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"All The Rage" premiers November in NYC

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. tmsandrew

    tmsandrew Peer Supporter

    I'm currently watching it now on the link shared by the kickstarter campaign. Looks great!

    Great job with the thankyou book Forest - your continued passion and work on the TMS forum is an inspiration.

    I'm still teaching in Thailand - RSI free for nearly 6 years now. It's great to see to Sarno's ideas finally breaking though to the mainstream (in a large part thanks to this forum).

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  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just watched the film and I think Rumur did a great job. The common thread is Michaels personal story, which is accompanied by interviews with Sarno, well known people and people close to him who got better because of his insights and many others who back or continue his work. It must have been very difficult to capture the idea of TMS in only one and a half hour, so kudo's to Michael and his team. I think that this very accessible documentary, like Sarno's books, will help spread the word to a very large audience.
    Also kudo's to all the members of this community, especially Forest, for all the energy you put in helping others via the TMSWiki site and forum. I suspect that once this film gets distributed, it will get very busy here. Hope you are prepared for that :)
    I hope it gets distributed very soon, can't wait...

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  3. Enrique

    Enrique Well known member

    I saw it last night too. Awesome film! Seeing Dr Sarno at the end with the red book that we helped to put together... well that was when I had tears in my eyes. That man saved me from so much pain, physical and emotional.

    Like tmsandrew, I've been free from RSI pain for 8 years now.
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  4. artberns

    artberns Newcomer

    I have 2 senior tickets for tonight's 9:45 feature. I live in Philly and will be unable to attend. Please let me know if you are interested.
    I can email them today. artberns@gmail.com. Art
  5. David88

    David88 Well known member

    I too saw the film using the Kickstarter link. It's very well done. I hope it helps raise awareness.
  6. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    Tears came when his daughter and Mrs. Sarno state that people come up to him all the time and say 'you saved my life'. Dr. Sarno immediately corrected her by saying 'changed', but his wife didn't accept that and insisted that 'they use the word saved'.
    He downplays it a bit but his daughter goes on about how he gives people permission to have certain emotions without having to be in excruciating pain and that having these emotions doesn't mean you are a bad person. His reaction to all this is priceless, I hope the people from Rumur don't mind me posting this screenshot, but it shows what a modest guy he really is.


    I always hated to say he saved my life, because it sounds as if he is a miracle-worker. I think Dr. Sarno feels it that way too. But I have to admit, if I hadn't discovered the TMS theory, I don't know what I would have done and where I would be now. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Sarno, for changing.... No!!!... Saving my life!! And thank you all great people here (and on the TMSHelp forum, where I first found out about TMS by pure coincidence) who put so much of their time and energy in helping people.
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  7. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have just finished watching 'All The Rage' and Michael and Co did a marvellous job with the documentary. Michael's own story was very moving in places and he was very courageous to discuss it at length, on film.

    I'm sure Dr Sarno must very proud of the final cut. He looks like such a wise, humble and caring individual (if only more Dr's shared his gift).

    The documentary stands as a strong testament of Dr Sarno's work and I hope it will win several awards, raise awareness and change how the Medical field, at large, look at dis-eases.

    An excellent job by the entire PPD network and Rumur.

    P.S Be prepared for an influx of traffic when the documentary is officially released, these are exciting times...

    I've just found a small Q & A session with the films creators, for anyone who is interested:

    http://www.docnyc.net/featured/dr-sarnos-unconventional-diagnosis/ (Dr. Sarno’s Unconventional Diagnosis)

    http://www.vimooz.com/2016/11/13/all-the-rage-saved-by-dr-sarno-michael-galinsky/ (Director Michael Galinsky Talks About ALL THE RAGE ( SAVED BY DR. SARNO))

    A recent podcast about All the Rage:

    http://rooftopfilms.com/blog/2016/11/filmwaxradio-episode-378.html (Ep 378: Michael Galinsky & Suki Hawley / Sabine Krayenbühl & Zeva Oelbaum / Tomas Leach | Rooftop Films Blog)
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  8. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Has anyone watched it with someone new to the concepts of TMS/MBS? I'm curious how a new person would receive it.
  9. Mark W

    Mark W Peer Supporter

    I just watched it with my sister and my mother, both of whom have plenty of TMS symptoms yet never really seemed very interested in learning more about it when I went through my TMS journey.

    They said they both enjoyed it, but that was about it. No questions or discussion was brought up. I've learned you can't force people to accept TMS, so I didn't attempt to engage them about it any further. My hope is that at some point they'll want to talk about it or else just look into it more on their own.

    Man, is it frustrating that so many people just simply refuse to even consider attempting a treatment that can free them of their pain. There is a medical miracle sitting right there, all that has to be done is to give yourself permission to consider that it could be the truth, and that can allow the treatment to work. Any regular person would have given up when the vast majority of patients and doctors ignored their findings, but not Dr. Sarno. I think his true genius is his unwavering persistence in pushing forward with his work despite such overwhelming resistance.

    THANK YOU, DR. SARNO!!!!!!!
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  10. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    So nice to see so many old friends in this thread! Thanks everyone for dropping by.

    Andrew, glad to hear you are doing well. If I could ever scrape together the money, I think a dream trip would be visiting Thailand and perhaps having you show me around a little bit. :) It won't happen, but a very nice thought..

    Gigalos, great to hear from you as well. Thanks for the summary.

    And Enrique, you were part of the the original Thank You, Dr. Sarno project, right? I'm going to have to email Rinkey, (who did the layout for the red "Thank You Dr. Sarno" book at the end) to let her know that she needs to watch the movie!
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  11. Dr. Eric Sherman

    Dr. Eric Sherman Newcomer

    I thought that All the Rage effectively addressed the concerns of both professionals treating TMS/PPD and people suffering from the condition. The movie is both highly engaging and accessible, and fun to watch! I would love to be able to recommend it to new and potential patients. I hope it will soon be widely distributed. It is a powerful weapon in the fight to heighten public and professional awareness about effective treatment for mind body disorders.

    Dr. Eric Sherman
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  12. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you, Dr. Sherman, for taking the time to drop by and say hello.

    Dr. Sherman is one of the two people who drop in on Dr. Sarno to give him the Thank You, Dr. Sarno book on his last day of practice. We wanted to have two of the practitioners closest to Dr. Sarno present the book, so we chose Dr. Sherman and Dr. Anderson. Together, they have worked with Dr. Sarno for more than 60 years, collaborating with him on many of his most challenged patients. In fact, when Dr. Sarno was writing the Treatment chapter of The Divided Mind, he turned to Dr. Sherman for the three main case histories (Abner, Hiroku, and Liam on pages 159-169 of The Divided Mind). Further, if you have ever read @Steve Conenna 's excellent TMS book, Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body (Amazon, wiki page), Dr. Sherman was the therapist who Steve worked with. Dr. Sherman's book with Dr. Anderson is Pathways to Pain Relief (Amazon, website, wiki page), and the wiki community had a recorded series of weekly discussions going over the various chapters.

    Here is a screenshot from the movie in which Dr. Sherman is presenting the book to Dr. Sarno:
    presenting the book.png
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  13. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    Hi all, its been a little while!

    Saw the movie via the link Mike sent round. it was a lot different than I expected but found it very moving and understand why they focused in on personal aspect. The blonde lady who had received a stimulator implant because of excrutiating pain she had experienced. That 'break up' story is one of the most callous I've heard.

    The only minor quibble was including the reference to Reiki...didn't mind accupuncture so much but I'm from the perspective of medical professionals watching.

    It would be amazing if it gets a release on Netflix as the potential is exponential! well done to RUMUR, the animations were amazingly well done
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  14. Freedom

    Freedom Peer Supporter

    Is there any way I could see it? I am very interested?

    If not now, how would I be able to see it in the future
  15. Colly

    Colly Beloved Grand Eagle

    HI all

    Forest – I’m so delighted you got to the screening and meet all the wonderful people involved. I hope you got to shake Dr Sano’s hand… what an absolute honour that must have been. I’m buzzing from the euphoria and I wasn’t even there so I can only imagine how you must be feeling!

    I watched the documentary and it was so worth the wait. Michael’s done a superb job here. One of the biggest challenges of TMS is coping with relapses and he takes us on this journey. What is encouraging is that he admits that he knew what he needed to do to heal but found it hard to do the psychological work. We’ve all been there and all go through that “ah ha” moment when we go back into default mind patterns which then bring on a TMS relapse. I was a little envious that he was able to see Dr Sarno each time he had a relapse, and yet, even seeing the great Dr Sarno in the flesh he still struggled. I loved the shot when after his emotional speech at his brother’s wedding there’s a shot of a butterfly in slow motion symbolizing how light he felt from the catharsis of his speech.

    Seeing Dr Sarno on screen was very moving, especially when Michael said to him that the medical community treats him as an ass. His response and facial expression was so sad, but to see this on the screen made me realise the enormous challenge he faced all his life from the medical community. When he said he received no referrals from the “hundreds” of his peers it broke my heart.

    And then to see him receive the ‘Thank you Dr Sarno’ book was a very joyful moment. Forest – were you involved in pulling this together? What a joy for those who had organized this gift; to see his response and gratitude would live long in the memory.

    I got an email from Kickstarter with a photo of Dr Sarno receiving a standing ovation, and it’s made my day!

  16. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am looking forward to seeing the film and also to being able to post on the Thank you, Dr Sarno site. It has been my dream of the past 9 months and I am so hopeful that my day will come.
  17. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It takes true courage and faith to continue with your life's work despite being considered a heretic by your professional community. THANK YOU, DR. SARNO!!!!!!!
  18. jrid32

    jrid32 Peer Supporter

    Where is the kickstarter link to watch it?
  19. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    The link was sent via email to people who contributed to the kickstarter funding campaign.
  20. dor

    dor Newcomer

    I am new to this forum because I heard about TMS after watching this movie at DocNYC.

    I actually do some work for the festival so I have a pass where I can see any movie showing. Last week, I was 20 days away from my scheduled microdiscectomy -- back surgery for a herniated disc. I'd heard of ALL THE RAGE and was curious to see it, but I had missed the screenings at the festival. I happened to walk by the theater and I noticed they had added a screening of ALL THE RAGE and that it was starting in five minutes, so by coincidence I was able to watch it. I had a very emotional reaction to the film, basically crying through the entire last 2/3rds! Less because it's a tear-jerker (it's not) and more because I was very moved by the information presented and its deep resonance.

    I have called off the surgery and spent the last week or so reading up on TMS. I'm really glad to have found the film at the exact time that I did.
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