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Bringing up strong emotions that floor you

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Saoirse, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Saoirse

    Saoirse Peer Supporter

    I read something today and it really hit a chord in me and I decided to write about it in my daily Journal.
    It brought up such anger and frustration with my Mammy who is dead over three years , I knew I was angry then when it happened 4-5 years ago but not so much and not still and so much intense rage and unfairness it shook me and nade me feel like weeping for the sadness and for not knowing about my real feeling for the topic earlier than I did.So my Mum laid a lot of stuff on my very early and no boundaries ,she had none and I struggle to know how to create any. My Mum told us she gave up her life for us and if she had never had us she would be off having a life. Indeed she repetitively told me that having a baby would ruin my life, and that men would just loose interest in you. She told me from an early age I did not want kids and how disappointed in me she would be if I ever got caught.My husband used to laugh and call my Mam Svengali because he had never seen anyone in another persons controol like we as kids were even in our 30,40 and 50,s and the nned to please her and keep her happy was our daily priority from an early age ;it was easier that was. She hated men and thought they were all the same the root of all evil and from her point of view maybe they were .I thought these were my own thoughts and decided at 15 I was not having kids and I was vehement that I could not stand them yet I adored my nieces and nephew.At 16 I was set to join the Nun's called " The Poor Claire's "a silent order who were established by a woman who followed St Francis of Assisi; very important as he is the patron saint of animals-I am Dog mad.
    My Mam was delighted so proud, and she came with me for the interview but it all went pear shaped when they said I could not bring my Dog !!! for me that was a no sale and I walked out -I thank God now as I am happily with my love since I was 18. All the constant telling of children-life ruined , Children -loose your life I just believed it like the sky is blue I could not see the narrative of my mother and even after I married my childhood sweetheart I had said no kids!!!. My husband had a heart attack at 38 -he's fine thank God but It made me realize GOD I WANTED his kid ,our kid and it was like a veil being pulled back . I could see that I always wanted them just stuffed it away to please my Mam. Unfortunately at 40 time was against me but more importantly my medication was so serious I could not just come off it and when I tried the pain was so bad they said I would not get through carrying a child .I was like let just do it but by then I was unable to as time had marched on. It is the only true regret of my entire life and I am still angry and so annoyed that she would do that and theses feeling are for a Mam I did love who is now dead. To Love and care for someone while being so affected negatively by them and having been through so much because of them is an emotional battle going on inside your heart. You know the facts and how it makes you feel but you feel guilty cause its your Mam.It has effected me so much and my husband and it was not even my choice. But life goes on on but my logic is squared with it but not so much my unconscious mind it seems.I have to forgive deep down.
  2. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Our moms are our very first relationship. I find myself going through layers and layers about my own mother, who is still living. Do you think your mom had TMS? Did she have many health problems?
  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Saoirse. Your mother sounds a lot like the mother of my best friend's wife, Bonnie.
    She carried bad emotions about her mother all her life. When Bonnie was married and had three children, the repressed emotions from her young years hit her emotionally. Long story short, she underwent psychotherapy and it came out that when she was a little girl, her mother told her she wished she had been a cat, so she could have drowned her. Bonnie was able to come to terms with feelings of being unwanted and was after a while able to forgive her. I'm not saying you need to undergo psychoanalysis. You may be able to come to forgiveness through journaling as you learn more about your mother. She obviously had her own TMS emotions. Be positive. You know the cause of your pains. Accepting them and forgiving will set you free.
  4. Saoirse

    Saoirse Peer Supporter

    My Mum was very bitter with what life gave her I am sure she has TMS as her childhood was terrible and she also had a child that was taken from her and raised as her sister. She took so much drugs all my life and was mentally unable to cope . She was a good Mam with many flaws.
  5. Saoirse

    Saoirse Peer Supporter

    Hi Walt I am conflicted as My Mam adored me I alway felt and was told I was loved but she could push you out of her circle if your were not doing what she wanted you to do. She was light and dark good and bad and not coping herself and seen us children as her reason for having such a shit life. I am attending a therapists weekly my pain specialist told me to go when my Mam dies and my pain went off the charts.

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