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Burning so so bad

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by crimslock, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter


    I have suffered with major back pain for 3 yrs. My biggest problem is serve burning when i sit and lye down. Burning is in my legs and back. Not a very nice feeling at all. It has taking over my life.
    Few months ago found out about TMS and Dr Sarno. I read his first 2 books about 3 weeks ago and have been using the TMS Wiki site and journalling. From this i was able to ride my bike, do some gardening and lift heavy objects. This was a miracle as a hadn't been able to do any physical stuff for 3 years. I just believed there was nothing wrong with me and did the physical stuff and had some pain but just pushed through it. My friend "Burning" still was with me though but i guess a little less serve.
    About a week ago i went for another bike ride and think i pushed it to far. Since then my burning has been really bad and will not settle down.
    I now have Dr Schubiner book (In Australia so took a few week) I have completed 2 days of the program but finding it impossible to relax and do the writing and mediation exercises because of the serve burning. Like i said if i sit or lye the burning is so so bad. No mater what position i lye or sit the burning is so bad. I am trying the self talk stuff as descried i.e. the 3 exercises for symptoms, emotions and triggers. But the burning is just so over whelming. I refuse to take anti-inflammatory med's because i know i have MBS/TMS and i am physical fine. But what should i do?? Can't get comfortable or relaxed to enjoy and focus on the treatment program!!!

    I have a really good understanding of TMS now, because of my obsessive nature I have read 3 TMS/MBS books and watch Dr Sarno dvd lecture about 100 times in 4 weeks. But me old mate "Burny" will not bugger off<<<

    Please please help me???
  2. Livvygurl

    Livvygurl Well known member

    Hi Crimslock,

    Glad you found this site. The support here may really help you on your TMS journey. It sounds like this burning sensation is really difficult to deal with. I admire your spirit you are doing so much healing work, and I know it is hard to be patient! You will get to a healing place :)

    Livvygurl ~
  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hiya Crimslock and Welcome to the Wiki,

    One of the best things you can do to recover is to start to be active again. There is nothing that challenges the notion that you are weak and fragile then exercising. Riding a bike will help hammer the message that you do not have a physical problem home to your unconscious. Can you push too hard? Sure, but you would recover from this relatively quickly. Sometimes its just a matter of building up endurance and strength.

    But that doesn't mean that just because your symptoms get worse, you are pushing too much. Most likely it is just the symptom imperative. The closer you get to beating TMS, more likely it is that your symptoms may increase. Right now, your unconscious knows that you are figuring out its trick and it wants to distract you by increasing your symptoms.

    Continue to remind yourself that you don't have a structural problem and you be able to push through the symptoms. Consuming information is key to recovering, and it sounds like you are doing a great job at learning about what is TMS. Keep doing this and you will become symptom free.
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  4. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    Hi Crimslock,

    Welcome! It sounds like you are doing really well--you've only been working on this for a few weeks and it sounds like you've already made so much progress. It's normal to still have pain (or burning, etc.) when you first start working on TMS. It just takes time for the truth of all of this to really sink it. Keep doing what you're doing and I bet the burning will lessen and eventually disappear.

    ~ Veronica
  5. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    Fair dinkum you are all awesome!!!
    I took in your post's and me mate "burny" and pain eased. I could feel the pain decreasing as i was reading your post's. What a miracle!!!
    It really became clear from your post's what was going in my body & mind. Its amazing how understanding TMS has such healing powers. Being reinforced by your comments that there's nothing structurally wrong, symptoms get worse when close to beating TMS, normal to have pain when start working on TMS and eventually will be pain free.

    I will be back on the bike today because there is nothing physically wrong with my body;)

    A members comment i found on a thread which is helping too:

    "Thank you for signaling me and making me aware of my thoughts and feelings. I know what you're trying to do. I don't think that way any more. I don't need you any more."
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  6. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    I,too, just got Schubiner's book in the mail. Driving is a trigger for me and I had a huge pain attack at the hairdressers six weeks ago before I started reading Sarno. You now may not need what worked for me to get my hair cut yesterday which is a big drive from home but here is what I did.

    I read Schubiner's "Reprogramming MBS Symptoms: Week One Exercises and wrote out on a note card Exercise Three main points. I put the card near me in the car and keep saying those points every time I got tense and started feeling symptoms. I was as "firm and assertive " as I could be. It worked. I even stayed to shop in the area after the haircut, went out in the car later to do errands and had family over for dinner. Reprogramming really works. I was not completely comfortable but I was certain I could succeed. Our minds are really powerful!

    There are fabulous tidbits of information and support everywhere and you have shown that our mind desperately wants us to hang onto and be a slave to the pain. Knowing we can reprogram the nerve pathways seems extremely powerful to me.

    Full of renewed hope.

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  7. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    Thank you Susan for your post. I will do as you suggested. I also have major problems with driving or any sitting is a major trigger for me.
    I have noticed that i can be obsessive with the treatment programs. That i keep trying to remember every little detail, word for word, and feel that if i don’t get it correct i will not heal. I think by doing this i am delaying my progress. I guess that's a major personality trait i need to address. So thank you for the cue card idea as i can just refer to it rather than stressing out trying to remember it!!!
  8. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    That's also pretty common with TMS--attacking it with the same perfectionism that brought it on in the first place. Good that you are aware of this.
  9. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    I have created a cue card to fit in my wallet or shirt pocket when at work. I looked all the statements i have found on this site and Dr Schubiner book, and put into my own words. I just tried not thinking about it and spoke whatever came to me. Any thoughts or comments are welcomed:
    "Deep breath, I am healthy & strong. This activity is normal, it won't hurt me. This will not cause me pain anymore. I don't have a structural problem. Pain caused by feelings and emotions. I am safe & ok. I will be fine."
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  10. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter

    Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    It is great to see the progress the two of you are making. I love the idea of having a little TMS note card. There is something similar to this in the thread I'm a TMSer Triathlete. It is great to have a little reminder with you as you go about your day.

    One of the most important things when you have symptoms or when they increase is to bring your focus on the psychological and emotional issues behind them. Having a card like that with you, will help you do this and avoid thinking physical.
  12. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter


    Really seeing improvements in terms of self talk and being able to focus on the psychological and emotional issues. My pain is still with me from the time i wake until i fall a sleep but i know it will be gone soon. I have total faith and confidence that in the diagnosis, treatment and all will be ok!!!

    Insomnia has raised its ugly head the last 2 nights. Can i treat insomnia with the TMS treatment?? Anyone have any suggestion or personal experience of over coming insomnia?? I now understand how to self talk for TMS pain but is that what you do for insomnia? When i wake in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep, should i talk to my sleep. Been waking last 2 nights at 3:30am. Have had serve insomnia the last 3 years, around the time my pain started. But last 2 months has settled a bit.
  13. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    Interesting you should ask about insomnia. In the Schubiner's book, p. 300, chapter 12 is a question about sleep with the good doctor's suggestions. I skip around in his book a lot and read this yesterday, took out the notecards and wrote down his process. Started using it lasts night.

    I have been up and down all night long for months and want to get a handle on that behavior or bed as a trigger. First night I did worry about something I had not listed at bedtime, so not a lot of progress, but he says keep at it for two weeks and we will probably see results. Some very good questions and answers in this section. Reminders of how perfectionism and OCD behaviors play out with TMS.

    Try the process and see if you get some steady improvement. Believe it will work and I bet it does!

  14. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    When I do wake up in the night with pain or anxiety (which luckily didn't happen too often) I read the section of Schubiner's book that Susan mentions.

    Another that helped is having your last conscious thoughts of the day be something positive. Sometimes I listen to Louise Hay's evening meditation CD.
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  15. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter

    One other thing.....go to the Structured Education Program , Day 27, on the left side of the home page. There is a first hand account of insomnia.

  16. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    Thank you Susan and Veronica, that really helped.
    I am finding Schubiner's book overwhelming at times. So much info and stuff to do. My OCD and perfectionism is going insane with all the stuff in the book. My mind is saying or should i say putting major pressure on me to complete the book in the correct order and do it perfectly or it will not work. I have realised this and trying to let it go. I am trying to break down the program and write out the exercise so it seems smaller to me....
  17. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Crimslock, I've heard this comment from other members about Dr. Schu's book. I have the book and have been too fearful of the commitment to even start it! I really liked reading above that Susan skips around in it. This is probably good practice for us perfectionists so I plan to take her advice and open it up to see what's there.

    TMS practitioners consider insomnia to be a TMS equivalent, just like its close relation, anxiety. The recurrence of your insomnia could be good news. As you continue to "do the work", your brain will fight to keep your emotions repressed, so it will throw other symptoms at you to try to keep you in line. It's just another version of the symptom imperative that Forest already mentioned when you described your existing symptoms getting worse.

  18. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    I think Dr. Schubiner even says somewhere in the book that you can take longer if you need to. I have just read sections of that book I haven't done the exercises. Remember some people recover fully without ever journaling at all so I think it is different for each person.
  19. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    I started the Structured Ed Program on this site about four weeks ago, Schubiner's book a few days ago. I like the journaling process in Schubiner's and had already started journaling about my past traumas, current stressors and personality traits before Unlearn Your Pain arrived.

    I totally get the overwhelming piece of the Schubiner's book. That is why I recommend that Crimslock take a day to look at the Structured Ed Program on this site----skip around because success stories and professional articles or pro comments are really good. Then spend a day looking through Schubiner without givng yourself any assignments.

    Journaling process in Schubiner is more thorough and I find helpful ( day 4 person talking now). What to say to your mind and how to deal with all sorts of issues also more prescriptive in Schubiner. I still am reading Sarno Healing Back Pain through as i can. Also have his book The Mindbody Prescription. I keep them in two places at home and just read a page or two a day if I do not have much time.

    The whole deal seems to be understanding first there is nothing structurally wrong with our bodies; get and stay as active as possible and talk to your mind/brain as much as you can when the pain or symptoms flare.

    At the end of the day, Crimslock, you cannot fail, you can take your time getting through the curriculum and pick and choose what suits you and your life circumstances and daily psychological issues best. One of my new mantras is "I do not have to be perfect". It is all part of retraining the brain. In it to win it!!!!

    This is our quest.


    Schubiner is full of very helpful
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  20. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    Thank you Susan, Veronica, Forest, Livvygurl and Jan. All of you have been an amazing source of hope and wisdom. I truly can not express my feelings of thankfulness enough. Your last few post have really helped me and i have seen the pain literature subside whilst reading them. I will put in place all your suggestions. I have emailed Schubiner a few times and was shocked when he replied. I did not expect a response from him. He is truly a caring person. Its so pleasing to see a Doctor who truly cares about a persons health. Its apparent TMSers are caring, compassionate, kind and loving people to say the least!!!!
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