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I Healed back pain on way to curing stutter

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Littleworzel, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Littleworzel

    Littleworzel New Member

    I managed to get rid of my back pain I've had for two months. I know when and why it started and it wasn't physical. It was the same old routine, meeting new people and being hyper vigilant like anxious people do, coming up with the wrong conclusion that I'm being judged. It was pretty bad to say the least. Nerve pain going down both legs, it was chronic some days, some days I couldn't even put my own socks on. I fell victim to an error in thought, that sitting in the car was the worst. I'd be in agony, especially when stuck in traffic. So now every time I got in the car; agony. When i got out i couldn't walk for a moment, then i limped. I was victim to my own nocebo...a negative belief that caused symptoms. It was nothing to do with sitting, nothing to do with posture, nothing to do with pinching anything, nothing physical at all. I worked on it every day being mindful of my stresses, I talked to the pain every day, I used a technique called EFT to directly talk to the pain. I knew it wasn't real because it moved around. Sometimes in my spine, then in my butt, then going down my legs. Sometimes it was even other places I don't care to mention. One day I told my back pain to do one and go down my legs, and it did what I said. I knew it wasn't real because when I was totally distracted I wasn't in pain. It was only when I was aware I was in pain. And the more you focus on the pain the worse it gets. That's why you need to carry on. That's why rest is one of the worst things you can do, because you focus on it more and so you get more. I took painkillers for a few days but gave them up, mainly because they weren't working. Using EFT I kept telling my mind to remove the anger and sadness from my back, to stop giving me YOUR stuttering symptoms. They aren't mine, they are creation of my subconscious. I refused to take advice and go to the chiro, I refused not to re-lay my whole patio. And I did. I refused to rest. I knew there was nothing physically wrong, I know this was just a by-product of healing my speech, giving me another distraction to deal with. This pain was stress, nothing more. So now the pain has mostly gone, I've proved to myself it is tms, so just healing my speech to go now. And it will happen

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