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Healing Back Pain by John Sarno- A LIFE CHANGING BOOK

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Michael Coutts, Mar 20, 2024.

  1. Michael Coutts

    Michael Coutts Peer Supporter

    Somewhere in a post in the past few days I read that a well known member recommending against reading Healing Back Pain as well as Mind over Back Pain, both by John Sarno. I read that this website is only in honour of John Sarno, and not necessarily a full blown enthusiastic support of all of his methods.

    I just now have gone back to reread this post and feel like I have been hallucinating, as these words have clearly been edited out of the post (so assures my wife and daughter- this is a supposedly common practice to edit out offensive material).

    I realize I'm being kind of vague.

    The person was posting was about ongoing symptoms despite years of doing TMS work. Books have been read by Sarno and other writers, who all tend to contradict themselves in one way or another......

    Pre 2020 I was suffering from all sorts of wild pain- migraines at the top, plus shoulder, neck, elbow, knee, horrendous tailbone pain, digestive problems galore and more.

    When I finally crawled to our bookshelf to pick up Healing Back Pain, my life was totally changed, and I have, through Sarno's methods, been able to totally overcome all of my pain and symptoms, and continue to do so anytime they try to creep up.

    At this time, on our rural farm in BC, Canada, we had pathetic mediocre mostly not working internet....

    What a blessing!

    I didn't have to suffer through so much of the confusion and contradictions that run amok on these mindbody forums and websites. I wasn't able to connect in and ask questions and make choices and decisions regarding what sort of mindbody practices I should partake in.

    Our home at that point was full of thrift store books and whatever we would patiently wait for our local bookmobile library to deliver every 3 weeks.

    At this time in my life altering healing process, I only had John Sarno's words to ring true and fill me full of all of his fantastic healing methods. John Sarno had such incredible success with thousands of patients. Have his methods helped millions? Likely.

    During my healing process I only read Sarno's amazing books. I further read several books from his recommended bibliography (Edward Shorter's psychosomatic history and William Gaylin's The Rage Within were both totally standout- I think these books provided extra evidence for the subconscious that the gig was up! Rage is the major emotion that we repress and causes our brain to give us symptoms to distract us from).

    Eventually I read some Schubiner (he kindly donated books to our 'Healing Pain Library'- our on farm lending library of Sarno books) books and have further read this or that mindbody book, Gabor Mates books, Deepak Chopra, etc.. etc..... I also recently read Alan Gordon's 21 day tutorial.....

    I have to say that I was very fortunate to have had Sarno's methods firmly in place before I read any other folks' books, especially since there has been plenty of dilution and extra added unnecessary elements to the 'healing' process.

    Sarno fortunately doesn't misinform us that you need to stop smoking marijuana (or other drugs or intoxicants) to overcome your painful symptoms.

    Sarno fortunately doesn't misinform us that you need to forgive in order to overcome your pain and symptoms (as an extremely highly paid TMS therapist recommends on his website).

    If Sarno told me that I needed to stop smoking pot and start forgiving and to do some accupressure or meditation into the mix- I might never have been able to overcome my pain and suffering.

    There are reasons enough to give up drugs and alcohol and forgive and be kind and so on- but they have nothing to do with overcoming your pain and symptoms.

    Healing Back Pain was a book that was recommended against reading by this well-known member. Shocking!

    Its all there. That book has everything in it that is needed to heal. A copy we have here on the shelf has a 2016 intro from Sarno that is super fresh and clear, written from 92 year old John Sarno, just 1.5 years before his death. That book still and always will cut the mustard for plenty of people who don't give a shit about any minor inaccuracies (are they?) that science may or may not disprove.

    The Divided Mind is fantastic- I love this book. However, for many people, this is a heavier book than they need. Healing Back Pain has it all.

    If it comes up to contradicting mindbody writers or therapists- what is the success rate of these other writers?

    If a first time reader who has had no prior interest in psychology whatsoever needs a book that lays it all out simply with what to do- do any other writers hit it on the head with their insights AND SUCCESSFUL TREATMENTS more that Sarno?

    I can only talk about my own experiences. With Sarno's books, they were profound and life changing.

    Maybe the best bet is to acquire Sarno's books- Healing Back Pain, The Mindbody Prescription, and the Divided Mind, unplug your computer, and hang out with his books until the message gets down to your subconscious.

    Maybe then it could be worthwhile to see what other folks have published, standing on the shoulders of giants (or at least one giant).

    Don't ignore Sarno, and don't think that anyone has written it better, unless they are truly having high success rates.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Nope, not here, Michael. I mean, yes, we obviously have standard guidelines for acceptable forum content but what you're describing would not be considered offensive under those guidelines. Offensive means unacceptable by standards of civil behavior, such as abuse and provocation. So no, you did not see content that was later edited by a moderator. Anyway, I'm the only active moderator right now and I can assure you that this did not happen.

    In fact what you're describing sounds like something I wrote recently to a newcomer. In case you haven't noticed, I write a LOT of posts, especially to newcomers, and there can be a certain similarity to them, so I think you just got confused.

    In the post I'm thinking of, I recall responding to somebody who was hyper focused - obsessed if you will - over the fact that they did not have any pain symptoms. As you well know, Dr Sarno did not address non-pain symptoms until he wrote The Mind Body Prescription. In the case of this individual my standard advice to " read one of the books by Dr Sarno" might have been frustrating for this person if they picked up Healing Back Pain, because it only addresses pain. Therefore I remember specifically saying to read only the Mind Body Prescription or The Divided Mind, and I probably emphasized the former.

    My advice tends to be tailored to the circumstances of the individual's particular story, but if we've got different newcomers who are at the same stage of knowledge (such as virtually none) my general outline will be quite similar.

    FYI, individuals can come back and edit or even completely delete their own posts if they have second thoughts about what they wrote. Although this feature might have a limited time period; I've never been quite sure about that.
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