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Great progress but then a severe exacerbation and doubt on Day 18

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mm718, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. mm718

    mm718 Peer Supporter

    I had been having great success with my exercise sensitivities. I was mostly convinced this was all TMS and was ecstatic about my progress. Things went downhill quickly a few days ago when I experienced severe symptoms again. This seemed to come when I had doubt about TMS. I was buying running shoes and thought "this is a lot of money to spend if this isn't TMS and this doesn't work out." Not long after that my minor symptoms intensified quite a bit. When those shoes didn't work for me I went to another store the next day and the same thing happened. It seemed to happen yet again when I was online shoe shopping. Last night and upon waking this morning the symptoms are very severe. So much so that I've thought of giving up (but probably won't).

    Both episodes happened after increasing the intensity of my exercise a little bit and that has given me more doubt that this is all from TMS. In other words maybe there is a true issue but the more minor episodes were psychosomatic, based on the fear of the "real" episodes. Anyway, I am very confused demoralized and could use some support.

    Should I take a day off from my 2x a day exercise? Or bump up the intensity?
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  2. Rainbowdash

    Rainbowdash Peer Supporter

    I don't have an answer for you. I too get very sore from exercise and I'm terrified of pain. I don't like exercise. period. :-(

    Following this thread to see what others have to say...
  3. mm718

    mm718 Peer Supporter

    Thanks, Rainbow. Pain isn't my main issue, I get intense mood swings, mental fuzziness, and agitation after exercise. Lots of improvement since I started facing this fear, seeing it as TMS, practicing self-soothing, somatic tracking, etc. It's all about the fear! Let's see what other have to say. Thanks for following the thread.

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