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New Program Day 1: Introduction

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. jessicaLee

    jessicaLee Peer Supporter

    Thank you for sharing this. I will remain open since hopeful has been hard.
  2. jessicaLee

    jessicaLee Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your time. and energy. Looking forward to this journey.....
  3. Shells

    Shells Peer Supporter

    Thank you
  4. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    Revisiting this revised new program and see wonderful additions. Have a bad cold and it’s setting off bells and whistles of wanna-be pain in my old trigger areas.
    I am being stern but loving: I am going to review all the lessons to help break the trance of pain. It’s like an addiction, I simply must be getting endorphins from this. I know I am always afraid when I become ill. “Just a cold” is a big deal to the dramatic mind.
    As I watched the video, I noticed pain come and go, come again and go again. Amazing. Now it’s gone as I proofread my typos, slowly.
    Thank you all, thank you, Alan.
  5. sheryl

    sheryl New Member

    Thank you for your time, Alan. I remain open...
  6. kevin95630

    kevin95630 New Member

    I accept this. 100%. I am so glad that pain will now be in my rear view mirror.
  7. wellisall1

    wellisall1 Newcomer

    I am also curious if this is interactive. I didn't see an answer. I too am giving this a try! I have a therapist that does EMDR to get at the old stuff that may need to be dug up. But how necessary is it to dig this stuff up? I guess I will find out, or maybe someone will answer! <3
  8. Ellen Campbell

    Ellen Campbell New Member

    I am excited to be in this forum, praying for relief from severe sciatica and increasing neuropathy in my feet and other odd places in my body. Not sure I can self -diagnose TMS, but from all I have read, I sure do fit the profile! Have others had success on their own with this condition?
  9. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes they have, myself included (some sciatica), and multiple others on this forum- take a look at success stories for lots of people who've had back pain and sciatica! Some feel comfortable self-diagnosing...in my case I'd had some imaging and knew I didn't have anything other than herniated discs so I knew I had TMS based on reading Sarno and others. If you don't know enough about what's going on with you medically it's good to get checked by a doctor to rule out anything. If you're near a TMS doctor than that is the best thing!
  10. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    Hi Ellen, You said in your Information:

    "I have had sciatic pain and neuropathy in my legs and feet for almost two years and have been nearly bedridden for almost 10 months with this. Doctors don’t know what to do with me. Looking for answers and relief. "

    Classic TMS in my opinion,. eventually you will read and hear about Steve Ozanich and his book "The Great Pain deception". I think he was "floor ridden" :). Personally I was "couch ridden", it really annoyed me. :)

    I have also recovered from lower back pain here is my success story:
    My unusual recovery came the following a weekend of severe deep chronic pain,it was unusual because unconventionally I went for a jog and ran in severe pain, it wasn’t fun, and I would not recommend doing this. Most importantly what took place was the removal of fear that I had something wrong with me. Here is a link with the story.
    http://www.tmshelp.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7141 (TMSHelp Forum - Success from 2000)

    Welcome to self healing
  11. Ellen Campbell

    Ellen Campbell New Member

    Thank you for this! I have had imaging done and know that I have some disc herniation, but four neurologists/neurosurgeons have deemed my issues mild enough to not warrant surgery. To confuse the issue, I have had borderline diagnoses of Lyme disease, but my pain only worsened and spread to other areas in my body. NOTHING has helped....pt, acupuncture, chiropractic care, treatment for Lyme, both antibiotic and herbal.
    I can neither stand nor sit for very long, so although there is a TMS practitioner in my area at large, the hour and a half trip to see him is nearly insurmountable. Therefore, my desire to self-diagnose....
  12. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sounds safe to self diagnose at this point then! Be confident in your diagnosis and good luck with Alan’s program, it’s great. Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. Ellen Campbell

    Ellen Campbell New Member

    Thank you so much! I am excited and a little scared, all rolled up in one.
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  14. LindenSwole

    LindenSwole Peer Supporter

    The neural pathway idea is so fascinating. Initially this started as a knee problem, which became sciatica. Those two things healed and the shit really hit the fan when..

    I jumped up on a pull-up bar and flexed my entire back as hard as I could (shoulder blades down and back) and did a set of 7 pull ups. When I finished I dropped from the bar but my back remain flexed. That was 1.5 years ago and it has not let go of that contracted state since.

    This program should be the end of the goosechase.
  15. Paulita

    Paulita New Member

    I'm back to do the program again! I've been pain free for almost a year. I've decided to do a 10km race and yep it's back - TMS! It's the other knee and calf this time around. I stopped half way through my last two runs and limped home. I've been searching for knee pain causes and cures, planning on getting a support bandage or a sports massage and then I remembered TMS. How funny that I forgot about it during my pain free time. So, I guess it's a relapse and I could do with a refresher course. I'm excited to do the revamped course now.
  16. LindenSwole

    LindenSwole Peer Supporter

    Woohoo! Did you use a program to get pain free the first time??
  17. Paulita

    Paulita New Member

    I used this program LindenSwole and the SEP and read all of Dr Sarno's books (and more besides). So it definitely works. It works so well that I forgot about pain and TMS. This is just a relapse and a good opportunity to refresh myself and re-do this great program
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  18. PumpkinPie

    PumpkinPie New Member

    I'm so happy to have found all this great stuff! I first heard about TMS just one week ago, after a year of back and sciatic pain. I have read Dr Sarno's books and on the strength of what I have read I have cancelled my CT scan and my appointment with a surgeon. This feels right.
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  19. Shaunad23

    Shaunad23 Newcomer

    Thank you for sharing this program! This is exactly what I've been looking for after doing quite a bit of reading about TMS/MBS and mindfulness. I needed a more guided approach and think this just might be it!
  20. murrij

    murrij Newcomer

    Thank you. Started working on myself about 12 years ago after reading 2 of Dr Sarno books. Life and my unconscious mind distracted me and I got back into my pain cycle after about a 20% initial drop in pain (which was preceded by a big jump in pain right after I read Dr Sarno's books. That big jump was a clue that I was on the right track.
    Now I'm back at it, but this time I will succeed!
    Thank you so much for making this available!

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