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2017 Goal Setting (TMS)

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Freedom, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Freedom

    Freedom Peer Supporter

    I figured since I will be setting goals for the year, I should set some health related ones.

    After reading the section from Steve O's book (GPD), he mentions the following about setting goals:

    1. Basically, be more physical. Don't focus on pain reduction, just focus on doing the things you are afraid of.
    • When pain comes, don't try to find a way for it to go away (sitting/standing differently, medications, etc).
    • *I will need reminders to help me not start thinking I have a structural issue (e.g. I have had more pain since the holidays and sometimes feel like slipping into wanting to go back on certain medications or believing maybe something is structural.
      • a. Anyone have good tips on keeping the belief? Quotes that help? Passages? I can re-read the books, but the quicker/more efficient it can be done the better.
      • b. What if the pain starts to increase a lot? some part of my brain is telling me "how is this different then before you knew about TMS?
    • I'm not sure what but I will need to get into some kind of activity(ies). Maybe Yoga? I'd also like to slowly get back into working out. This one definitely freaks me out since I'd hurt my back many times lifting heavy stuff.
    2.Reward yourself

    • How do you "reward" yourself for taking the physical actions? Does it matter? Or is it a matter of "do something that feels good and remind yourself you are doing it because you took the physical action" ?
    3. Visualize yourself pain free
    • There is mention of visualizing your discs cushioning and proper blood flow, but this visualization seems odd and I have a tough time picturing it. Maybe when I think of physical activities (e.g. soccer, yoga) I can just see myself doing them with ease, as opposed to being afraid to get into them?

    4. (My own thing) I've also started doing Mindfulness Meditations 10 minutes/day. I may even try Bioenergetics or Dynamic Meditation ala Osho (supposed to help with Catharsis). Anyone heard of this?

    5. (My own) Talk about issues on this forum

    Does this seem pretty thorough? Am I missing anything critical or should replace one of the things I'm planning on doing?
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