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Started jogging after years of inactivity

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by SnowLion, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. SnowLion

    SnowLion Newcomer

    Hi all,

    I used to jog way back in 2013. After 7 years of inactivity, I recently started to jog. Why 7 years of inactivity? Because of extreme low back pain, surgery and post surgery "advise" of taking it slow and be careful all the time. From multiple sources, fear has been instilled in me.

    After reading Dr. John Sarno book (Mind and body connection), it completely changed my perspective on my chronic pain and essentially change my life. How I wish I knew about TMS before all the pain and suffering I had endured for many years.

    Anyways, after reading the book, the insight, knowledge and multiple success stories gave me courage instead of fear, gave me hope instead of hopelessness. This is the reason why I could able to resume jogging.

    The first day of jogging was little shaky because I still had little fear. My logical mind was saying that jogging is completely safe and healthy, and on the other hand, my conditioned mind was instilling doubt that it might hurt my back. Regardless of this fear, I kept running for few days and to my complete surprise, it does not hurt my back. In fact, I felt rejuvenated and active and healthy. It uplifts my mood. However, I must admit, my stamina for jogging is not as good as it used to be.

    Right now, I am following the structured education program and will keep posting. Thank you for creating this forum and thank you to all who share their knowledge and success stories. It helps a lot!
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  2. Lisa

    Lisa Peer Supporter

    @SnowLion this is so inspiring. Jogging is something I aim to do. I’ve never been a jogger, and before discovering TMS I never thought I would be. Wonderful to read your success and well done you!
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  3. rsiman

    rsiman Peer Supporter

    I think I will try to lift weights tomorrow, thank you for writing this.
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  4. glennherriott

    glennherriott New Member

    Well done. Very inspiring. Makes me want to go for a run too!

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