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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Rory Calhoune, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Rory Calhoune

    Rory Calhoune New Member

    hi everyone!! :)

    just signed-up for this question of mine, but will probably do more in the future. a little background about me before my query - i'm on the tail-end of my 7 year bout with TMS - i can feel it coming to a close :) but have a lingering "problems" that i could use clarification on.

    there are some helpful insights scattered around here that i find very useful, but as we all know, things are pretty personalized eh? that's why i wanna make my own thread and see where this goes..

    so, i think i may be having a hard time convincing my mind/body that gas/bloating/IBS are TMS; because everything seems to be coming back "on-track" except these things. here's what i'm experiencing:

    i appear to be extremely sensitive to cold. this is probably the result of decades of conditioning (i'm 39, and i remember avoiding walking on cold surfaces in my teens). let me elaborate on this:

    - for one, if i walk on cold surfaces in my bare feet, i will get gas and stomach cramps. i need to wear something at all times.
    - if i hold a cold bottle of water in my hands, i will get gas.
    - if i sit on a cold hard surface, i will get gas.
    - if it's foggy outside, i need to add extra layers or i will get gas.

    so, there you have it. i hope you guys can help me figure this out. i know for sure it's TMS; my analysis of my life seems to reflect this. what i should also mention is - when i get an episode of gas, the pain varies from mild to "i think i'm going to die" pain. when that extreme pain comes on - i break-out in body sweats, turn a pale colour, have to poo (to let it out) and/or vomit. these occasions are probably the worst pains i've ever had and when it's over after about an hour or two, i can't believe i had survived such an incident. it's that bad. i am so afraid of it ever happening again that i need to bundle-up in layers around fans, open windows, foggy environments and never leave my shirt un-tucked into my pants. a hot-water bottle on my abdomen or warming my insides seems to relieve the pain and it's onsets. i believe this to be the result of decades of conditioning.

    any help or thoughts? thanks for taking the time to read this eh!

    ~ Rory
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

  3. hopeful03

    hopeful03 New Member


    I am going through the same struggle with IBS and/or gas/bloat. I'm not really sure what I have anymore, considering all of my tests are normal - typical TMS. My first mind/body symptom was acid reflux but I overcame this although it does creep up from time to time. I was also struggling with lingering pain from an abdominal muscle injury, which may have never been an injury to begin with. Then I struggled with back pain. After finding Dr. John Sarno's material, I've eliminated my back pain but my abdominal pain increased significantly (symptom imperative at play). I am mainly in pain from the gas/bloating and I'm trying to move past this as well. I'm convinced it's surely mind/body but I'm not sure how to go about this. I am doing the therapy work and the mind work now and it definitely helps me stay calm at least and think differently when the pain gets severe. I immediately think TMS and it does help but I am not quite cured yet.

    I also feel like the cold was a problem for me, but moreover, I have been conditioned to believe that any caffeine, dairy, and other foods are the culprit. I've always had a bit of struggle with lactose, but nothing severe. I was able to ignore it. I've been drinking coffee since I was 16 and sometimes had 4 cups a day and never had any major issues. I'm not convinced by lactose intolerance. I think it is mind/body and I think we can overcome our conditioned responses. If anyone has advice, please do share!
  4. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    I suggest stop drinking coffee. It just hypes us up. Maybe caffeine is the problem. You could start with decaf coffee or switch to decaf tea.

    I do think the problem is TMS. You seem to be conditioning your mind to expect gas in situations involving cold or sitting.
    Try to tell yourself the gas has nothing to do with those things and is TMS from repressed emotions.
  5. Rory Calhoune

    Rory Calhoune New Member

    hey thanks Forest! haha looks like Dr.Clark answered my question after all!
  6. hopeful03

    hopeful03 New Member

    Hey Walt!

    Thank you for your response and advice. I've tried cutting out coffee and dairy and lots of foods and it just made me even more miserable. I don't think it's a diet issue. I think it is TMS as you said and I'm just going to keep working with it. I'm confident I will beat it one day for good. Thanks for the support!

    I hope you do as well Rory :)
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  7. PamD

    PamD Peer Supporter

    Welcome Rory!

    Glad you posted your question. I am sure you will find a multitude of answers, feedback and lots of support here.

    I do believe the mind-body aspect is powerful and plays a role. Once we have a belief about something it can become a TMS response. Sometimes we do however have some food or environmental sensitivities. These can come from a deficient digestive system. This can occur from stress, abuse by ingesting things we are sensitive to/ allergic to, medications, poor nutrition, poor sleep...

    Our stress levels and (stress response) can lower stress and pain tolerance and lower the hormones we need for wellness. That said, a cascade of things can happen to throw us off, but in TMS our fixation and fear about it is what does can get us stuck. I strongly believe in self care, stress reduction by yoga, meditation, exercise, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, affirmations, good sleep, positive associations with people, a supportive community and anything that can support body and mind wellness. There are great studies that say our ability to feel safe, loved and well can be healed by a positive association with someone whose facial expressions respond in a sympathetic way. This goes back to infancy. We learn to regulate based on our mother's facial responses to us. Sometimes that does not happen or does not happen congruently so we can be mixed up. The good news is, this is still something as an adult that we can benefit from. Some one recently mentioned support groups. I think these are great. A supportive understanding friend and a therapist can all help this too.

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