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Does anyone ever have muscle twitches/spasms in the calves or thighs

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by marine89, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    I had chronic neck pain several years ago that lasted the better part of 4 years of which i beat that through TMS work. I have also had several other TMS symptoms over the years since i was a kid which i now know were for sure TMS or mindbody.
    Fast forward to Jan 2022 when i started a new more labour intensive job. It was abit to much and i could feel it. The strenuous activity, mopping floors with an industrial mop, bending, twisting etc i think i took on more than i could handle to soon and didnt ease my way into the job. By the end of January i could feel my legs just soo tired and sore where one day i had to leave 1 hr into my shift because my legs were just exhausted. Then a week later this burning in my calves and thighs started. It felt like someone had a heated blanket over my legs it felt just awful. My legs were on fire.
    This symptoms slowly got better which than transitioned to me noticing spasms and twitching in my calves and thighs which than came with a feeling like i was unsteady or almost dizzy. As if my legs were jelly, or as if i had some kind of vertigo everytime i would walk which i am still experiencing today.
    Could this be TMS causing me all these leg issues. I have had a full blood work up at my DR, he also sent me for a lower spinal/back MRI which showed normal abnormalities.
    What are your thoughts
  2. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    totally TMS in my opinion~ i’ve been there with those symptoms. they’ll disappear
    as mysteriously as they arose when you start doing the inner work.
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  3. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

  4. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    Thing that has me worried now is I went for blood work few days ago and my CK level is slightly elevated. Very worried and scared with this finding.
  5. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Talk to your doctor about ways to reduce your CK levels and what it might mean for you.
    A slight increase can be detected if exercised before your blood draw, from diet or supplements, or they were just a tad high that day.
    Why not utilize your TMS work to help with your health anxiety over this? Are you jumping to conclusions and creating anxiety over real information from your doctor, or from Dr. Google? Can you reframe your thoughts and calm your nervous system? Take time to meditate and to disengage in worry. Perhaps re-read TMS theories on personality types and behaviors like worrying... or journal about how you FEEL about this, not just what you think. By all means talk to your Doc, but also remember how TMS works, and that your attitude feelings and stress level can effect health more than anything else.
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  6. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Health anxiety! It's a thing, and I get it, but @Cactusflower is 100% right on.

    Take a deep breath and think about this rationally for a moment. Or a few moments. Or a lot more moments - and ask yourself this question: Considering how complex our bodies are, with probably thousands of systems all working at once to keep us upright and coherent, and given the fact that we don't live in a regulated and sterile environment eating the same exact set of nutrients and hydration every single day at the same exact times - does it even make any sense at all that the various measurements that modern medicine can produce would stay the same 24/7?

    Answer: Of course not!

    I was looking back at my labwork history with Kaiser, where I've been for 30 years. At some point they put a whole bunch of old records online for patients to access. After checking some new results one day last year, I decided to look at the old records, and I was surprised to see a blood sugar test that was flagged as abnormal (slightly high), apparently indicating a possibly pre-diabetic condition. Now, I'm sure the only reason I had that bloodwork back then would have been in conjunction with a complete physical, which I rarely had done before I turned 60, and I know for sure that no one ever expressed concern about that result or had me repeat it. To me this means that even though it was flagged as outside of the official "normal" limits (which have to be arbitrarily established, and where do they draw any given line?) my doc was not at all concerned, having just seen me, and considering all other results were normal.

    Now, take another deep breath, smile, tell yourself that your body is doing just fine on its own, and tell your poor fearful brain that health anxiety is not beneficial, and it's also completely unnecessary.
  7. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had muscle spasms and burning in the muscles. All was TMS. Someone I know from this forum had various types of burning and vertigo in various places. He is doing TMS work and is significantly improved. You were cleared by the doctors, which leaves you with the TMS as the only culprit.
  8. michaelg21

    michaelg21 Peer Supporter

    Increased CK can be incidental. Did you exercise not too long (a day or two) before you’re blood test?

    BFS is a real thing, often a TMS equivalent, but very real nonetheless. Just the same as how TMS pain is very real, chronic spasms are too. Many people on BFS forums have reported increased CK in their bloods but no abnormalities in clinical or electrophysiological tests. Don’t stress about it.
  9. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    Hey yes, so my CK levels were around 320 and normal would be around 220 or under. i had a virtual appt with my DR and he said there could be some inflammation in my muscles either from my job, standing for long periods of time at work etc. I do do around 10-12k steps per day due to my job so im not sure if this could raise ck levels. But overall it just seemed the dr had nothing else to offer me. i had a lumbar spine MRI, and i had an emg test done by a neurologist on my right leg which all was fine. He offered me compression socks lol and dint offer anything else for me so i guess for now i treat it as TMS. What are all your thoughts.
  10. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    My thought is that it's time to treat all of this as GREAT news. There is nothing wrong with you other than physical symptoms created by your survival-mode fear brain! Join the club, my friend :D

    Seriously - now it's time to revisit the work. After three years of pandemic, which was already following on the beginning of a shitload of world dysfunction, your brain probably needs to be retrained to stop falling automatically into fear mode.

    And by the way - everyone - and by that I mean the traditional medical community (anyone who is current on their research, that is) in addition to everyone in the mindbody community - knows that stress creates inflammation. This is now an accepted fact. Stress --> inflammation --> raised levels of whatever that's not good for our physiologies.

    I never know what people have actually done when they say they've done TMS work in the past. If you never did the SEP, then do that. If you did, it's good to revisit, even if you don't do the whole thing again. The writing exercises alone will kick start something if they are done with self-honesty.

    I also highly recommend a new interview with Dr. Schubiner, which I am very enthused about. He talks about it EVERYTHING. This thread has the YouTube video post, with comments. It does take 2 hours - see my second-to-last comment on the thread about how I watched it, and also that there is a podcast if you prefer that. new long and awesome interview | TMS Forum (The Mindbody Syndrome) (tmswiki.org)
  11. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am a manual laborer. I rarely sit between 6-7 am and 5pm. I am an old man with not particularly well developed legs (think of a Chicken).. the only time I get spasms is the night after a baseball game and ONLY if I hit well (you don't need to run if you strike out lol)
    They go away in one day. Anytime I have had anything that lasts more than that, it has always been TMS.

    You look like your pretty solid Bro. I do a lot of crappy jobs and if I get a symptom I focus my brain on how angry I am that I am 57 and still doing this crap... and still doing more work than my beautiful 20something co-workers. It's always about RAGE...
  12. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

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  13. marine89

    marine89 Peer Supporter

    Ey thanks for the reply. Sometimes when it’s f physical in nature it’s ridiculously hard to wrap your head around how your brain can cause these symptoms.

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