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Acid Reflux-Help!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by blackle22, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I am not new to TMS. I first learned about it four years ago. I was dealing with IBS and I was looking up different things on the internet and came across it. I have dealt with TMJ, dry eye, anxiety/panic attacks, neck pain, tension headaches and acid reflux. I have been able to eliminate the symptoms using TMS techniques, but while I'm dealing with the symptoms its hard for me not to worry that I won't feel better. Most of the times the symptoms just disappeared eventually. Currently, I am dealing with acid reflux and I have been for a little more than two weeks. Nothing I do seems to help. My throat is constantly sore and burning. Yesterday, I pulled out my unlearn your pain book by Dr. Schubiner, so I'm hoping relieve comes soon. I started experiencing symptoms the night I went out to eat with my boyfriend and my family. I had really spicy food. At first I thought I was coming down with a cold because of the sore throat. Soon I realized it was acid reflux. That was the night my boyfriend came into town and I have been having mixed feelings about our relationship. Long story short, I broke it off yesterday. I thought I would feel better,but my symptoms are still here. It is hard to stay positive because I am in grad school and I need my health. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I should also message that I am in school to be a speech therapist so I really need my voice. I feel like my voice is more raspy because of this :(
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  3. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Anyone experienced this?
  4. Huckleberry

    Huckleberry Well known member

    Acid Reflux / GERD was one of my latest issues...if you look back over my posts you will see that I also asked similar questions to you.

    My reflux went on for well over a year. I had all the usual medication such as PPIs and the anti histamine options but nothing worked. I finally had an endoscopy in the summer...I was sure something would be found but is was totally clear not even any gastritis.

    In the end I gave up all the medication (PPIs are junk) and just tried not to let it worry me and that mindset saw a pretty swift improvement...I went from having the burning, bloating etc pretty constant to just the occasional mild flare now and then. I'm not sure If this was ever TMS but it was labelled a functional disorder which is pretty much the official way of saying you are having symptoms that do not originate from a structural or organic causality so go figure.

    Something that struck me as specific to you here was you saying that this was making you worry that you won't feel better as it was affecting your voice and you are training to be a speech therapist. Time and time again on here you read this where symptoms strike people in the exact location that is threatening to their careers, identity, hobbies etc etc. Maybe this is an area you could explore.
  5. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Huckleberry! I guess it's hard to be patient and not worry.
  6. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle

    You just did a pretty stressful thing, whether you thought it would be or not, to break off your relationship.

    And, you're studying for a career. That's quite a bit. It may take a bit for your emotions to adapt, but just be pleased with yourself that you are taking care of yourself by not staying in a relationship that doesn't feel right.

    I think you're going to be fine if you give yourself a little space to get in sync. You are doing brave things.
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  7. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    You are right. Breaking off a relationship is a pretty stressful thing. The symptoms seemed to coincide with eating the spicy food and my boyfriend at the time coming to visit. I guess when you are dealing with symptoms it's hard to stay patient. I just want them gone. Everything I have dealt with in the past has resolved itself when I was busy and focused on something else. Most of the time I don't even remember that it went away until one day I realize I don't have it anymore.
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  8. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I started my first clinical assignment for the semester at a preschool and ya know what I didn't have any symptoms the whole time I was there. :)
  9. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    And now it's back today
  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    "I started my first clinical assignment for the semester at a preschool and ya know what I didn't have any symptoms the whole time I was there. :)"

    Symptoms disappearing and then reappearing is a good sign that it could be TMS (and probably is). Do A search here and at TMS Help and you'll find enough to fill a shelf on your symptom.

    Have you tried Prilosec for symptomatic relief?
  11. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    The first time I experienced acid reflux was when I tried magnesium supplements.

    Magnesium relaxed my sphincter muscle and allowed acid into my esophagus. I had all the symptoms you mentioned, including heart pain. Not chest pain but heart pain.

    I did some research and found the following natural remedies that worked great.

    1. Aleo Vera juice. Lily of Dessert also has an aleo vera stomach formula. I noticed immediate improvement and after a couple of days 90% better.

    2. Per Dr. Oz place yoga blocks under you mattress to raise your upper body 6 inches or so. This is more effective than extra pillow. Of course, no harm sleeping on extra pillows.

    3. Add lime juice to your meals. Lime juice has the same pH as your stomach acid and helps with digestion.

    4. Eat fermented foods like kraut or take probiotics. Helps with digestion.

    5. Avoid carbs as much as you can in the initial stages of healing.

    Take care,
  12. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I have not tried Prilosec because if it is TMS I thought we weren't suppose to treat it medically.
    I am on an SSRI and sometimes I wonder if that has loosened up my sphincter. I mostly get the burning pain in the back of my throat and sour acid taste. Not so much the heartburn. Or I'll get a burning sensation right below my ribcage.
    Thanks for your advice!
  13. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    What I found odd was my heart was skipping beats while I was at the preschool but no symtpoms of the reflux and today reflux but no heart symptoms.
  14. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    And the reflux continues....getting frustrated.
  15. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    That's not true, Dr. Sarno prescribed meds for symptomatic relief.
  16. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Ahh well I guess I'd like to treat it naturally as possible.
  17. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Well then keep reading your TMS books until the KNOWLEDGE PENICILLIN sinks in and your symptoms goes away. Personally, if I know of a med that will take away my symptoms, like urinary urgency while I'm on a long drive or plane ride, I take it rather then suffering--but I acknowledge that the cause is TMS--or maybe it isn't--I don't care--whatever works.
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  18. Wendyc

    Wendyc Peer Supporter

    I feel you! I don't get the normal heartburn feeling I get the sour taste or sensation in my throat. I try not to take pills cause I had a horrible experience that landed me in the ER too many times. So far since starting program I haven't had any I had a few of the chest pains in the middle of my chest and maybe once in my throat the sour taste. I chew gum! That is my go too.. To wash the acid down from my throat and it keeps my mind busy. I'm trying not to use it now so much but now I just enjoy chewing gum lol.
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  19. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    blackle22 - I would continue to treat it like the other the other TMS issues you've had success in eliminating. My guess is it will eventually stop being an issue for you. These things take time. As Tennis Tom said, knowledge is the Penicillin.

    I've had wonderful success treating pain and other issues using Dr. Sarno's approach. But for some reason, I always resisted treating my Acid Reflux/Gerd the same way. I guess I had doubts about it being TMS. Well ... recently I read an article about how PPIs are very bad for you and I was taking two pills a day!

    About 2 months ago I decided I needed to get off PPIs. It was a struggle and I did have flair ups. I actually weaned myself off and used Zantac to help. There is some evidence that there is a bounce-back effect when patients get off PPIs. I don't know if my symptoms were the bounce-back effect or just psychological.

    Anyway, my Reflux/Gerd is no longer a problem for me. That is amazing because I use to have severe Reflux. I am off all regular meds now. I'll occasionally get a mild symptom, but it always goes away. Very rarely I'll take a Rolaids or a Zantac ... but it is rare.

    I am now convinced that Dr. Sarno was absolutely right and my Reflux/Gerd is a manifestation of TMS and that it will only continue to get better from here.

    Best of luck to you, blackle22!!
  20. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Thank you guys! That is all really helpful. I woke up today and my throat was really sore. Hoping it gets better soon. I'll keep treating it as TMS.
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