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New Program Day 5: Changing Your Brain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Alan Gordon LCSW

    Alan Gordon LCSW TMS Therapist

    You never need to get rid of fear thoughts. Fear thoughts are just your brain’s way of trying to bring you away from an unpleasant sensation.

    When you have a fear thought, you can simply say to yourself, “oh cool, this is my brain trying to bring me away from a sensation that it deems unpleasant.”

    Instead of engaging with the fear thought, instead of trying to push the thought away, you can simply check in with your body, scan for any sensations that your clever brain may be trying to subtly escape, and lean into the sensation, letting your brain know that it’s safe. (Look at day 9 of the program to further elaborate on how to lean in to these sensations).

    As you continue to teach your brain that these sensations are safe, you’ll gradually have less and less fear thoughts, because your brain won’t need them as much.
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  2. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    I'm really enjoying this program, a lot was shared here. you gotta love a therapist that can swear with the best of us! All joking aside, or maybe I'm not joking but I find Alan G to be very down-to-earth. I'm excited to see what's coming up maybe I won't feel that way the more work he makes me do or makes us do lol!. But, as I was listening to this, this afternoon had been very full for me, very busy , as in the evening making my partner pollick with rosemary, Olive oil ,and fisherman's wharf seasoning, baking in the oven and making a garden salad, and feeding my cats and sweeping a kitchen floor. .... and I was really exhausted and this is what my neural pathways will do, there's 2 things they do one is give me extreme pain and so if the pain doesn't get my attention, I switch to exhaustion and yes I might actually be tired but, it's the kind of exhaustion where I actually have to stop what I'm doing and say to everyone" I'm sorry I can't do it, I'll finish that tomorrow, no I can't do and I'm sorry can't hand you the remote control know you'll have to Get-up-and-get yourself lol!. So, I'm excited to see what's coming in the days ahead, I was doing the entire course but now that hes giving us an assignment every day I might just do it once A-day. But I really enjoyed listening to how it works it's an eye opener for sure.
  3. Jeannette

    Jeannette Newcomer

    This is my second time through this program. I'm seeing new things I didn't grasp the first time. And there are so many other areas (than my original issues) where I can apply these concepts. Having some minor surgery tomorrow on my eye. This has helped me lower my anxiety level!
  4. Tilli

    Tilli New Member

    I’ve always noticed that my spasticity pain gets worse when I get stressed and or anxious. It’s my bodies response to this negative fear. If I just realize it. It goes away !!! I’m loving this program. I can’t wait to practice this catching technique over the next day !!!
  5. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    I've just caught some VERY important info from the great pain deception, that I missed. Amazing stuff!
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  6. Tilli

    Tilli New Member

    I’ve always known our brains are very strong just didn’t realize how powerful until now. I have literally been able to stop the pain in my left foot from the strokes today. It’s not permanent but it’s a start for sure.
  7. kkcarlton

    kkcarlton Peer Supporter

    From the strokes??
  8. kkcarlton

    kkcarlton Peer Supporter

    What specifically?
  9. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    The list of what most likely is TMS . And what I mean is I'm re reading where as I doubt I have read through the book before. I'm taking notes from all sarnoff books, and all tms books.
  10. Tilli

    Tilli New Member

    Yes I have spasticity and pain in my left side from the strokes. The left foot ankle and toes are the worst part. I have done Botox the past 6 months. But am hoping to be able to avoid anymore chemicals going into my body
  11. Thelauriebelle1

    Thelauriebelle1 Peer Supporter

    Did you ever figure out anything about this?
  12. Looking for space

    Looking for space Peer Supporter

    Chapter 13& 14 in the great pain deception! Some of that info when I was re-reading it, was a revelation. Even though I'd read it before!

  13. Tilli

    Tilli New Member

    yes I’ve been able to lessen the Pain in my left foot and toes with this technique im learning on here and in his books
    It’s my brain telling My foot and toes to hurt because I had a massive stroke
    Neurologists really have no good solution for this pain except drugs and Botox
    I’m sick of medication
  14. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    I found Dr Sarno in 2013 read HEALING back PAIN. I was on every page. The pain I have was disabling my neck,SHOULDERS, upper AND lower back,butt, LEGS AND FEET .my feet hurt so bad I COULD hardly walk. I also JOINED a warm pool therapy. I cried the first day but they were so nice and encouraging. This Is what i needed I continued to get BETTER. ..back then
    A doctor has continued TRAMATIZED me, putting me in fear, anxiety and leaving me in terrible UNBEARABLE PAIN at this time
    I got better I was doing thing that I COULD never do I had my LIFE back for 6months then it came back hard after my brothers DEATH AND doctor continued putting me in fear and pain .the first time I would try to beat my subconscious brain up it worked back then .when it came back I even tried online TMS therapy but it wasn't HELPING and cost to much when the pain came back so hard so then I kept looking FOR reasons FOR this pain .I was in a bad accident in 2003 ,THREE bleeds in my brain fractured neck back broken collarbone AND paralyzed on my left side with hard work AND PAIN MEDICATION I was ABLE to take CARE of MYSELF AND I EVEN RODE my HORSE AGAIN untill 2007 a terrible PAIN stimulator surgery that destroyed my LIFE AND caused me MORE PAIN and new pain in my feet legs and butt .the stimulator went off by its SELF SENDING my blood pressure high AND to be put on blood pressure MEDICATION. Had it taken out THREE months later. This surgeon hid my surgery reports putting it in AND taking it out no one HAS them not the PAIN center in kalispell Montana or the HOSPITAL in LAS VEGAS. I'll never know what HAPPENED to me. I found out later that the surgeon and 20 doctors and LAWYERS were ARRESTED by the FBI in LAS VEGAS FOR doing surgeries PEOPLE did not need AND lying in court getting big payouts .The FBI called them the MEDICAL MAFIA . This caused me to have panic attacks and terrible PAIN. So I know this CAUSED me TMS.And the doctor at the pain center is stressing me out too ..my pain was down in 2013 2014 .so I know it works but I'm having a hard time...
    So I'm back AGAIN trying to get out of PAIN. It's like LIFE or DEATH I just can't take the PAIN. This time I'm learning about teaching your brain not to be afraid or SCARED .
    I hopping this will help me .witch I'm SCARED to DEATH of this HORRIBLE PAIN.....so I have alot of work to do..Thank you
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  15. Ulfat Jamil Adib

    Ulfat Jamil Adib Newcomer

    Dr.Sarno said the pain is because of repressed emotions.But you guys are saying its because of neural pathways.I cant relate.Please help me in clearing the idea.
  16. Shine4me

    Shine4me Peer Supporter

    [QUOTE="spunky, post: 85896, member: 5938 The hardest time of day for me is when i wake up and am lying in bed. That's when my Eeyore kicks in. The first thing my brain does is scan my body and take pain inventory: "Where is the pain today? Is it still in my shoulders? Yup, well maybe I really do need a new bed. Or is it just in my head? What if I get the expensive new bed and my shoulders still hurt? How are my feet? Oh darn it, they still hurt too. Are they going to hurt when I step out of bed? Will it be better or worse than yesterday? Do my fingers still hurt? Let me just push on this one to test if the pain is still there. Darn it! They still hurt too." Then I scold my brain, knowing that that type of fear focus is not helpful. But I can't seem to turn the darn loop off! Then my Tigger kicks in and I get out of bed. My feet hurt on and off throughout the day but I push through it, my shoulders ease up with my yoga, and I try to ignore my 2 fingers as I bounce about my day. The pain in those 3 places never completely goes away but I just try to ignore it. What I would really, really, really like is to wake up in the morning and NOT automatically scan for pain. This is the habit or pattern I want to break.[/QUOTE]. Me too!
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  17. sorella23

    sorella23 New Member

    I am trying to go through this program feeling a bit lonely in my attempt as it seems it was active 3 years ago. That's ok. Two years ago I went through the entire unlearn your pain program and cured post surgery breast cancer surgery which had become chronic although I had recovered from breast cancer but not the pain. I wonder if my pain now which is "sciatica " is a continuation of the fear of what I went through. Friends and family complimented me about being so strong and brave. Maybe it just had to run its course and it is chasing me now because it didn't. Anyway, I am wondering what the difference would be to catching my fear and catching my pain. One seems interchangeable with the other?Overthinking things is one of my roadblocks. The main thing that exacerbate my pain are lying in my bed so watching TV and sleeping there have become painful and fear inducing. I miss feeling safe there.
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  18. Nattygracey

    Nattygracey Newcomer

    I have a question, I’m enjoying following this programme it seems to take a different approach to other programs but please may I ask how does recognising the fear of pain differ from the other programs which focus on suppressed emotions? How do I know which program is best for me and should I be following both? It’s all very difficult for me as I struggle to stand, walk and sit, I have had pudendal nerve decompression surgery and it’s been extremely traumatic so this programme focusing on fear really resonates on me as opposed to suppressed emotions because if anything I display my emotions too much and wonder if this is triggering the fear response which this program represents, I was pain-free for eight weeks after my surgery and I thought I’d nailed it I thought I’d beat the bottle but then my pain returned, I can’t say I was in fear of my pain turning because I was so elated that I was pain-free, so this begs the question why does pain return? Is it because the pain is in graved into the brain and the brain regardless of being pain-free brings pain back on can anybody answer these questions for me and give me any tips for advice? Xx
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  19. tb_player

    tb_player New Member

    I am absolutely terrified by the amount of anxious and fearful thoughts I am observing in myself since doing this lesson earlier today. Doesn't help that I'm in the midst of a (likely TMS-related) migraine, but it's definitely striking a chord with me. I just hope that the coming lessons will address what to do with all those thoughts. I'm impatiently waiting until tomorrow to find out the next step.
  20. CATS

    CATS Newcomer

    Day1 I learned it is all in my head!
    Day 2 I learned that I can think away pain!

    After Day5 I am still not convinced that fear is causing pain. I understand the difference between structural and neural pain. I will complete this forum as I find it interesting, but not convinced!!

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