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Chronic Testicular Pain (long read)
I'm sorry that you are going through this. I feel your pain as I have the same problem but mostly my left testicle. I too have seen many doctors even had an ultra sound imaging done and nothing to explain the pain. I can only sit a few minutes and I have to sleep on my right side or I can trigger the pain. My last flare up was a week ago which I could not move for 11 hours. I could not go to the ER if I wanted to. I think my is a nerve issue because it is triggered by putting pressure on my left side. But I think I have the nerve problem because of piriformis problems caused by TMS. Or it could be TMS directly affecting the testicle but I have so much other pain in my hip back inguinal tendons butt and SI joints that if I could get rid of that I'm sure the testcle would heal up too.

I have done a lot of research on what it could be and if you like I can share that with you what I've learned but PM for info if you like. One thing I will say I found a lot of college students leaving home for the first time having this issue looking for answers and it's not an infection or STD. Your not alone and I'm here because something ring true about this TMS and I'm betting my problems are all related to TMS. But I'm still going to PT and chiropractor but not sure for how much longer. I wish you the best and will pray for you