smelling herbal concoctions. I suspect those that were helped by them were demonstrating the placebo effect.

    This really rests at the heart of healing.

    I remember that Louise Hay was much cherished by the gay community at the time You Can Heal Your Life came out precisely because she offered them a refuge of unconditional love at a time when society brutally shamed them. Such a courageous and beautiful soul.

    Love is All You Need.
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  5. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    What a wonderful attitude and beautiful approach to life, Plum. I absolutely believe sympathetic dominance causes a wide variety of diseases, and that so many diseases deemed “incurable” should instead be referred to as “poorly understood by the Western medical world,” as there are various stories of people healing!

    Doctors who tell a Parkinson’s patient that they’re 100% going to end up in a wheel chair within months because there’s absolutely no hope are doing a major disservice to them. In my opinion, that is straight up voodoo, not doctoring. Every single patient who has recovered or made significant improvements has stated that they REFUSED to believe the doctor, give up hope, or attach their personal identity to the disease. Belief is critical, and that’s why Parkinson’s patients who recieved a placebo were able to increase their dopamine in the studies.

    I have a relative who has lived with MS for decades and is still working at a great job full time, caring for her son who was disabled by an accident, happy, managing pain, etc. This was after she was told there was no hope. She isn’t 100% recovered, but she is kicking ass at life. I’ve also seen stories of MS patients who 100% recovered (and they were not misdiagnosed). Miraculous recoveries aren’t actually miraculous - they’re simply not understood by Western doctors who aren’t aware of just how deep the mind-body connection goes.

    The internet can be a scary place. Support groups sometimes only support degeneration and negativity, instead of supporting healing, improving, and positivity. I experienced this when I was going through autonomic nervous system dysfunction, medication withdrawal, etc. I even see it on this forum, where people debate whether certain conditions are TMS. I’m starting to realize that the majority of conditions are TMS, or at least have a strong emotional component when it comes to quality of life (like the AIDS patients who died much sooner because of stress and rage further compromising their immune systems). I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos, which is congenital, and I’m even finding that many of my symptoms were caused or worsened by stress and rage! I stay off Ehlers-Danlos message boards.

    There is ALWAYS hope. Anybody who says otherwise needs to be ignored.
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  6. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    There is so much wisdom in this reply, it's a beautiful consolidation of how to survive an awful diagnosis/prognosis.

    I completely agree that many doctors are practicing a form of voodoo. The consultant who diagnosed my hubby gave him a terrible and tragic prognosis (3-5 years), which I have long called bone-pointing (or complete bs, depending on my mood). I think it's bordering on criminal that they can do this with carte blanche. If anyone within the complementary/alternative fields behaved like this they would be prosecuted and deemed a dangerous quack. But doctors, they have free range. It is an abuse of power.

    Your words on support groups is absolutely true in my experience. We bumped into the head of our regional Parkinson's group in the supermarket by total chance. In our innocence we started chatting about optimistic treatments (nothing as left field as TMS :)), and she turned on her heel and marched out while my husband was mid-sentence. We laughed but her actions betray how much some people love their illness and the identity it gives them. Scary stuff.

    I love hearing about your relative with MS. Such a fantastic approach to life. People like her are the everyday heroes and angels in life. I have such admiration for that spirit.

    It is a shame that 'miraculous' recoveries aren't front page news worldwide. My cynical side suspects this is because a fighting spirit can't be patented but I also acknowledge that there are no incurable diseases only incurable people. Somewhere in the world, someone has recovered from the most wretched condition. I personally know one man who became wheelchair bound but who fought it like a good 'un. It is with great relish that he described the day he walked into his consultants office to say Sayōnara. Apparently his doctor was struck dumb. That must have been an exquisite moment.

    In a longitudinal study into Alzheimer's where a small group were assisted through a healing program, it was sadly noted that the sole reason a couple of people failed to improve was non-compliance. This blows my mind. I totally empathise with issues like fatigue or confusion complicating matters but flat-out non-compliance really makes me wonder how and why people surrender autonomy. Isn't your one precious life worth cherishing enough that you fully embrace one last hurrah?

    I'm also tickled pink by the related studies of positive deviance. These are the wild-hearted beauties who give their prognosis the two-fingured salute and go on to defy all the odds. My boy is on this track. Screw the alternatives. Bury me standing and all that!

    You are so right. There is hope and there is so much you can do to improve your lot. It doesn't have to devolve into Us vs. Them either. It took us around 8 years to find a great team of nurses and therapists who are simply brilliant and work in harmony with our goals.

    One lass closed a Skype session with us by saying that they are professionally bound to offer advice and services commensurate with current NHS standards but privately they do cartwheels when people like us come along. That definitely qualifies as hope.

    Caulfield, I wish you all the health, happiness and love that your sweet body can hold. Thanks for being such a great supporter and light-bearer.

    Plum x
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  7. Lainey

    Lainey Well known member


    Having the privilege of reading your wise and encouraging statement gives me much hope for the future of all. Surfing the net for answers can be SO scary.
    I too have seen stories of wonderful recoveries. I too believe that faith in MD's can put us in danger should we absorb the negative possibilities that are often offered. REFUSAL is the key.

    I know that most of what ails us is generated by our minds. Yet, convincing someone of this is not an easy path given that so much of our lives have been filled with the belief in disease states as a norm, with the gods of medicine (the docs) being the bearers of the cures. Just yesterday I suggested to a sibling that her pain in her hands made sense in a mindbody way in that she has, in recent years, taken on the burden of caring for another sibling and struggling with other life events, e.g. HANDLING much pain. She said, "oh no, I really do have arthritis in my hands. " Her physical reality gives her 'comfort' in that she does not need to 'face' the fact that she has TOO MUCH on her plate.

    My symptoms of hip, periformis pain are what remains from the more expansive body pains I have suffered from in past years. I returned to my TMS readings and curiosity regarding TMS when my emotional life had hit a low and my body was deteriorating. I agree with you that the discussions here, on this site, are filled with debate over whether this ailment or that ailment is TMS or is it really structural. These people have not yet reached the point of 'grace' in that of recognizing that yes, all of this stuff can be TMS and probably is. Even diseases that do often end up needing pharmaceutical or surgical interventions, such as cancers and heart disease can often be helped with a mindbody approach. I have a close friend with a congenital disease, (Thalasemia major) who has used a mindbody approach for years, without using transfusions, and has outlived her predicted life expectancy by 14 years (to date). She still has the illness, and it has impacted her overall health throughout the years, but she is still active and social and enjoying her life.

    Of course, toxins and other disease developing agents are in our environment. This in itself is another concern. For the most part, humans have not been kind to the earth, but this too, is another story. I do know that this site gives me hope. Individuals like you and Plum and so, so many others participating, offer me a sense of hope for the future.


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  8. balto

    balto Beloved Grand Eagle

    I know of one monk in my village while ago were diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He cure himself with just meditation. I just did a search and also found an article about a similar case: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27379905 (A potential case of remission of Parkinson's disease. - PubMed - NCBI)

    there is also a free pdf book on Recovery from Parkinson's disease here: http://pdrecovery.org/recovery-from-parkinsons/ (Recovery From Parkinson’s)

    "The book Recovery from Parkinson’s explains what causes Parkinson’s and details the discoveries Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock made while looking for commonalities in the many people who have “spontaneously” or “miraculously” recovered from Parkinson’s disease and in her subsequent work with hundreds of people with Parkinson’s."
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  9. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    I love all of these replies! And for what it’s worth, I 100% believe the individuals who say they fully healed. I say this because belief and support are so very critical.

    So much hope in these posts. <3
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