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Heartburn or Gastric MBS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Madder, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Madder

    Madder New Member

    Hi everyone. I’m new here!!

    I firmly believe now after starting the book unlearn your pain, that I have TMS/MBS.I emailed Dr Schubiner a couple of times too, and while he couldn’t take me as a patient due to location, he id confirm to me that I have MBS.

    I can look back at things that happened in my life as a teenager that would have impacted heavily on me. There was an event of extreme violence that I was involved in as a 16 year old. I think about it every day. I take my share of the responsibility for it. I certainly deserve some of the blame. And I feel guilt and regret about my involvement every day. But I also feel anger. Because there was blame to go around and others need to take their share too, and I don’t believe that they have. I am angry that while this event happened more than 30 years ago, some of the other people that were involved have not let it go and always try to bring it back up. There were a few ‘revenge’ attacks, including one that took place what must have been 15 years after the original event. And the revenge attacks are always coming from the same people. I feel anger and resentment over that. And I feel fear too obviously. I became a bit of a recluse shortly after the original event. I stopped socializing. And ever since, when I did try to socialize, even if it was a concert for one of my favourite musical acts, if I get the courage to go, I’m always looking ahead for when the event is over instead of living for the moment and enjoying it. That has to be anxiety. I have since emigrated from my home country, and I guess that helps to a certain degree in that I don’t always have to look over my shoulder, but I think that fight/flight reaction has already been embedded in me and it is still on.

    Anyway, about a year after the event above, I started to feel anxiety, chest pain, panic attacks and they stayed with me for several years. My late teens and early 20’s were destroyed by this anxiety.

    Once I had managed to deal with anxiety to some degree, shortly afterwards my father died. Then a few months later I was suffering with depression. I went onto anti depressants for 2 months. However, I found they made me feel numb. I felt nothing and I preferred to feel depressed than to feel nothing. So I came off them and just dealt with things as best I could myself.

    At the age of around 32, I started to feel very mild heartburn in my chest. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me a proton pump inhibitor. I know now that taking this drug for as long as I did was not a good idea, but I had never heard of these before and assumed that they were safe. I ended up on it for 15 years. Mind you, it did work. I only needed 10mg of it once a day and it worked great No more heartburn. However, after learning about the dangers of longterm use, I decided to wean off the stuff. I used herbal alternatives, and I did have rebound acid. Or did i? I believe now that what I have is MBS.

    5 years ago, not long after emigrating(which I know is a big life event and could be a trigger), I weaned off the Proton Pump inhibitors. I have occasional mild heartburn. But I now have this gnawing, burning pain in my gallbladder area, which sometimes appears above my left hip or on my lower right back. It started out as a numbing sensation in my right kidney area on my back, but now it’s a burning pain which stays on that side but it moves from above the right hip to the gallbladder area or liver area.

    I had an ultrasound which showed no issue and I presume no gallstones or no kidney stones. I still suspected Gallstones at the time. So, I took a chanca piedra tincture, and 10 days later, my pain was gone. I was pain free for two weeks, but then it came back. Placebo I guess. I expected it to get better and it did. This is another good indicator for MBS. I also notice that I almost never get the pains when I am in bed sleeping. They usually happen shortly after I wake up. So that is of course another reason to believe I have MBS. Only in the last couple of weeks, since I started the book, have I noticed some pain while in bed. But much less severe than when I am awake and going about my day. And it doesn’t prevent me from sleeping. I do however, have trouble staying asleep which I put down to the fight/flight symptoms of always being on alert. I also notice things like a pounding heartbeat and a very fast heartbeat at certain points during the day which is likely related to the fight/flight stuff too.

    3 weeks ago, someone recommended Dr Schubiner and his book Unlearn your pain to me. I started to read it 2 weeks ago. And on Sunday last I felt no pain at all. I felt new. But I had had days like that before, so I waited. Monday came and went and I had no pain, and having two days pain free is unusual for me. So, yesterday (Tuesday) I was pain free, and so I emailed Dr Schubiner to tell him that I had been 60 hours without any pain. Guess what happened? After emailing him, I started to feel mild pain again. I went back to continue reading his book. I have just started the treatment section, and within a couple of hours my pain was back, full on.

    But, I look at it like this: This process appears to be working as I had 60 hours pain free. I also think it is normal to feel some of these pains when I am clearly remembering traumatic events and when I am talking and thinking about the pain directly. Even typing this message now makes me notice little pains in my right side. So to me, this only enhances my belief that I have MBS. And I know that I am in the best place here, now, to help myself to overcome it.

    I cannot pinpoint the exact times in life when my pains started, or if the original heartburn pain I felt almost 20 years ago was MBS, but whatever this is now, I am certain it is MBS.

    And I don’t know which traumas from the past have caused my MBS. I had other issues as a younger child, like teachers in school and corporal punishment, which thankfully now, is banned. But when I was in school it was permitted. So there were some things there that I remember happening but I don’t remember why I was punished or bullied by the teachers in question, only that I was.

    This is a long message but only a brief glimpse at my story and why I am here. If anyone has anything to say or to share that would be great, or if you can relate to some of my symptoms, I’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Peer Supporter

    Hello! Quite a story~ so many of us have long, intense and convoluted pain stories. good news is, once we truly begin to realize that essentially ALL of these pains are TMS related, we can truly begin to heal! I have had many various types of symptoms over the years from the classic lower back pain to the more insidious nerve tingling and GERD. and all of them have eventually healed with TMS therapies.
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  3. Madder

    Madder New Member

    Thanks so much for the reply. I didn't realize how much I wanted to hear from somebody until I read this. Thanks again.

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