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Anterior Neck Nerve Pain Help!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Some Guy, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. Some Guy

    Some Guy Newcomer

    Hi all,

    I'll try to keep mine point form:

    - Right anterior (front) neck and throat nervy feelings and pain - sort of like globus, with feelings of fat and numb tongue, cheek numbness, tight scalenes/scm, shoulder pain - all right side - some swallowing issues(like slow motility, slight cough as opposed to any issue taking it down) too.
    - Came on suddenly 1 week after 3 hour root canal and whilst sitting in front of computer with neck to the right.
    - Some things have SLOWLY gotten better, others less so.

    1.5 years now - just beating the crap out of me.

    MEDICAL INVESTIGATION: Nothing found yet.
    Gastrointestanologist (sp) - Did Endoscopy - very clean
    ENT -camera down throat twice- nothing
    Neurologist -ordered MRI - nothing new
    Second MRI - neck and throat
    Speech Pathologist x2 - also put camera down throat
    Physios x3, Chiros x2, Accupuncture x1

    severe heartburn/GERD esp. in my 20s and early 30s (I'm in early 40s)
    BFS - for about 1 decade now
    body cramping including unexplained leg pain, foot numbness, hand cramping - assumed with BFS - nothing new.
    Under MS watch for a while, but not diagnosed after 10 years+

    - 1 week after 3 hour long root canal op during COVID
    - was sitting at desk looking sideways when all this hit me - starting with prick in side of neck
    - No accidents/trama, but in hindsight lots of stress, and years of poor posture of leaning back with outstretched mouse arm (right) and looking sideways at screens for years in horrid posture (always to the right)

    - Married, but 3 kids including a new 1 year old
    - two jobs - teacher and elected municipal official
    - always really stressed and wound up - but this all makes it MUCH worse as I worry about swallowing/talking/pain/discomfort and the cause of said issues
    - generally very frustrated but pleasant person
    - lots of Sarno-esque history - people pleasing jobs, and little time to wind down with family (great to have, but I grew up as an only child in semi-isolation), perfectionist, feeling I can not fail at anything, troubled childhood etc...

    - Read Sarno HealingBackPain & Doing the self-help wiki here (thanks!)
    - I'm stuck betweeen a disease/un-healed injury (like hyoid displacement) and neck/throat/nerve tension (Vagus etc...) caused by TMS and not disease/injury.

    It sucks not being able to even find a label for my issue, let alone a solution. TOS? RSI? Pinched Nerve? Disease? Globus? SCM Syndrome? Nothing fits, and I tell myself that with 1.5 years of this crap under my belt some super-sinister disease would have shown itself, but I still worry of this having had brushes with Neurological issues in the past.

    Any thoughts would be great!
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2021
  2. Guero Triste

    Guero Triste Peer Supporter

    TOS and RSI get very little regard around here and I reckon rightly so.

    I haven’t recovered and I’m fact am sicker than ever but the symptoms are shifting. Getting more emotional. I’m trying to open that space. And sometimes it works.

    I still think I need to and will quit my job. Not a good fit for a “nice person”. I work in a lightly predatory business, and I do my best to make it not at all predatory. But I’d be lying if I told you I’m proud of what I do. Often times the nicest people pay much more than the hard driving or lucky rich folks who don’t need any breaks. I hate that.
  3. Some Guy

    Some Guy Newcomer

    Thanks for the comment - not sure I understand "TOS and RSI get very little regard around here and I reckon rightly so" - could you elaborate? Thanks!
  4. Guero Triste

    Guero Triste Peer Supporter

    Sure. Most mind body people think that both RSI and TOS are just different manifestations of mind body syndrome.
  5. Some Guy

    Some Guy Newcomer

    thanks - I figured as much.

    Does anyone else have weird neck and or nevery/nerve pain issues? Throat tension or throat/neck muscle or nerve issues?

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