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Structure or TMS Pain 3 months after surgery

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by tgerbervns, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. tgerbervns

    tgerbervns Newcomer

    On December 3, 2020 I had bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery. The hernias were not causing me pain. I discovered one of the hernias because I had a painless lump in my pelvis. The only reason I had the surgery was because the hernia was incarcerated and I was advised to have it repaired. The second hernia was discovered during the operation.

    During the first three weeks after the operation I had tremendous muscle pain and inflammation which caused me tremendous duress. Taking opioids did help with the pain. The surgeon said I had a lot of inflammation but it should calm down soon. He prescribed a dose of methylprednisolone to help with the inflammation.

    The morning of the third day after starting the medicine I started to feel a lot better. However during the afternoon I experienced a light burning sensation that started on my right testicle and spread all over my groin, hands, face and feet. The burning sensation became severe (10/10) on my scrotum and feet. I went to the ER at UCLA and they said I had post surgical inflammation and that it would clear up.

    Fast forward and I was diagnosed as having irritation of the pudendal nerve. I had a successful pudendal nerve block on january 14th and the pain went away until it wore off 12 hours later. Steroids were also given during the block but they did not do anything. The doctor believes my pelvic muscles are spasming from the stress of the surgery and compressing the nerves. He does not believe I have nerve damage. He says its a muscle spasm because my pain is typically better in the morning and gets worse as the day progresses. I have been in Pelvic Floor therapy for two months and I have not seen any benefit. Two weeks ago I had a botox injection. The muscles are now relaxed but the pain has not changed. He says I need to be patient and wait for the nerve to calm down. Just to add to it, all the initial pain I had during the first three weeks went away around week 6.

    I don't know if this condition is structural, tms or a hybrid. What complicates it in my mind is that this condition stemmed from surgery. Its all I can think about 24/7 a day. I do know that my constant obsession increases the pain however the only time it's ever completely absent is when I wake up in the morning for up to an hour or two depending on the quality of my sleep. I would love to hear some thoughts on this as currently I am extremely depressed and feel like my life is over.
  2. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    Seems like TMS based on the stress of all these new treatments. Maybe it just wants to be left alone to heal. When I get spasms down there it needs to be relaxed on its own and not be touched by anything. Double check with a TMS doctor or therapist on here if you're still not sure.

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