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Steven Ozanich Special Webinar with Steve Ozanich

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Many of you are familiar with the book The Great Pain Deception by Steve Ozanich. On next Satruday, October 27th Steve Ozanich will be doing a special webinar with us during the Drop in Chat! This event will start at the time of the regular drop in chat at 3:00 PM EST. It will last for about an hour, and is a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been there and knows what it takes to recover.

    I really enjoyed GPD and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn a little bit more about Steve’s story and how he was able to overcome chronic pain.

    To join the meeting from your computer or mobile device, click or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

    To join the audio portion of this meeting, choose your dial in method:
    Dial-in Number: +16465837415
    Skype: fuzeaudioplus
    International Numbers:https://www.fuzemeeting.com/numbers0

    When prompted enter the pin number:
    Attendee Pin Number: 21558901

    You can also participate in the text chat portion of the event by going towww.tmswiki.org/chat . This portion of the event will give you the opportunity to discuss points Steve touches on and ask him questions. It will be a lot like our regular drop in chat.

    If anyone is interested in participating in the event or to learn more about it, simply post below. We are going to need a couple people to help moderate the event to help everything run smoothly. Also, if you are interested in asking Steve a question send me a quick private conversation, and I will let you know more about it. If you are trying to recover and still struggling, this is a great way opportunity to learn from a person who has been there.

    This teleconference is for educational purposes only. Anything that is said or advice given should not be considered medical advice. Please keep in mind that Steve is not a physician. For medical advice see your doctor.

    If you have any questions on how to connect feel free to ask.

  2. danielle

    danielle Peer Supporter

    Ooh, just missed this. Will there be a recording of it?
  3. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    This was great-- I missed some of it due to the time difference, but everything I heard was extremely helpful. I have a question about Fuze, if it is costing someone to have an account that will accommodate more than a few people? If so, is there a way to chip in to help defray costs?
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  4. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    Think I heard there was going to be a recording of Steve O's webinar available in a few days on this site.
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  5. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    I can't find it?? Link?
  6. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

  7. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Terry, thank you so much for this question! Have you seen the little box on the home page of the TMS Wiki that says we are in the process of forming a 501(c)(3)? Well, I don't think Forest and the other administrators will mind if I let you know that it has just recently happened - we received our 501(c)(3) acceptance from the IRS, and are legally ready to accept tax-deductible donations! (Although that is only useful for U.S. taxpayers, I imagine). But yes, donations will be used to defray the costs of things like using Fuze and offering a toll-free call-in number during the webinars. As well as the cost of this forum software, the wikimedia platform for the Wiki, and other costs we might incur as we work on spreading the word about TMS and TMS recovery. Up until now, these costs have been paid for privately.

    Anyway, the next step is to obtain a PayPal account and link it to the organization's new bank account, and get donation buttons onto the wiki and the forum.

    Stay tuned, and again, Thank You for asking!


    (PS - it was a great session, wasn't it? I was glued to the phone, and picked up quite a number of gems that I found immediately helpful).
  8. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    Hi Jan, I was surprised how very helpful the webinar was. I learned several things that I hadn't yet picked up from the forum and from readings.

    Having PayPal for donations sounds like the way to go, so it will be easy for those of us who aren't in the US. I have found the forum so helpful and people have already given so much of their time and expertise, chipping in seems like a very small way to repay your kindness. Keep up the great work!

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