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Dr. Zafirides Dr. Zafirides Webinar on Sept. 15th!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that on Saturday, September 15th, the PTPN will be hosting a Special Online Webinar with PPD Practitioner Peter Zafirides, MD! The event will start at 3:00 PM EST, and last for about an hour.

    Dr. Zafirides is the host of the Healthy Mind Podcast and is a frequent poster on our forum. He currently practices psychiatry in Columbus, Ohio and has received the Best Doctors in America distinction in psychiatry for the past 7 years. Dr. Zafirides has been treating patients with TMS for over 12 years, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Ohio State University’s Department of Psychiatry. He has written several wiki articles and forum posts including: The Invisible Gorilla, The Monkey Trap , and The Role of Existential Anxiety in TMS Pain.

    To join the meeting from your computer or mobile device, click or copy and paste this URL into your browser:​

    To join the audio portion of this meeting, choose your dial in method:​
    Dial-in Number: +16465837415​
    Toll free: +18669464706​
    Skype: fuzeaudioplus​
    International Numbers: https://www.fuzemeeting.com/numbers0

    When prompted enter the pin number:​
    Attendee Pin Number: 21558901​

    You can also participate in the text chat portion of the event by going to www.tmswiki.org/chat . This portion of the event will give you the opportunity to discuss points Dr. Zafirides touches on and ask him questions.

    If anyone is interested in participating in the event or to learn more about it, simply post below. We are going to need a couple people to help moderate the event to help everything run smoothly. Also, if you are interested in participating in a personalized feedback section send me a quick private conversation, and I will let you know more about it. If you are trying to recover and still struggling, this is a great way to receive feedback from one of the best TMS practitioners out there.

    This teleconference is for educational purposes only. Anything that is said or advice given should not be considered medical advice. Any interaction with Dr. Zafirides does not constitute a patient/doctor relationship. For medical advice see your doctor.

    I have really enjoyed listening to all of Dr. Zafirides’ podcasts, and I am thrilled to have him be apart of this upcoming Webinar.

  2. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    yay! I think I can actually make it to this one.
  3. jessemac123$

    jessemac123$ New Member

    o boy count me in
  4. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    It will be great to have both of you there! Just so everyone knows we will be recording the audio of this event and will be placing it online like we did with the others. We already have a couple people lined up for the personalized feedback sections, but we still have some slots for other people, so if you want to ask Dr. Z a question drop me a line.
  5. Helen

    Helen Peer Supporter

    Hi Forrest,
    I have a question for Dr.Z , I know the high anxiety of being unemployed for the past 2 years is driving the TMS in my life , though what can I do about it ? Journaling as I understand in this context is to help us realize our sub conscious thoughts , since I am aware of this very real fear , what to do ? Besides of course find work and I am trying !
  6. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Helen,

    I will make sure to bring this question up. If you are up for it though, and available, I would love to have you do one of the personalized feedback sections. This will give you the opportunity to ask Dr. Z the question yourself. It will be similar to how we did it with Alan Gordon, but it may not be as in depth. If you, or anyone else, are interested in calling in and asking a question yourself send me a quick private message and I will let you know more about it.

  7. Helen

    Helen Peer Supporter

    Hi Forest,
    I dont know how to send you a private message, help ! Thanx
  8. Helen

    Helen Peer Supporter

    Would like to participate with Dr.Z
  9. Michael Reinvented

    Michael Reinvented Peer Supporter

    Hey Forest,

    Fuzeblow here Down Under... will try and connect to the chatroom
  10. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    You may be able to connect through the browser link ( https://www.fuzemeeting.com/fuze/48fb7aa8/17296178 ) or by calling in through Skype and entering the access code 21558901 .

    The software may also not be fully operational until closer till the meeting starts up tomorrow. Just a thought, but you could try to connect again 15-20 minutes before the call starts up tomorrow.
  11. honeybear424

    honeybear424 Well known member

    I will be here for this. Looking forward to it!
  12. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    G'day Forest...

    I am in NSW Australia, what time does it start in my local time?? or can you tell me what time zone your in please..
    Its Saturday morning in Australia as i am typing but i am pretty sure the USA is a day behind...
  13. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Crimslock - The webinar starts at 3 PM EST, which I believe will be 5 am in Sydney. You may want to double check this, but I think it is about right.
  14. Helen

    Helen Peer Supporter

    Will the webinar be posted on this site to listen to at a later day ?
  15. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just finished uploading the audio from Saturday's drop in chat with Peter Zafirides, MD, who is a TMS psychiatrist and the proprietor of the Healthy Mind Network. We had a very enlightening discussion on a variety of TMS topics including how Existential Psychotherapy relates to TMS, the similarities between addictions and TMS, and how to get unstuck in your recovery.

    If you weren't able to attend feel free to listen to the audio below. I would love to hear your thoughts about the session and some of the topics Dr. Zafirides covered. Feel free to post any thoughts or opinions below.

    You can listen to the audio via your web browser or you can download the mp3 by following the link and clicking the “Save Page As” button on the next page. This will allow you to upload the audio on an mp3 player, so you can listen to it at your own leisure.

    The audio is located at http://www.tmswiki.org/dl/ZafiridesWebinar120915.mp3
  16. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Chat Log:

    15:15:30 Pranav Do not worry about the time out. You are still
    connected. This is something we need to resolve.
    15:19:21 Becca For anyone with connection issues: to join the audio
    portion via computer, copy/paste this URL into your browser: https://
    15:20:05 Nautilique my meeting screen disappeared when I joined the chat screen
    15:20:23 Forest Nope, you're fine.
    15:20:46 Pranav Thanks Becca. The complete data about the meeting is
    at http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/dr-zafirides-webinar-on-sept-15th.564/
    15:21:31 Forest If anyone has any questions, you can type them here.
    15:22:10 Veronica It sounds like existential anxiety is something different than having an anxiety disorder/obsessing?
    15:22:26 Peter Zafirides somewhat veronica
    15:22:46 Valerie existential is something everyone has?
    15:26:35 Peter Zafirides Absolutely, Valerie
    15:27:48 Pranav Guest179, welcome to the text portion of the event. You may want to change your handle by clicking on your handle and entering your name in the resulting text field.
    15:27:53 Nautilique are addictions also tms manifestations, as in distractions from underlying unconscious turmoil?
    15:29:25 guest179 Sorry. Participating via iPhone.
    15:29:54 Becca guest179, are you connected to the audio portion of this event?
    15:30:06 guest179 No
    15:30:45 Livvygurl i think addictions can be distractions from facing deeper issues!
    15:32:57 Becca Dr. Zafirides had a great podcast on existential anxieties. Here's the thread from the forum: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/the-role-of-existential-anxiety-in-tms-pain.228/
    15:33:21 Mel Thanks Becca
    15:34:36 Becca Sure! If anyone wants to check this out, he has a great website too: http://www.thehealthymind.com/
    15:35:00 Valerie I've been there. Lots of good stuff! :)
    15:35:10 Pranav Thanks Becca. It is time I visited it.
    15:35:18 Becca Valerie: agreed!
    15:41:10 Becca Michael, Helen, Lisa, or honeybear - are any of you here?
    15:41:55 Valerie I'm honeybear :)
    15:42:09 Forest Yay!
    15:42:13 Becca Awesome!
    15:42:14 Forest Can I put you on?
    15:42:42 Valerie Yikes! I don't have a specific question!
    15:42:57 guest152 I think I experienced a similar experience by graduating college 2 years ago - my clear path was being a good student,
    getting straight A's, now what comes next? My pain started almost immediately after that
    15:43:13 Forest Okay, perhaps you'd like general feedback on how to get unstuck?
    15:43:15 guest152 when i started working
    15:44:04 guest152 I guess how to strike a balance between striving to change my situation (get out of a job I hate) vs. working on deeper emotional issues and deal with the current situation?
    15:44:10 Valerie okay...i could ask how to stay focused when several new things creep up to keep my focused on the physical even when I know that I am a classic TMSer
    15:44:41 Forest Valerie, what pseudonym would you like to use?
    15:45:55 Becca guest152, if you want to change your screen name here in the chat, you can do so by click on the name displayed to the left of the text box.
    15:46:03 Valerie I am honeybear
    15:46:16 guest152 I was having trouble with that - my name is Janna
    15:46:51 Forest Janna ate a banana?
    15:46:57 Becca Hey Janna!
    15:47:06 guest152 yes!
    15:47:08 guest152 lol
    15:47:29 Forest Who would like to go first?
    15:47:48 Forest Would you like to chat with Dr. Z, Janna?
    15:47:52 Valerie I will, I guess
    15:47:58 Forest Okay!
    15:48:11 Valerie I'm skeered! lol
    15:48:17 Forest LOL :)
    15:52:59 Mel Forest has a great way with words!!!
    15:53:06 Forest :)
    15:53:38 Nautilique yes, very good Forest!!
    15:53:47 Forest :D
    15:55:02 guest274 joins Peer Support
    15:56:00 Pranav Welcome guest 274
    15:56:04 Mel Dr. Z, thank you so much for that. I have been seeing someone who is really helping me with supplements and exercise. Won't feel so guilty now.
    15:56:21 Becca Welcome guest274! Are you connected to the audio portion to this event?
    15:56:48 Peter Zafirides Don't ever feel guilty. NO ONE is judging you!
    15:59:23 guest108 joins Peer Support
    15:59:27 guest152 guest152 changes nickname to Janna
    16:00:41 Sara Lou time frame and path - really good, glad you asked!
    16:01:34 guest108 hello how is everyone -is there a subject
    16:01:51 Becca Welcome guest108!
    16:01:52 Pranav Guest 108 yes there is
    16:02:06 Forest You'll want to join the audio as well.
    16:02:21 Becca We are having a special event with Dr. Peter Zafirides
    16:02:30 guest108 ok
    16:02:41 Becca http://tmswiki.org/forum/threads/dr-zafirides-webinar-on-sept-15th.564/
    16:03:17 Valerie Wow! That is very interesting, what Dr. Z just said! See, I already knew that my emotions were part of my pain...maybe that's why just reading the books alone didn't heal me.
    16:03:44 Valerie I just didn't understand that it was probably the entire cause of my pain...
    16:03:46 Pranav Forest or Becca, could I leave the moderation to both of you? it is 01:30 and I am liable to type random characters on my keyboard. <chuckle
    16:04:03 Forest LOL. Sure. Thanks so much for taking it!
    16:04:05 Becca I'm fine with that. Forest?
    16:04:07 Becca He
    16:04:25 Becca Thanks Pranav!!
    16:04:57 Pranav Thanksand bye everyone.
    16:05:05 Forest Thanks, Pranav!
    16:05:09 Nautilique bye Pranav
    16:05:45 Becca Here's Dr. Zafirides's website: http://www.thehealthymind.com/
    16:07:04 Forest V, wil you be terribly disappointed if you don't get a chance to talk?
    16:07:12 Forest (V=Valerie)
    16:08:26 Valerie Not at all... :)
    16:08:40 Valerie You're doing an awesome job!
    16:09:30 Valerie I'm getting a lot out of this anyway.
    16:09:37 Becca :)
    16:09:41 Forest Glad to hear it.
    16:09:49 Janna This is very helpful
    16:10:09 Becca Yay!
    16:11:13 Becca http://ppdassociation.org/
    16:11:31 Becca (PPD stands for Psychophysiological Disorders)
    16:12:13 Janna Thanks
    16:14:31 Becca Dave Clarke: http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Dave_Clarke,_MD
    16:15:37 Peter Zafirides also, David Clarke: http://www.stressillness.com
    16:15:58 Becca Here's info on the event Forest and Dr. Z were talking
    about: http://www.ppdassociation.org/events/when-stress-causes-pain
    16:16:31 Sara Lou Thank you!
    16:16:36 Becca Sure!
    16:16:53 Veronica Thanks, Dr. Zafirides!
    16:16:59 Becca Thanks so much Dr. Zafirides!
    16:17:05 Peter Zafirides You are most welcome!!
    16:17:08 Nautilique thank you to everyone who brought us this wonderful event
    16:17:09 Janna Thank you!
    16:17:20 Valerie Dr. Z, thank you for saying that just showing up is a testament to our strength!
    16:17:33 Becca www.thehealthymind.com
    16:17:36 guest804 I appreciate it and will check out the website
    16:17:43 Becca :D
    16:20:27 Nautilique ::::applause:::: thanks again!!
    16:22:07 Valerie Thanks so much, Forest!
    16:22:21Becca www.tmswiki.org, www.tmswiki.org/forum, www.facebook.com/ppdtms
    16:22:33 Mel Thank you, Forest. Much appreciation.
    16:22:38 Becca Thanks everyone for participating!
    16:23:31 Valerie I gotta run and get those deviled eggs made for the barbecue. lol See you later, everyone!
    16:23:38 Nautilique bye Val
    16:23:57 Becca Bye, thanks for attending!
  17. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    After returning from Tuolumne Meadows, I was very pleased to be able to listen to the drop-in chat with Dr Peter Zafirides that your posted here, Forest. Dr Z's discussion about the workaholic professor who got a pain in the neck as retirement approached really resonated with me. Applying it to my own case, I can see how now that I don't have to work so hard a whole set of other existential anxieties I've been able to ignore by using work and various projects as a distraction emerged after my mother's death and probably were the cause of both my so-called "herniated disk" in 2002-2003 and my relapse in 2008. All I can say about this drop-in chat is Wow! Of course, Dr Sarno is right about repressed emotions like rage being at the heart of the TMS, but one can successfully evade those emotions by constructing a set of distractions until some existential crisis comes along like a death in the family, loss of income, loss of work, or retirement that makes it impossible for you to continue to evade such major issues as alienation, fear of death and the quest for ultimate meaning. Thank you, Dr. Zafirides!
  18. Peter Zafirides

    Peter Zafirides Physician


    I am so happy that you found the webinar worthwhile! It really is wonderful to know that my existential approach to TMS resonates with so many people. That is what it's all about.

    Thanks to everyone for joining us and your wonderful questions. I look forward to the next one!!

    A very special thanks to Forest for doing an amazing job in producing the entire broadcast! Bravo!!

    -Dr. Z

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