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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Beach-Girl, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. PdS

    PdS New Member

    Thanks, Walt and Herbie -- I am inclined to agree with what you both say. It's a little tough because I believe that I have done the Sarno/TMS program and it did not help. I did it all before I saw the rheumatologist who gave me this PMR diagnosis. I'll look more closely at your SEP. As you say, can't hurt!

    Bless you too.
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  2. finchy444

    finchy444 New Member

    Hello I'm new on here. Thank goodness for a youtube video directing me here. I've read two of Dr. Sarno's books and did Dr. Schechter's workbook which resulted in my neck pain going away for a whole month. After I stopped reading and journaling daily it has come back in my shoulder where I had an old injury from a year ago. Has anyone gone to therapy or tried anything other than reading and journaling? Any feedback on ways you all have overcome this will really help. I tend to repress everything and don't every talk to anybody about what's going on with me. I thought it was good that I could not let anything get to me but apparently it got to my unconscious because I fit the personality profile to perfection. Please HELP! Thanks!
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  3. finchy444

    finchy444 New Member

    And my name is Matt btw.
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  4. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, PdS, I agree with Herbie (usually do) that if you are thinking you want to hear from people with the
    same symptoms you have, you are not really focusing your mind on the pain being caused by TMS.
    Everyone likes to feel someone else is in the same pain boat with them, but they may heal differently.
    It is really all very simple, yet profound, as Dr. Sarno puts it, that our pain is not structural but psychological.
    It can be very hard to accept that, but we must, 100 percent, for healing to come.

    Believe in TMS and try to ignore the pain, as Steve Ozanich says. It helped him to heal, and it could help you, too.
  5. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    finchy444 welcome aboard. Remember when you read the books, their was the 12 reminders in the healing back pain book on p.82. Like how we don't want to focus on the pain, we don't want to fear the pain and so forth. Like knowing that the pain is from our current pressures and past repressions.

    Usually if you go back and see what you did then but you aren't doing it now, finding those tools and re-applying them will often help you start getting back on track.
    Bless you
  6. finchy444

    finchy444 New Member

    Thanks Eric. watched a few videos on Dr. Shubiner's website with him lecturing on tms. Now I've been focusing on thinking psychological rather than physical and I feel really good with no symptoms for almost two days straight now.
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  7. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I love this finchy444, it shows that you are right on track by doing good for the time that you are learning. This will get stronger and stronger as time goes by -- all you have to do is stay the journey. Awesome
  8. kindlethelight

    kindlethelight Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone,
    I just joined today and am a little overwhelmed with all the information on here! I have read Healing Back Pain and The MindBody Prescription by Dr Sarno and am just finishing the Great Pain Deception by Steve Ozanich and am a believer! I have been dealing with migraines, tension headaches and upper back pain for a few years and can so relate it to TMS. I am interested in starting the Structured Education Program but I just read that there is also The Recovery Program? Can someone guide me as to which one to take. I am so glad to connect with others who have freed themselves from pain and to be reminded that fear perpetuates the pain. I am looking forward to this journey and the support and guidance from this forum.
    Thank you.
  9. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Cool, hello kindlethelight. You will do great to do the Tms recovery program right after you have finished the SEP. I think the SEP helps you learn about all of the objectivity or the you from a distance look and the TMS recovery program helps you see things from a subjectivity point of view or from your eyes looking out to the world.
    Both programs will help you uncover the unconscious re-actions that are causing your pain.
    You have read some great books so remember your lessons from those also and you should do super.

    Bless you
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  10. Carmela

    Carmela New Member

    When I read this, I thought I was reading my own symptoms. I have the left sided headaches and also the cursed ANXIETY Attacks! I am also looking to rid myself of the headaches and the anxiety. I also suffer from IBS, which I think is also TMS.

    I think the fact that we can share these things makes it possible to deal with the TMS. You mentioned that you are a Reiki practitioner. I had Reiki many years ago. I think I may try to find a practitioner in my area.

    Best wishes Song Catcher.
  11. Carmela

    Carmela New Member

    I posted a comment on one of the Support forums. I did not get a reply from anyone. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me? Thanks, Nancy!
  12. leah10

    leah10 New Member

    My doctor and I weaned me off of Tramadol. It was no biggie, and Advil works just as well
  13. Kiwi

    Kiwi Newcomer

    I just started reading Mindbody Prescription after a friend recommended it. I have been suffering from horrible painc at tacks and diagnosed with a panic disorder, but I have often felt it was a response to stress at my job. I am now wondering after checking out this site if my increased sinus infections, tmj and ear pain is also caused by tms because I always swore it was connected to work.i have two questions:
    1. What would you recommend to someone just starting out? What's the best path?
    2. After following dr. Sarnos books, did you have to stop doing the thing that causes your symptoms or just determine what subconscious emotions about it causes them. I am concerned that I will always have tmd if work is the stress that causes it.
    Thanks for your insight.
  14. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome to the Forum!

    1. I recommend going through Alan Gordon's Recovery Program and the Structured Educational Program, both available free on this site.
    2. Stress doesn't cause TMS, but how we react to stress. Most of us have to work, and all jobs have a certain amount of stress inherent in them. Stress is a part of life, but we can minimize it in some cases. But mostly recovery from TMS involves changing how we react to stress. Exploring your current stressors and the underlying causes of why these events/circumstances trigger TMS in you is part of the healing process. The programs listed above will help you with this journey of self discovery.

    Best wishes....
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  15. SunnyinFL

    SunnyinFL Well known member

    Hi Graeme,

    This is a tough question given the reality that many doctors don't know about or buy into mind-body syndromes. It seems to me that you can be confident in the TMS diagnosis if you first rule out any medical conditions. However, this is what I did and the specialist I went to was terrible! He was arrogant and narcissistic and told me my foot pain "would not resolve without surgery." Now, I only have minor tendonitis, so that seems absurd; yet it scared me and created more fear and made my pain worse. Went back to my trusted primary doc, he said all of my detailed testing was normal and I was fine and there's no need for surgery. So, lesson learned! Seek advice, rule out dangerous medical conditions, but also listen to your gut. Do you trust your doc? Does the information make sense? Don't treat the docs like they are "God." Rather, reject bad information and seek information from doctors that you trust and that are willing to answer your questions and help you understand whether you do or don't have a legitimate medical issue that needs to be addressed. During this process, I have found it especially helpful to take a friend with me to the doc and sit in the room and take notes on everything they say. Before the appointment, I also give my friend my list of questions so they can make sure I have asked them all (while the doc is usually try to rush out the door and to his next apptmt!). I have realized that in the moment in the doctor's office, I don't usually absorb everything said and it's helpful for me to read the notes later when I can fully absorb them. Best wishes to you!
  16. Aterosin

    Aterosin New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm 61 in excellent health and have been using Dr. Sarno's techniques for years with great success. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day I woke up and was not able to put weight on my right knee. Intense, searing pain. I immediately went over stresses that might be causing the pain and came up with a volatile conversation I had the night before with my 16 yr old son. Today is Sunday, four days later and I am still feeling major pain and barely able to hobble to the toilet. I recognize the anger but frankly, WHAT do I do with that anger? How do I release it from my body? I feel calm, accepting and tolerant but the pain is there. In the past, I have talked to my body to tell it that I can take care of my stresses. It's job is to support me and remain strong and healthy. That has always worked rather quickly in the past until Thursday. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Aterosin,

    I recommend you copy your post and create a new post. To do this go back out to the list of threads on the Support Subforum, and look to the upper right corner for the tab. This link may get you there also:


    It will be more apt to be seen and responded to there. Good luck.

    Andy B.
  18. Aterosin

    Aterosin New Member

  19. Aterosin

    Aterosin New Member

    Thanks Andy. I was able to do that. Gerry
  20. Aterosin

    Aterosin New Member

    Hi Edgar, we love EC and have traveled there three times, driving all around the country. We would like to buy a small farm outside of Cuenca. I am sorry you are having trouble healing. It does take time and the belief that YOU can heal your body. I would recommend Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal your Body". She outlines, similar to Sarno the root causes of many ailments...ourselves. Knee problems for me are usually being inflexible and fearful. Since my last bout was on th right side- the Male side, I attributed it to my 16 year old son and an argument we had had the night before. I was definitely being fearful for him and I was being inflexible. Once I came to grips with that, my symptoms released and I was able to get back to normal.
    Stomach problems are attributed to draw, fear of the new. Another thing I have done is stop eating Sugar. Many of our guts are out of balance due to bad Sugar being in EVERYTHING we eat, especially in the United states. I now make my own Kombucha, a probiotic drink and have gone to a Paleo diet: no grains, bread, sugar. Lots of green veggies, meat, nuts and seeds. I feels so much better and have lost fiv pounds without even trying.
    Headaches are also due to self criticism and again, fear.
    I would suggest sitting in a quiet place each day and talk to your body and specially your brain. Tell them how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Remind them that their job is to hold you up and to keep you strong. Further remind them that YOU can handl any problems that come your way whether it is a money issue, relationships or whatever. You have it under control.
    Louse Hay has many affirmations for each ailment. For instance, headaches: I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.
    i hope this helps in your healing. I'd also love to hear about where you live in Ecuador. Gerry

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