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Scared, nothing works, penis skin change, TMS equilv?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by bggrinder, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    At this point, I had close to every TMS or emotionally induced problem one can have. I believe I cured my back pain, wrist pain, tennis elbow, feet pain, knee pain through Sarno books. Now I'm thinking I never really cured anything and I just keep being a victim of symptom substitution.

    I also suffered from insomnia, ocd, depression, anxiety, been in and out of therapy. Nowadays, if anything is wrong with me first thing I think of is TMS and I always think of mental reasons for the pain.

    I think my body and mind is running out of places to use as a distraction.

    To spare you personal details, I'm 26m, living in Poland, my career and personal life is crazy stresful and pretty much hardest it's ever been. So there's plenty reasons for TMS. And while I'm open to emotionally induced problems I don't know if its that. Is there some TMS doctor out there that can help you through skype? I havent ever seen anyone talk about TMS in Poland.

    5 months ago I was having sex with a pretty batshit tattooed girl over 2-3months. My biggest fear at that point was getting her knocked up by accident or contracting some lifelong disease. We were using condoms but I still couldnt help thinking I really shouldnt be doing this. After one night I remember having a huge allergic like reaction. Like my penis was super swolen and red as fuck, I could barely pee. At the time I thought it was new condoms or the gel but I dont know. Then it went down.

    But ever since then the skin on my penis was a little too red and you could tell something is off. I dont experience any pain upon urination, it barely ever itches, but it sometimes does, it doesnt hurt, ever.

    I went to my urologist and he said it looks like its infected. He ordered me to do tests but the test is kinda invasive and I heard it hurts. Im scared cause I know if it hurts a bit, my TMS tendencies will kick in and I will have pain in that area always.

    I did the blood test for aids and all the stuff, chlamydia and some otehr shit I think it was and Im clean.

    I saw a section on urinary tract infection, allergic reactions and hives in my TMS book so I don't know. I really dont want to have anything inserted in my penis if I I dont have to. But I obviously need it back to normal.

    I considered using meds to cure it blindly or use some cream or somethign and hope for the best. But if it's emotioanlly induced that might just feed my obssession. Like doing back excercises in hopes of gettin rid of the back pain instead of focusing on emotion?

    Its the longest post I wrote this year lol but Im really desperate

    I forgot the most important detail. In high school when I wasnt sexually active ;( I had a hardcore infection like that and it lastest for a long time. It was even more hardcore than now. Right now its easy mode. I went from one urogolist to the other, different creames, methods, nothing worked and then, one day it just went away never to return. Until years later with that crazy girl
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  2. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    Hey Bud,
    I can really sympathize with you. First, I would make sure to rule out anything physical. I would hate for something as simple as an STD to cause you anything permanent, when penicillin could clear it up. Just make sure you take care of that. It sounds like TMS. TMS/stress is known to cause skin problems. I have been where you are emotionally, and I can tell you worrying just makes this worse. I know it is hard, but try your best to calm down you Sympathetic Nervous System. This will allow you put things in proper perspective. After that, if you were able to get some relief last time from back pain, etc., you can do it again. I believe the real cure from TMS is how strongly you believe in the concept. This allows your Autonomic Nervous System to heal itself. I say this because some members wanted me to post my "success story" and I knew I wasn't totally convinced, so I didn't do it. I am just getting over a setback due to a family crisis with my son. Anyway, I am a Health and Phys Ed Teacher/Football Coach and was a Competitive Bodybuilder, Football Player,etc. (I don't mention this to boast), its just I have an educated background in physiology that has enabled me to have a bit of understanding about how this all works. Anyway, I will keep an eye out on your thread. If I can help, I would be glad to do so. Good luck, and just know you will get thru this again.
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  3. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    Thing is I had a blood test for the big things (HIV, chlamydia, HPV?) and I came clean. The only thing left is sticking something in my urethra (?) for fungal (?) infection detection etc. I'd rather avoid this if it could go away on "its own". Basically, if it's TMSy I'd rather avoid a painful test. Especially one that could turn into pain later (I could get TMS pain down there after the hurtful test).

    I really appreciate you taking an interest in this topic! I try to explain everything as best as I can, but I dont know all the proper words. I've learnt english from tv shows lol
  4. fbcoach

    fbcoach Peer Supporter

    Your English is great. Yes, you could have a urinary tract infection. I believe there are things you can take like antibiotics if that is the case. Something else that helps and can also help in preventing them is drinking lots of water. It flushes everything out of the urethra.
    As for your TMS, I believe once you get thru one form of pain (backaches, headaches, wrist pain, insomnia, etc.) you have to be cognizant of future pains and remind yourself it is psychological/emotional. Again, Good Luck and I'm glad it wasn't anything as serious as HIV, etc.
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  5. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    This kind of internal conflict is certain to lead to TMS for those prone to it--anytime we tell ourselves we shouldn't be doing something we are doing.
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  6. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    Im gonna drink a lot of water :) I agree with this kind of conflict leading to TMS. But why did it persist long after I broke it off with this girl? Why wont the changes go away?
  7. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Possibly because the underlying issues are not fully resolved..? Or it may just be as fbcoach says that your nervous system is over-excited. Calm yourself. And try cranberries, they are excellent healers for the urinary system. You can buy strong cranberry capsules that knock most infections out. But do the tms healing as well. Cranberries can soothe symptoms but you must address the root cause.

    Wishing you the very best.
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  8. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, I agree with Plum. Probably a long held internal conflict that plays itself out in different ways in your life and at different times. Most deep internal conflicts can be traced back to childhood. I'd explore it through journaling or therapy if you are working with a therapist.
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  9. Miss Metta

    Miss Metta Peer Supporter

    I am not a doctor. You describe the symptoms as being red, and sometimes itchy. If it is just the skin on your penis that is troubled, and you have no pains or difficulty urinating, it is possible that it is the skin condition psoraisis, which can definitely appear on your private parts, though it is not as common as other places on the body. Is there also a slight roughness or scalyness a bit of a papery texture as well? If so, it could be psoraisis. Even the non-TMS believing medical profession admit that psoraisis is one of those skin conditions which can have certain triggers, including smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and also silica deficiency. Stress is also a cause. Even regular medical doctors agree about this. It definitely fits into a TMS condition, as it can come and go anywhere on your body, and can itch or look ugly with big red patches.

    The only way to get it diagnosed is your doctor can take a skin biopsy of around the area. Check your groin and also the gap between your buttocks, it can also appear there and you may not notice it in these places unless the patches get big. It is not harmful nor contagious, just annoying and itchy. Your doctor might also prescribe cortisone cream. If this makes it go down and the itching stop, then my guess is you have an inflammatory condition. I cannot diagnose this and neither can you, you need to go back to your doctor. Best of luck
  10. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my thread. Thing is it barely ever itches. Actually, the only time I feel it itches is when I worry about something lol but still its a very short itch and it quickly goes away. It's the redness and maybe a bit swelling sometimes I worry about.
  11. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    Now that I think about it, all my life I had weird skin allergies in different places, even asthma attacks. It all went away completely, or so I thought. This year I had some small orange looking skin on my knuckles which didnt itch, didnt hurt, was just super random. It went away in like 1.5 weeks. Ive had like a 4cm small patch of skin itch on my arm. It only itches when I worry about something, and is not noticable for 95% of the day, straight up. It can be barely seen its only a little red but I guess you couldnt tell. But I feel it different than rest of the skin on my arm. Idk, I just mention it all in hopes that someone will be able to make some sort of TMS connection
  12. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    "Idk, I just mention it all in hopes that someone will be able to make some sort of TMS connection"

    ...there are so many things little and big that are tms, I wouldn't have time to write about all of them":

    Told to icelikeaninja by Dr. Sarno

    TMS can exhibit itself in skin conditions and itchiness, this is mentioned in many citations in the TMS literature.
  13. bggrinder

    bggrinder New Member

    Hello, thank you for your responses :) Miss Metta, I remember using clotrimasol cream and also hydrocortisone creams way back. I can get either one w/o prescription. Which do you think I should buy?
  14. kersm

    kersm New Member

    "We were using condoms but I still couldnt help thinking I really shouldnt be doing this. After one night I remember having a huge allergic like reaction. Like my penis was super swolen and red as fuck, I could barely pee. At the time I thought it was new condoms or the gel but I dont know. Then it went down."

    I had this once too. In the same situation. I was with a woman that I didnt really want to be with and used condom. When I finished I started to have tremendous pain, I went to the bathroom and peed which made it worse. Stayed up for about 3 more hours and went to pee every half hour and had the pain. Next day it went away. I thought its not STD bc it wont come in just after having sex. I had been with her last time and had same symptoms. When I had sex with another woman only few days after this nothing happened.

    So I guess its kind of a TMS. LOL till this point I thought that the woman did something bad that I didnt feel during intercourse. Later I laughed and said to myself that this woman must have a grater in her. lol

    Now I get what happened!

    Never mind- I read you still have symptoms. Mine went away after a day.
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  15. Miss Metta

    Miss Metta Peer Supporter

    I am in Australia, and the medical system is different. What is available over the counter here is not necessarily available over the counter in other countries, and vice versa. I do not know whether cortisone and hydrocortisone are the same thing, but in Australia 'proper' cortisone must be Rxed by a doctor, you cannot buy it at the Pharmacy. I don't know what the other cream is, and since I'm not going to advise you which to buy, neither am I going to look it up and see what it is. I am not qualified to advise you.
    I get the feeling that you haven't had a skin test or been back to your doctor. There is a difference between getting over-medicalised which is talked about here on the forum and not getting sufficient treatment at all because one is afraid or ashamed.
    You may have a bacterial infection of the skin, which is not TMS (though a lowered immune system that would allow this, could be).

    Someone I know gets psoriasis on his privates. But this was only able to be diagnosed properly by having a skin patch test which the doctor did. Swabs sent away confirmed it was psoriaris, and not thrush or another bacterial or fungal infection. Such things must be ruled out. If your doctor has done such tests, or sent you to a dermatologist (who would also be qualifed to look at skin diseases/conditions) would also be able to tell you.
    Likely it's nothing to worry about, and may only need a small course of creams or antibiotics, depending on what it is. But there are so many, many skin conditions that it's impossible to tell on a website, and you have to see a medical person for this. You can't go putting cream on yourself, especially cortisone. Prescription strength cortisone certainly helps many conditions, but it also has side effects such as weakening the mantle of the skin, making a person's skin more fragile and prone to infection. If you have a bacterial infection (I am not talking about an STD, I am meaning a run of the mill skin bacteria overgrowth) and you put cortisone on it, you are asking for trouble.
    I think you have been waiting for this to go away on its own long enough. If you haven't already, go back to your doctor and tell him or her that you still have it and it has not gotten better. If, after taking a skin sample or biopsy, or giving you treatment, or they cant find anything, then you can look at the emotional issues. I am sure they too are involved, but emotional issues and inner conflict can cause real disease that still needs treatment.

    Please get over your shame and embarrassment , doctors don't care, really they don't. People have to pull their undewear down for doctors every day, they are more concerned with helping you get better than what you think you did.

    I'm not saying it was not triggered by your feelings about sleeping with this woman, but a real medical cause does need to be looked at first, and I have a feeling that you haven't done this, or followed the advice of your doctor properly. I don't know, it's just a feeling I get. You say you are wanting it all to be a TMS connection. Unlike many people here who want a medical diagnosis, and not a TMS diagnosis, I think you are using the idea of TMS to avoid proper medical treatment, because it's an embarrassing part of the body for you, when you may in fact really need it. Go to the doctor one more time, or another doctor if you didn't like or feel comfortable with your regular doctor, and get it examined again. Honestly they aren't there to judge you or make you feel silly.
    Your other skin conditions can indeed be TMS, anything can be, but you still need a diagnosis, or a no diagnosis. It can't be done here. By all means, still do the TMS work, but stop hoping someone will say, "you have TMS" as a way to avoid medical treatment if you know in your heart that you probably should go. If, on the other hand, you think you've given that a decent go and they couldn't find anything wrong or none of the treatment worked, then you can look at TMS as the main cause.

    sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but this is what's coming from my heart. All the TMS literature says get the condition checked out medically first. That's one of the tenets of it. I think you need to do this, get over whatever you are feeling, if you are feeling shame or embarrassment.

    Miss Metta
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