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Dry mouth

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Kati, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I totally forgot that, @banjoman - but yes indeed, she certainly would have!
  2. Tenley

    Tenley Newcomer

    Mina, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. May I ask, have you improved? Im dealing with similar symptoms now myself. Thank you.

  3. Tunza

    Tunza New Member

    How are you doing now Mina? I have Sjogren's syndrome (autoimmune). Like around one third of people with it I don't have the antibodies so it had to be diagnosed with a biopsy of my salivary glands. It took 8 years to get a diagnosis and getting a diagnosis was helpful. But not the end of the story as I think I need to do mindbody work to reduce the impact of the disease on my body. Getting the medications to help with the symptoms really reduced the discomfort but now I am working on the TMS side of things from the angle that even autoimmune conditions can be sometimes put into remission with really good mindbody work. Wishing you all the best, whatever your situation. If you are still investigating the Sjogren's angle note that there is a lot of poor info on it online. The best places to get advice are the Sjogren's Foundation website and the Sjogren's Advocate website.
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  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you for this post @Tunza! I agree 100% the the emotional stress component MUST be part of self-treatment of autoimmune conditions.

    I am "treating" my RA this way - which developed during the early pandemic stress of 2020 (I believe the sudden onset was directly related to extreme job stress due to the shutdowns - combined, of course, with my still-somewhat-obsessive perfectionist and goodist tendencies and a strong desire to pitch in during a crisis).

    The RA developed 9 years after I successfully did this work in 2011, maintaining pretty well with regular participation here and using my skills when needed. The RA diagnosis was crystal-clear from the first inflammation blood test my primary doc ran, and very consistent in the battery of tests the rheumatologist performed later. In a second-opinion consultation, Dr. David Schecter MD (a well-known TMS practitioner who knew Dr Sarno) reviewed my labs and told me that I had to follow orders (take the methotrexate) but that remission was possible, especially with a TMS-knowledge mindset.

    It hasn't been easy (it's not like the world is that much less stressfull now than in 2020, and I'm one of those people who is very sensitive to external world dysfunction) BUT my test results for inflammation have been at the bottom of the range for the last 5 quarters, so my rheumatologist recently said that I can reduce my dose, and we will revisit my progress in June.

    Also, that's great advice to stay away from non-authoritative web sites. They tend to be full of victims desperately hanging on to their victimhood. And while the authoritative sites aren't ready to say that AI conditions can be caused by stress (this is my firm belief), they at least all state that stress reduction must be included in a plan of self-care and lifestyle changes in order to control the symptoms.


  5. Tunza

    Tunza New Member

    I'm sorry about your RA experience Jan. I can trace the first of my autoimmune symptoms to during and extremely stressful period of thousands of aftershocks that we experienced in my city (Christchurch, NZ) after a couple of very large earthquakes, one of which killed quite a few people and pretty much flattened our central city. There were a couple of other life stresses happening at the time, and like you I am very sensitive to environmental stressors and a goodist, so it was definitely a situation where the natural disaster overflowed the bucket of stress. The aftershocks lasted for several years and there have been many people develop stress-related chronic illnesses from the impact. There does seem to be a good acknowledgement of that by the medical profession here so that's good.
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