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Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by NolaGal, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    Or, Becca, you could just put on something that you can't hold still to in your living room. Wait til there's no one around, then let fly. Just thrill to the joy of movement, sequences be damned.

    I thought the reasons for being an alto hilarious, I got a stitch in my side. I'm printing them out to take to choir. Number 2 is my favourite.
  2. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    Thanks for the tip, Plum! I love ballroom. Speaking of - there's a reality competition TV show called America's Got Talent (pretty much exactly what it sounds like) & one of the contestants this season is a ballroom duo and they are AMAZING (not to mention they are also only 12 and 13 years old!) Here's their paso doble routine:

    Tarala, I would totally do that but I fear I am such a klutz I will knock over my computer, my lamp, my mirror (oh wait, did that already)...! Although when I'm on the T (Boston public transit) or waiting for the bus, etc I do bounce along to the music in my headphones :)

    Hahaha glad you enjoyed the top 10 reasons! To be fair to your choir, here are the ones for being a soprano (I'd like to say they're not as good as the alto ones, but they're pretty much equally as funny. I like #7, #6, and #1.)

    10. The rest of the choir exists just to make you look good.
    9. You can entertain your friends by breaking their wine glasses.
    8. Can you name an opera where an alto got the man?
    7. When sopranos want to sing in the shower, they know the tune.
    6. It's not like you're ever going to sing the alto part by accident.
    5. Great costumes - like the hat with the horns on it.
    4. How many world famous altos can you name?
    3. When the fat lady sings, she's usually singing soprano.
    2. When you get tired of singing the tune, you can sing the descant.
    1. You can sing along with Michael Jackson.
  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Becca, thanks for the tutorial on embedding video clips into postings.
    I'll work on that.
  4. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    No prob! Feel free to ask me/reply to the tutorial thread with any questions! (That tutorial I created is actually based off the tutorial I sent to you! What was that, early August? Gosh, even though that month really flew by, early August really feels like FOREVER ago!)
  5. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    Hey Becca, that was an AMAZING video. Definitely makes the rest of us look like klutzes! Thanks for the soprano update, it's coming along to choir too.
  6. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Music! So necessary to sanity. Whatever instrument it is, doesn't matter. Even the voice is an instrument. I play guitar, piano, native flute, and I do some drumming. I also teach music, but in a non-linear fashion. I consider myself an intermediate amateur. Not gifted, but steady. My real gift is in teaching. I can lay the groundwork for more instruments than I can play, and teach someone how to teach themselves.

    Music theory is not mysterious. It is utterly attainable.

    Consider this: There are only SEVEN notes. A B C D E F G.
    From this, you can flatten or sharpen a note.
    And from all of that, you can change octaves.
    In the end, there are still just SEVEN notes.

    Learning to read the staves just takes some practice, and associations.

    To create Keys and chords ... that is just math.

    Take the key of C, the easiest one because there aren't any flats or sharps.
    C D E F G A B ... this is R (root) + 1 + 1 + 1/2 + 1 + 1 + 1.
    Looking at a piano, which is my visual choice since the black notes are so clear, find C. The next spot is C# which is 1/2 step to the right. D is 1/2 more, which means 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. So you have your next note in the Key of C: C D
    From there, you advance two more 1/2 steps (D# to E). Now you have C D E
    The next part is 1/2 only. From E to F is 1/2 step. Now you have C D E F
    The next is F# to G (1/2 + 1/2): C D E F G
    G# to A (1/2+1/2): C D E F G A
    A# to B (1/2+1/2): C D E F G A

    Root + 1 + 1 + 1/2 + 1 + 1 + 1

    To make the full octave, you add one more 1/2 step. B to C. That makes C D E F G A B C

    Every single note you select, if you follow that formula, you will know your "Keys".

    C is position 1, D=2, E=3, F=4, G=5, A=6, B=7

    A triad chord is made up of the 1st/3rd/5th position. C E G makes up your C (major) Chord.
    To make a minor, you drop position #3 (E) by 1/2 (move to the left). C Eb G becomes Cminor Chord.

    All this was for anyone interested in beginning theory aspect. Maybe too much information.

    In the last couple years, I have been finding my voice. I am still shy about it, but getting stronger.

    Yes, music .. the beautiful beautiful music.

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  7. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Interesting lesson.... I play by ear and manage but a little theory is also helpful.... and could not do without a few chords each day.

  8. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Vocals can add a free instument to your sounds and is well worth working on. :*)
  9. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    WOW, these are AMAZING! You're really, really, talented! I especially like these two:

    I always wanted to play guitar...I tried once, a while back. Hardest part for me were the chord positions (let alone transitioning between them!). I have short fingers. I played clarinet briefly as a kid, but I stopped because I couldn't reach the bottom two keys!
  10. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hello Becca
    Hey thanks,,,Im happy you liked the page.
    Its the one thing that keeps me going... playing or writing songs..or learning a riff..or singing and getting the harmonies right.
    Dont let short fingers put you off..get a shorter scale guitar... or even a ukulele.. still fun.

    Im going to learn your lesson above.... some I know..lots I dont :*)

    Thanks for taking the time to listen....... appreciated........ take care..Leo
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  11. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Man that's cool Leo, I love Vox amps and the fender is my favorite of guitars. I have had a fender koa in the past and man, it sure sound sweet. I never wanted to part from it but it got took by someone while I was moving a few years ago:(.

    Its ok though cause I got myself a Silvertone after that and it keeps my heart happy. You did a great job in the video. I always wanted to make some videos of the music I play. Its not lead like you have in your video but a lot of different rhythm riffs and such.

    I love my Marshall amp with my line 6 XT. can get my guitar to sound like any song ever played almost and that's super cool.
    Bless you Leo
    Its great to Listen to our own
    musician on the Forum
    Bless you
  12. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hey thanks Herbie....The little vox is an early 1960s ac4 just a baby at about 4 watts but its old valve stuff and people love to use em in studios with a mic on the grille.
    Im really using music as a diversion from pain right now.... playing every day and recording..... trying to ignore pain pain... reading all I can find and journaling... even had some words with Steve and bought his book.... what a great guy,
    Pain is winning this past few weeks but Im staying calmer......

    Im not so much a lead player.... I have to learn every bit.... play it.... then its gone...... Im more a happy strummer and singer but will go for some medium lead stuff when needed....and bass..if its simple :*)
    Good luck with the playing and thanks for the comments........ best wishes Leo
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  13. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank You Leo,
    I really believe your Passion for guitar and your focus on your playing will help you along quit well. It may not seem like it sometimes but you are re-conditioning and you said something that really put a smile on my face about your healing journey.
    You keep staying calmer and you'll see, this calmness will bring you out of that pain. Along with your other studies you should be just fine soon enough. And again the playing is great. That little 4 watt Vox has been the choice in amps for great guitar players since the 60s as I can remember. Keep us posted, you'll be feeling better soon.

    Bless you buddy
  14. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow, Leo ... this music is amazing! I am simply inspired ... I am not an artist, as you are, but there is alot to be said for simple persistence and patience. Thank you for sharing your songs.

    with grace and gratitude,
    Eric "Herbie" Watson likes this.
  15. Becca

    Becca Well known member

    There's incredible beauty in teaching. You never know what life you'll change, or even save, especially with music I think. I don't think I could have survived high school without my choir director. I probably would have switched schools, actually. But the choir room in my high school was my saving grace. I'd go into that room and instantly I'd feel at home, even though the other students were kind of awful. Teenage singers (girls especially) are not always the nicest people in the world. But the environment our director created -- the way he made us musicians instead of students, a community instead of individuals (with large egos), treated us with respect and allowed us to express ourselves freely and openly without fearing judgment from others...it became a safe space, my sanctuary.

    My choir director could have been a director for a professional choir. He probably could have continued as a professional singer, too, if he wanted. But he chose to teach us. There's this awful saying, "those who can't do, teach" ... what a flat out lie. Those who teach are the ones who "do" the best.
  16. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    Becca, you remind me of Truth. It is easy to forget, to shy away, to underplay my role. A young friend/student (he is 17) sent me a video that he and the SP-ED class participated in on our field trip. To see these kids that each had their special needs ... they spun the poi flags both in unison, and then with abandoned. In the three months we were together, they learned something they'd never experienced. We would practice in the class room, sometimes in the dark with laser lights sparkling around the room and their favorite music pieces driving us into powerful dance.

    Each Sunday afternoon, I meet with a groups of gentle ladies who had believed they would never experience the playing of music. One is 69, the others in various stages of their 60's. My pink Duchess (a Fender electric guitar) is on permanent loan in this dome house that is draped with mystical items and spiritual choices. The owner of the house now plays guitar, Native flute .. and her dream ... a banjo. And she sings. Shyly, but she does sing. And the lady who is 69, soft, casually elegant, began her guitar lessons with the Duchess, and she looked hot. Another lady, convinced her voice was more like a frog, now sings by my side with my speaker system aimed at us so she can hear herself. There are others, a total of 7. Hard workers, farmers, land owners, cash poor but life-rich. I guide, teach, encourage and enable. I watch their faces, and feel their connections.

    I believe, if there was only one label to describe myself, it would be Teacher. Life has gifted me with the patience and the unwavering conviction that everyone is capable of transforming their lives through the intricate expressions of our bodies. Music. Yoga. The latter, yoga ... there are associations with it, preconceived notions. In practice, it is nothing more than Union. A convergence of various aspects this amazing, organic creation that houses our souls. Even music is yoga. A union of our hearts and emotions, expressed through vibrations and resonances.

    with grace and gratitude,
    Becca likes this.
  17. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hi Lilly Rose and Becca

    Thanks for your kind words...... Im happy if anyone likes the music.... Its my time machine back to any era.. or any place.
    I create my own 3 minute world... and for me.. with continuous pain and the lows for many years.... its great for me to be able to produce something.... and then set it free to burble around the universe... pain free,,,,,, as it gets a life of its own.
    Yes its amazing to teach someone to sing or play a chord... as you say.... you never quite know how much enjoyment they will get from the teachers efforts. That is very exciting..planting a little musical seed...

    My guitar is always with me..... and I never take my music for granted...as the smallest changes or physiological problems..can take it away at any time......

    Best wishes both......... Leo

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