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I hope this will help you

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Lisa, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Peer Supporter

    When I first discovered Dr Sarno and began my journey into TMS etc, I scoured the forums for snippets of hope that I could devour. I hope this will help you.

    My last post here was Feb 2020 and I was struggling every single day with severe sciatica. I struggled to walk. From one room to the next. I was so sad. It really hurt. And I felt inadequate as a mother/wife/human. You know these feelings.

    Since then, I did the work. Read the books, practiced the theories, read more, did yoga, mediated, and kept up the conversations with myself. I stopped all meds in August last year. We moved house (England to Wales) so I decided this was the time. I registered, but have never visited my GP. Not once. I take no pain killers. I run!! Can you imagine.. I now run at least twice a week and cycle and walk on the other days. And I am never in pain. Never. I have an occasional twinge when life gets in the way, but a few words to myself later, and I'm pain free within minutes. Honestly.

    I am so thrilled to tell you, this therapy works. It will work for you. Keep reading and researching and understanding, then find the moment to take back control. Ease up on the forums, start thinking about life after pain and aim for it. Talk to yourself often, be kinder to yourself and be patient with yourself. Never stop believing! And live.

    I don't spend time here anymore, but today felt the need to pop in and say thank you to Dr Sarno and everyone else for their snippets of hope that have helped me so much.

    Peace and love x
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  2. Laleah Shoo Shoo

    Laleah Shoo Shoo Peer Supporter

    Lisa, how loving of you to leave this message for others. Not sure when it was left. can't see a date
    I am thrilled for you!

    Long long story very very short, as i am in too much pain to type standing up. I was one of those debilitated with intractable pain for two years, barely moving...
    no help from doctors, that was for sure. Through educating myself via Sarno, and others like Ozanich and Alan Gordon, and myself ;-). I healed my own self.
    Now...a few years later, at home 8 weeks now with unspeakable pain in leg. I will keep this short. I am hoping this is TMS again, and it surely can be. Yet, must get myself to hospital Tuesday to
    see if something else is happening that needs attention. If i can manage to stand here at computer more often, would love to chat with other members. Wonderful site. blessingss xoxoxoxoxox
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