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Deeply Frustrated and Scared
Yes, it is applying them that is always the challenge. One thing you could try is choosing one each day to do a meditation on and just really focusing on that. Someone named "plum" did that over there and posted about it in a series of posts called "Ace of the day". If you make an account and search for them, you can find them.

But overcoming fear is always the most important thing. Nothing will hype someone up like fear and in the end, the keys to healing won't help you overcome that alone. You might try acceptance. Just allow the fear and let it pass over you.

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

I've known a couple of people who only got better when they finally lost hope. Resisting TMS feeds the TMS because what the TMS thrives on is attention. For those people giving up was what it took for them to stop resisting.

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