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Root Lock

Discussion in 'Mindbody Blogs (was Practitioner's Corner)' started by quasar731, May 19, 2012.

  1. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    I agreed 100%!
  2. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    COOL! Dogs! My favorite! I was going to comment on the root lock though since I had a bizarre experience with it the first time I tried it. First of all though: there are no bad dogs, just misunderstandings, and poor training. One must be consistent when one gives in to ones dog. I am such a push-over with dogs. Love 'em. So why do I have 2 cats? Because I love them too.

    Anyway: a couple years ago, I went on a trip where I lived aboard an awesome boat - sleeps 14 - and during the daytime, we swam with wild dolphins. It was so, so amazing. One of the crew was a yoga master and offered yoga every morning on deck. Heaven. Sitting in the middle of the Caribbean watching the rising sun, and stretching out our sleepy bodies. However....

    One day she showed us the root lock. I'd done yoga for years with a private instructor and had never been hurt. But once we did the root lock? OMG! I was in so much pain I thought I was going to pass out. I had to leave the group. My ears were numb like I had cotton in them. I was "seeing white" my body hurt so much. I went to the main cabin and had some water, then took some of my pain medication. Within 15 minutes I was fine.

    So imagine my surprise to see this as an entire section of Monte's book! I am not about to try this again anytime soon (fear) and wonder if anyone knows why this might have happened. I was really scared at the time since my body reacted so strangely. Not an hour later I was in the ocean with the dolphins again. I tried to ask the yoga instructor what she thought it was and she said she'd never heard of anything like that happening before.

    Anyone ever have this type of experience? Or know what it might have been? She explained how to do the root lock and it was the last thing I expected when we tried it.
  3. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    Hi BG,

    I enjoyed your relaxing story about swimming with dolphins, beautiful:) .

    I must say that your experience with Mula Bhanda (root lock) is rather bizarre not to mention scary. Unfortunately I don't know enough about it to discuss the matter with a degree of proficiency. I have not practiced 'root lock' as such as prescribed in Yoga though I did Yoga for a few years. However, I do something similar in Pilates. But, Pilates does not have the rather ethereal, transcendental or spiritual approach to pelvic floor work out as Yoga does. I think perception and the emphasis of Yoga in 'self realization' or 'Kundalini' attainment is what makes the practice of 'root lock' different.

    As one does, I goggled to get some information on cases where the practice has produced adverse effects. I could not find anything except that there are some warnings for people with certain conditions to abstain from it. In this Ashtanga Yoga website they have a rather clinical explanation of what is worked in root look and they talk about incorrect ways of doing it. There are anatomical pictures that help to expand the understanding. For those interesting in information about root lock, I think this website explains the practice rather well.

    BG it would be interesting to find out if what you experienced is related. Maybe an advanced Yoga Master could be of assistance. I do not blame you for keeping away from it thought.

    Have a great end of the week.
  4. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member


    I just came across this website where it reports adverse effects in the practice of Kundalini. Root lock is part of it not the full story but nevertheless the reading is quite concerning. I do not wish to scare anyone but it is good to read on a practice (self realization or kundalini) that is promoted freely and that can cause serious mind and body effects. Some of the symptoms you reported are in this website.

  5. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    Hmmm - well no wonder! Had no idea what I was getting myself into. And probably the only one on that boat (there were only 8 of us) who had TMS. Now I have a hint at what happened and that I'm not the only one it has happened to!

    Thank you quasar!

  6. quasar731

    quasar731 Well known member

    No worries BG, I read some more about that experience and the biological effects in people in another Yoga website.

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