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Health and water

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by LindaBurger, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. LindaBurger

    LindaBurger Newcomer

    I saw discussions related to water, regarding purity, even type, whether it came from the well, tap, bottled, or alkaline, and so on. Water is essential to life, we all know that. But how much of an impact does the water you drink have on your health? In an article I stumbled upon while wandering around, they linked water quality to mental health and a better overall disposition. I honestly find that a bit too farfetched, but maybe I'm wrong. What's your opinion on this?
  2. JamalKlein

    JamalKlein New Member

    It's true, hydration is indeed quite tightly linked to mental health. Put it like this, mental health is driven by the activity of your brain. Dehydration stops your brain from functioning properly. In turn, dehydration does lead to anxiety and depression and worsens these issues in people who already suffer from them. Not to say the long list of health issues caused by dehydration and improper hydration for that matter. Water purity plays a pivotal role too. Here I can't be that specific on details, I'll leave you with some useful articles, but as I recall, certain contaminants, lead, heavy metals mostly, impact your health negatively not only when it comes to the physical aspect but to psyche as well.

    What's important is to drink enough water each and every day, preferably filtered or, if you can, filtered alkaline. Again, not 100% sure on this but seeing how alkaline water clusters are 2-3 times smaller in size than regular water clusters, your cells absorb them considerably faster, so you hydrate quicker and better in turn. There are other benefits to alkaline water when it comes to your state of health too. Bottled water, I wouldn't recommend it ever. Purity isn't a guarantee with all brands, and there's the whole issue of plastic pollution too, so it shouldn't be a viable option. Tap water, depending on your area, could actually be ok. But you should test it for contaminants and install filtration systems as needed to make sure you don't ingest who knows what and do more harm than good. Long story short, yes, I do believe that hydration and mental, as well as physical health, are quite tightly linked cause there have already been studies related to this issue.
    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24728141/ (Effects of Changes in Water Intake on Mood of High and Low Drinkers - PubMed)
    https://www.optimainstitute.com/water/alkaline-water-ionizer.html (12 Best Rated Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews- 2020 Comparison)
    https://www.bustle.com/p/staying-hydrated-can-help-your-mental-health-research-shows-18181859 (Here’s How Just Staying Hydrated Can Help Your Mental Health)

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