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Created a TMS web series that's educational, entertaining, and easy to share!

Discussion in 'Mindbody Video Library' started by GotPainCure, May 20, 2017.

  1. GotPainCure

    GotPainCure New Member

    Hey everyone! I created a TMS web series on YouTube called GotPainCure which is meant to be an information tool and resource directory for anyone with TMS or who hasn't heard about TMS yet. My videos are designed to be a visual aid for what TMS is, how it works, and how to treat it, and be entertaining to a younger YouTube audience (the kind more likely to watch funny cat videos than read a TMS book or scholarly articles, if you know what I mean).

    I collaborated with David Clarke, MD - President of the PPDA and author of "They Can't Find Anything Wrong!" and a bit with Howard Schubiner, MD - author of "Unlearn Your Pain" and top researcher for TMS to ensure that my videos are evidence-based and reference up-to-date research.

    There are 7 short videos in my GotPainCure playlist so far with 4 more that I'm editing now (yes, I write, direct, produce, and edit these on my own so the quality will improve as I start to get funding ;) ).

    Many of you may struggle to describe TMS to your friends, family, and coworkers, or if you're a practitioner perhaps you have limited time to describe TMS to your patients. Thus I hope that you'll enjoy watching my videos and share them far and wide so that more people can become aware of TMS!

    And if you do like them, please like and comment on YouTube and subscribe to my GotPainCure channel to stay up to date when new videos arrive!

    Watch here or click the links above each videos to play in YouTube. The first link opens into YouTube and plays all 7 videos in a row as a playlist (17 min all-together)

    How to CURE CHRONIC PAIN FAST without drugs, surgery, or physical therapy: GotPainCure promo

    BEST TREATMENT to cure chronic pain fast & how stress causes physical symptoms: TMS video 1 of 5

    EASY TREATMENT to relieve chronic pain from a herniated disc: TMS video 2 of 5

    Herniated discs & HOW I CURED CHRONIC PAIN FAST: TMS video 3 of 5

    What FAINTING GOATS & people with chronic pain caused by stress have in common: TMS video 4 of 5

    Risks of surgery & painkillers; get the SAFEST TREATMENT to cure chronic pain: TMS video 5 of 5

    CURING CHRONIC PAIN shouldn't be this hard! - GotPainCure web series promo
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  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you for your wonderful videos!! These will reach a lot of people, I'm sure.
    Andy B
  3. GotPainCure

    GotPainCure New Member

    Thanks Andy B! I will continue to add more videos. In the process of editing 4 more videos now (once I upgrade my laptop to handle better video editing software).
  4. MentorCoach

    MentorCoach Peer Supporter

    @GotPainCure - Jessica, your calling to work in this field is going to be well rewarded!!! Thank you for being part of this important journey to educate the world on the true source of most chronic pain and to be part of the solution! SOOO blessed to have you as a spokesperson AND a leader! Thank you!
  5. Plumcrazy

    Plumcrazy Peer Supporter

    These are great, Jessica.
    GotPainCure likes this.
  6. GotPainCure

    GotPainCure New Member

    Thanks! I hope to make a big and positive impact for the industry and those affected by TMS.
    MentorCoach likes this.
  7. GotPainCure

    GotPainCure New Member

    Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I'm adding 4 more videos to my series as soon as I can edit them.
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  8. Plumcrazy

    Plumcrazy Peer Supporter

    I think that they will definitely help more of us spread the word.
  9. silentflutes

    silentflutes Peer Supporter

    Thank you.

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