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Mind-body and IBS crisis

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by riv44, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    Does anyone have experience with this
    I conquered back pain 2 years ago except for occasional twinges. I have osteoarthritis, but no longer catastrophize.
    One thing Sarno talked about regarding rage---sometimes the rage is about getting older.
    In the last half year, I have picked up an IBS diagnosis. My digestive system is very disturbed. Diet is limited, (low FODMAPS for those of you in-the-know. Symptoms are upper and lower GI. Am on anti-biotics. Various tests. In the course of a week, I retain so much water that my weight has jumped 20 pounds. Ten of the pounds were added in 2 days. I am a small person and I can't fit my clothes.
    Medical tests reveal nothing serious so far...but if this is MBS, it's really alarming.
    Biggest life stress is my daughter's wedding. She is a wonderful person but a perfectionist and highly critical of me.
    Feel free to respond on this thread or privately.
  2. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    I am sorry I am not here more often. I am getting my symptoms checked out medically, and I hope there is a solution. I hope everyone is doing well.
  3. karinabrown

    karinabrown Well known member

    Hi riv44,

    I am def. not a doctor but def. familiair with IBS for >25 years. It's not a simpele condition an medical opinions change all the time on the cause. From being psychological to psysical
    I know its not an one cure for all (like fodmaps) or whatever that i do know by now. Different things helpt different people.
    but i noticed
    you mentioned antibiotics ?
    For something else or for the ibs ?
    Because if its for ibs : that's crazy : in fact it is messing up your digestive ststem and in fact will cause problems !!! If they found a bacteria that's another matter
    So please do check that !

  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    IBS is a common MBS/TMS symptom. I had it, but no longer do. If you place the term in the search box in the upper right corner, you will find many threads on this. Are you able to see a TMS doctor? I think that would be the best step forward. Once you confirm the TMS diagnosis, you can safely eliminate the antibiotics and dietary changes which may be contributing to your symptoms.

    Best wishes...
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  5. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    antibiotics are for lower GI bacterial overgrowth, which seems to be a "thing" now. my GI is good and I start out with all my providers by lecturing them a bit about Sarno.
    I know this is a replacement symptom. But it's not like back pain. I will look at the resources.
  6. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    In my experience with the symptom imperative, the unconscious always finds a symptom that is very hard for the conscious brain to recognize as TMS. This means it will continue to serve as a distraction despite our TMS knowledge and success with other symptoms. This continues to trip me up at times. TMS is so tricky!
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  7. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    Oh, I know this is a mind-body syndrome attack and the latest manifestation, but being in the middle of the experience is awful, but I feel I have to go through the medical channels to rule out something dangerous.
  8. RichieRich

    RichieRich Well known member


    I've had anxiety induced IBS off an on for a few years. When I address my emotional well-being, it usually subsides. As Ellen said, the unconscious always finds a symptom that is hard for the brain to recognize--could not agree more. It never fails, when I've overcome one issue, I get a few weeks or months respite then it's back to the flogging with a new symptom.
  9. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    Oh, I believe this true. This disorder is sort of like TMS ramping up to focus me on what makes me most vulnerable. I worry about my appearance and have always had self-image tied to body weight, so now here is this monster that gives my symptoms, and packs on 20 lbs of something that I am unable to get control of. TMS, or BD is winning in this round.
  10. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    I'm getting WOKE about this. I visited the nutritionist today for a consult about my very obvious and upsetting symptoms. She said- no easy solution, perhaps the low-FODMAP diet is making things worse, and I need to track what I eat and which symptom follows. That for me was CONFIRMATION that this is following the same pattern as I lived through with my back pain a few years ago. Distress, agony, depression, MRI, cortisone, massage, acupuncture...till I stumbled upon Healing Back Pain. That book rocked my world. I got better. I have the usual age-related soreness at times, but it doesn't last.

    So the new disorder is one that really gets me where I "live." Been to primary care, a G.I. doctor twice, had endoscopy and colon screening. There are problems, indeed, but the symptoms and distress MUST be "tms".
    It is so classic, and I have known it, but the thing I have wanted is for the symptioms to STOP.

    When I was still in PT, I was working with Sarno's theory, and it was a bit confusing. My PT person noticed that my worst pain flare-ups occurred after spending time with one or both of my millennial daughters. For those of you who are mothers of daughters, this might make sense.
    My biggest stress coming up is my oldest's wedding in June. A wonderful event that feels like an overwhelming anxiety event for me.
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  11. Homestead Hermit

    Homestead Hermit Peer Supporter

    I've suffered w/IBS for 20+ years, have had other TMS symptoms scattered throughout, and my most recent symptoms, acid reflux for the past 2 years.

    I didn't get diagnosed for the acid reflux, but believed it was yet another TMS symptom. I was scared to go to the doctor as every time I do, even for yearly checkups, I come home with more TMS symptoms because of something they've told me. My acid reflux, looking back, I believe was caused by people talking about their own symptoms and my mind latched onto it.

    I did no/low carb diet, no caffeine, sugar, antibiotics, probiotics, nutracuticals meant for SIBO (SIBO and acid reflux can be linked)...long story short, the more at-home research I did to help get rid of the problem, the WORSE my symptoms got. My brain latched on to every tidbit and ran with it. Some things helped for a time, but not for long.

    I gave up and returned to TMS. I've been doing positive affirmations and having chats with my brain when symptoms attempt to come back. I've had more success in this past week of doing that than the months of research.

    I just read a great recent post that might help you regarding this:

    It seems the more you focus on how much you want the symptoms to stop and that is the goal, the worse they will become. Accepting that they are there and ,I've found, dismissing the pain helps more than anything. Rather than getting angry with my brain or pleading for it to work with me, I get exasperated and sarcastic. "REALLY?! You're going to try this again? Whatever..." Have an ATTITUDE with your brain, act as if you are a teenager talking back to your parents, be nonchalant.
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  12. chepolina

    chepolina Peer Supporter

    Hi there,
    Like others here I too have had IBS struggles. Of course rule out any actual problems with your GI (which seems you are already doing).
    If it's "just" IBS then I too believe it is TMS. Mine got so bad at some point that I thought I would have to take time off from school since I could not even go to class normally. What helped me was eventually learning about TMS but to relieve immediate symptoms I used Citrucell (any pharmacy usually has it). I realize now how purely psychological it all was. Hope this helps!

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