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Focusing all attention on the brain with amazing results

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by LunaL, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. LunaL

    LunaL New Member

    I found out about TMS in April. I had suffered back pain for more than 7 years. I occasionaly meditate so thought I'll just focus my attention on my brain instead of other parts of my body. The results were strange, dramatic and interesting. I was lying down, here was a sudden release of tension from my head which lasted about 15 minutes. A very intense experience. I would say 60% of my pain went on that first try. I felt dazed. This was followed almost immediately by a migraine (no pain, just affected vision), I ignored this and it went away after about an hour. I tried it later that day (of course I did) and this time it was intense spinning but I didn't feel dizzy. I continued to do this when out walking for example and the release of tension continued to happen but not so dramaticaly. Until 3 weeks later there was no back pain. This was followed by sciatica which took a few more weeks to disappear. I have felt the pain jump around my body. I guess I still haven't dealt with the cause! Anyway I occasionaly focus on the brain with interesting results. I wanted to know if anyone else had tried this? It is not just about closing your eyes and relaxing, it is about actively pushing your full attention into your brain..perhaps its a way of accessing happy hormones?
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  2. Jeannyjay

    Jeannyjay New Member

    Sounds interesting will give it a try in meditation. I have had sciatica jumping from leg to leg and a very irritating feeling in my foot. I have to be patient I suppose which isn’t a strong point of mine! AnywY will try the brain thing see how I get on. Anything new is alwAys worth a try.
  3. LunaL

    LunaL New Member

    I had never had sciatica before. Came out of nowhere, wasn't quite sure what it was. Also since back pain left I have had occasional stabs of pain in foot, I ignore it and it goes. I had plantar fasciitis in my twenties in my left foot for 2 years, lots of pain at the time. I was a classic TMS. No more though :)

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