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Pelvic Pain and related symptoms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Seb77, May 10, 2021.

  1. Seb77

    Seb77 Newcomer

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum but I'm familiar with TMS and the work of Dr Sarno, among others.

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone (particularly men) who have experienced pelvic pain and TMS equivalents, like frequent urination.
    I don't want to think of it as a 'flare-up' but rather an 'episode' that I'm going through (my third one in eight years) involving the bladder and the pelvic region in general.
    Over the years, I've been told by doctors that my symptoms are largely due to anxiety because 'no obvious cause' can be found. I know how anxiety can affect us all physically but looking deeper than that, it is clear that I fit nearly all the personality traits for TMS and having gone through a particularly stressful time over the last six months hasn't helped.
    I look forward to hearing from anyone.

  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Hi Seb,

    Frequent ruination can have many causes.

    Definitely, stress and tension can be one cause. Also, diet can play a role as you know, like drinking too much coffee. I have even seen some cause by lactose. Prostate issues can also be a cause.

    Are you having any issues with occasional incontinence where a few drops come out right before you go or at other times?
  3. Seb77

    Seb77 Newcomer

    Thanks for the reply. No problems with incontinence. My doctor has ruled out prostate issues and infection. I don't drink any caffeine or lactose or consume any gluten.
  4. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

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  5. Laura Haraka

    Laura Haraka New Member

    I had frequent urination. I did not have to change my diet at all. I really dove in deep with the emotional discovery, calming my nervous system and addressing my fears. I also talked to my brain a lot. Let me know if you have any questions

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