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Keep Going

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Ann Miller, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. Ann Miller

    Ann Miller Well known member

    Just popping in to say KEEP GOING!

    Life is BEAUTIFUL on the other side.

    Yesterday I walked 5 miles, planted fall flowers, took a nap, prepared a family dinner, played yard games, ate and drank delicious food including beef, cookies, and wine, and then played a rousing game of “monster” where I chased both my adult children and my grandson all around the house, running full force, with bare feet on hardwood floors for well over 30 minutes. We collapsed in a pile of breathless laughter.

    I’m 60.

    And my back does not hurt.

    My knees do not hurt.

    My feet do not hurt.

    In fact, I walked another 5 miles this morning.

    Keep going.

    If I can go from bed bound to this, SO CAN YOU.

    Commit to TMS principles.
    Commit to meditation.
    Commit to self compassion.
    Commit to walking away from symptom discussion.
    Commit to learning about yourself in ways you never thought possible and accepting all your dimensions.

    Come join me on the other side of pain; it’s beautiful.

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