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Did anyone have constant numbness/tingling in pinky finger specifically they were able to fix

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tmrsi, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. tmrsi

    tmrsi New Member

    hi, I have cubital and carpal tunnel like symptoms, want to go TMS route because my EMGs were normal but I have not seen a lot of other people having success with ulnar nerve issues so I'm wondering if anyone has, or point me in the right direction of someone who has. I have trouble wearing long sleeves because I have hypersensitivity around one of my elbows, alloydnia in the same palm, constant numbness/tingling in the ring and pinky finger on that hand, intermittent tingling in the first three fingers on that hand, aching in the opposite index finger, tightness in the first three digits on the opposite hand, and a painful tightness with use in the opposite ring and pinky finger.

    I have a tight neck/trapezius and my symptoms are bilateral in my hands. All my tests came up clean except for a rheumatic condition that doesn't explain my nerves/hand symptoms. I also get skin crawling nervy sensations in my arms sometimes, pain in my forearms/wrist, my symptoms are mostly neurological. I have read through a lot of the success stories and have not been able to find one that is similar to mine. My symptoms started shortly after a parent's death, I first got lower back pain (later diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondilitis, but I think that's an incorrect diagnosis and it was just stress from the death + bad posture at work) then a month later I started getting pain with typing which progressed to tingling in the right ring and pinky finger, stop using the right hand and a few weeks later I get tingling in the left ring and pinky finger. I was given Cubital tunnel elbow flexion braces And within a few days my tingling stopped, but I still got pain using the computer clicking a mouse specifically. This continued for about six months, And I stopped using the computerAs much, then one night I had to do a task filling in for someone else that required a lot of computer work and Mouse clicking, I had to click amount straight for about an hour and I was getting stabbing pains, electrical stabbing pains going up the arms and pain in all my fingers as I switched between hands and ffingers to click the mouse, I was nervous I'd lose my job If I told my manager I was having pain/wasn't able to complete the task So I worked through the pain And then my arm started burning for the next week, like I couldn't put it down on a surface or it would hurt so much so I was unable to sleep for about 4 days straight, For a week or two I'm unable to shower Because the pressure of the water on my arm hurts. I got color changes in my hand for the first few weeks and swelling that eventually subsided. I'm no longer in that excruciating pain of the first few weeks but I'm in constant, annoying little pain That gets worse withUse of my hands, especially using technology, fine motor skills clicking little buttons, and I have yet to find success story that matches mine and I am unsure about going full TMS because while this did occur shortly after my mother's death and I know that plays a huge factor, I think of it as the stressOf that allowed meTo develop an RSI Perhaps, and that my symptoms are not all in my head. Wondering if anyone has a success story with TMS whose origin/symptoms are similar to mine, especially cubital tunnel/ulnar nerve related
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    Had the same symptoms you had with ulnar nerve and neck pain. I’m completely healed and my hands used to be numb and shake. You will be fine watch my success story videos. Be glad you found tms, you will be ok.

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  3. Lillian55

    Lillian55 Newcomer

    I just had to reply to this because your story is so similar to my story and I've just started this journey as well. I have had the similar symptoms to you on and off since 2005. And last year my dad died and suddenly the symptoms blew up. I went from doctor to doctor to doctor and nobody could tell me what it is.

    Suddenly one day it just disappeared and I was better. That was when I had my nerve conduction test done and everything came back absolutely normal. So I went on to happily live my life and then suddenly when my dad's house sold as I am still dealing with his estate everything blew up again and I thought it was because I lifted a heavy box. But I think it was just that that was when TMS decided that this is a good way to distract my brain. And now I have all the symptoms back again and that's what led me to the diagnosis of TMS.

    So I've been journaling now for 2 1/2 weeks and I'm finding I have massive repressed emotions that are coming out and it's been extremely exhausting and overwhelming but after I journal and I cry or I rage I definitely feel better. And then I do a couple meditations and make sure I go on a nice long walk and enjoy nature.

    I am hoping that in time the symptoms will go away and I've had some interesting things happen already. When I visit my friends baby who was just born I have no pain I don't even think about pain and I can lift him up and carry him around no problem. And when I drive my car to go see him I have no pain. But on my way home sometimes the pain comes back. It's the most bizarre thing. And the pain has been moving around my body it is classic TMS. It's just me trying to wrap my brain around it that is a bit of a hold up. Because I'm really hard on myself and a perfectionist and so I feel that I should have conquered this already. But I think that again is a symptom. I've read so many success stories and so I remain hopeful and I try to remain open and hopefully I will get to be a success story as well.
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  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    How are you doing now?

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