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Does anyone get pelvic pain after walking?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by SSS, Mar 30, 2022.

  1. SSS

    SSS Peer Supporter

    Does anyone else get pelvic pain after walking? I know this is TMS as it doesn't happen every time. It's very frustrating as I like walking and it's my main form of exercise, but I have to convince myself to go as 30-50% of the time I get pelvic pain at the end of the walk or it develops afterwards. Sometimes it goes away other times I have to use a heating pad to be able to fall asleep.

    I keep trying to focus on the enjoyment of the walk but worry intrudes before, during and after about the pain returning.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I know you've done the entire SEP, which is awesome - but a lifetime of anxiety is not easy to overcome. Have you considered therapy? Or a program (perhaps not here) that is aimed specifically at anxiety?

    If you found a TMS therapist, they accept that anxiety is actually a TMS symptom and can gear therapy accordingly. The insidious thing about anxiety is the vicious cycle of TMS creating physical symptoms which create more anxiety which creates more physical symptoms, etc etc etc. And it's "inheritable", meaning that it runs in families. I know without a doubt that my mother gave me anxiety during her pregnancy (she had way more equanimity with my three younger siblings) which took me years to figure out by piecing together bits of information - confirmed in her last years when her anxiety resurfaced with a vengeance.

    So I was always an anxious kid, even though I had quite a secure and loving upbringing (apart from too many siblings!) I had sixty years of anxiety before I discovered Dr. Sarno in 2011 - it was a challenging hurdle that has become even harder due to societal dysfunction in the last, oh, let's say six years - compounded by the trash dump brought on by the pandemic, climate change, and now the threat of world war.

    What's not to be anxious about? I've been in therapy with a TMS-trained person (who is a LCSW in her state, but not mine, so legally she is my "coach") since the summer of 2020 (every other week for quite a while now) and the equanimity she provides is invaluable. That's her favorite word, in fact - and one which I want to remember to use and incorporate much more than I do.

  3. SSS

    SSS Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the input. I've been thinking of trying therapy. The one TMS therapist I've found in my state is currently only taking remote patients so I was wondering if I should try her or find someone from one of the bigger practices I've seen linked on this site that also has some group sessions and other activities.
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  4. lina203

    lina203 New Member

    Mine is also often triggered by walking or worsened by it, which is extremely difficult to handle, as @JanAtheCPA said, it triggers anxiety which triggers pain etc. it's a terrible vicious circle that can apply to tms in general i think and that i'm really struggling to get out of
  5. Lizk243

    Lizk243 Newcomer

    I have
  6. SSS

    SSS Peer Supporter

    Thanks for replying. Since I posted the question I've done a lot of work including seeing a therapist and this has gotten much better, so I hope your pain will improve as well.
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