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testicular pain, pelvic pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Francesco98, May 4, 2022.

  1. Francesco98

    Francesco98 New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm a 23 years old italian guy.
    I dont speak english fluently, I'm sorry for that, hope you'll understand anyways.

    my symptoms started a year ago with severe pain in my left foot, I did an ultrasound which revealed plantar fasciitis, I took months of rest but the pain never went away.
    over the months the pain not only did not ease but also spread to the right foot.
    I made any type of visit, I did various ultrasound scans that never showed anything abnormal, I put on orthopedic insoles, I did physical activity prescribed by a physiatrist. nothing helped me.

    my second symptoms involved lumbar, trapezius, neck and shoulders. as main symptoms I can point out a strong feeling of stiffness, pain and inability to lift certain objects causes too much pain.
    Here, too, I made several visits which led to nothing,

    my third symptoms concerned my fingers (especially the ring and left little fingers) and elbows. as for the fingers I perceived severe pain, paresthesia, numbness and tingling.
    on the other hand, as regards the elbows, I presented a phenomenon similar to what happened to me with my feet. The pain started in the left elbow and then expanded to the right after a few weeks.
    I don't know if this 'specular' phenomenon is common in tms cases, the fact is that in my case it happened.

    at this point I began to understand that there was something strange in my symptoms, all this was not normal, it was not possible that in just one year I was reducing myself thus and that no doctor had yet given me an exhaustive explanation regarding my condition.
    so instead of blaming my job for foot pain, too long gaming sessions for back, finger and elbow pain and any physical action on my problem and started investigating a possible psychological condition.

    about 1 month and a half ago I ran into Dr. Sarno for the first time, thanks to a boy who explained how thanks to a book by him (the mindbody prescription), he had managed to heal from various chronic pain conditions.
    He convinced me immediately, I bought the book and read it, after a month of having done it I can say that I am 90% cured of all the aforementioned chronic conditions.

    I wish my story ended here and it was in the success story folder, but unfortunately it isn't.

    once all the symptoms I have listed passed, the pain in the left testicle began, it started as very mild and then worsened.
    I visited a urologist and andrologist who told me that I had an epididymal cyst, but it was only 1cm in size and was not the cause of my pain.
    he also explained to me that it is a very common condition in man and that they are usually asymptomatic. I basically have nothing back then, but the pain has been going on for a few weeks now.
    I know it may sound strange, especially after overcoming various other issues, but in this specific case it is as if I cannot accept that it is tms.
    in this it is different, I perceive something abnormal in the painful area, I can perceive the cyst through self-examination and this makes me think that the problem is real. that there is something wrong.

    rationally I think that this speech is analogous to back pain localized at the point of the herniated disc, which as the studies cited in Dr. Sarno's book say are not the real cause of the problem,
    stating that the brain knows any abnormalities in our body and localizes the pain in those points.
    I also believe that the mechanism of the bricklayer with the nail stuck in the shoe has been triggered in me, who feels a lancinate pain but once taken to the hospital it turns out that the nail is in the middle of the fingers (it is an example that I found in Pain Recovery
    Alan Gordon program that I am currently following)
    the nail is the metaphor of the cyst and the foot of my testicle lol. I hope I understand this far.

    The underlying problem is therefore the acceptance of the tms, I know that if I do not accept this diagnosis 100% then I will never recover.
    some days I succeed, others less, I still have a long way to go.
    I hope to find someone with a similar story to mine, so that I feel less alone.
    of course I omitted many things, there would be many other things to talk about, if you have any doubts, just ask, I will answer with pleasure
  2. Oddball

    Oddball New Member

    Ciao Francesco,

    I know testicular pain. I developed pain after vasectomy. I had a varicocele on bad side. There was question if this was cause pain or not. Today, I think it probably was a normal abnormality, like Dr. Sarno said. You can read my story here:

    https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/post-vasectomy-pain-syndrome-tms.14440/#post-133072 (Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome = TMS?)

    There is a subreddit for vasectomy pain that can also be used for testicular pain: https://www.reddit.com/r/postvasectomypain/
  3. Francesco98

    Francesco98 New Member

    hello oddball,
    nice nickname, I'll copy it.
    First of all thank you very much for your answer, right now any kind of help is precious to me.
    there are similarities in our stories, I have also seen that in your story we find the discourse of pain that passes from one side of the affected organ / muscle to the other.
    Probably also in your case you perceived abnormalities in your body, perhaps problems deriving from the intervention, etc.
    I don't want to go too far in this speech since they are delicate issues and that in any case I don't know much about vasectomies.
    I want to ask you how are you now? were you able to overcome your problem?
  4. Oddball

    Oddball New Member

    Unfortunately, I am not much better. Cut out the testicle, but no luck. I am actually worse than I was before my spermatic cord block. I'm not very functional anymore. But I'm still hoping for gradual improvement over time.

    Ho studiato l'italiano tanto tempo fa, bella lingua.
  5. Francesco98

    Francesco98 New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that, that must be terrible...
    I hope things will go better for you in the future.
    Ti ringrazio :)
  6. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    You have TMS on the run. Jumping from body part to body part. Any pain in the rectum, testicles, etc is miserable as hell to deal with but it might actually be a blessing (as hard to believe as that sounds!). You're likely not broadcasting your ailment and therefore not receiving and "secondary gain" from friends providing sympathy. Stay with Sarno, start meditation, treat yourself better. You have TSM hiding in a nasty spot that has nowhere left to go! Find out what your body is trying to tell you and heal. You got this!
  7. Francesco98

    Francesco98 New Member

    thank you shelter for the reply,
    I feel a little better than when I start to writing my story.
    The pain is decreased by a good 50% and its still moving, now I feel it in the low belly the most.
    Nowadays I am pretty sure that is TMS, and I understand when you say that this pain is a blessing.
    I know that my body is trying to communicate to me something, I am start to use somatic tracking as the program of Alan say to do.
    I'm starting to see all of this situation as an opportunity to discover myself, to listen me and be more sympathetic.
    sorry for my bad English
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  8. sheltered

    sheltered Peer Supporter

    The pain moving around into the low belly sounds so similar to my TMS. It used to play around the whole pelvic area. The movement of the pain is a great sign. Might take a while but you are on the road to recovery. Be patient. Keep faith. You got this!
  9. Francesco98

    Francesco98 New Member

    Thank you friend, I will, take care :)
  10. elchessboy

    elchessboy New Member

    Francesco how u doin my friend...

    bro ACCEPT! and move on with ur day. I had heel pain ..bad...bro. very bad i ended up with a cane and almost wheel chair.. it actually got my leg, pelvic even by side by kidmey area. I couldnt play soccer. my left is fine but right is not. I think the nerve runs through your nuts and pelvic and right butt cheek...it all connects.. but how i recovered, was I really got MADDD one day,.after crying of course... I thrw my cane away, ...I went outside and i stepped on that foot that has heel issues for weeks.. I stomped on it man.. it hurt like a bytch but I ran and ran...and ignored the harsh pain. I finished the whole block...around! It hurt but little bit less after i stopped man.. Im like WTF is this..how can it hurt more when im not doing shit...and yet hurts less after i stomped on it!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Heel pain went completely away..IT KNOWS it cannot scare me man! fuk it.! even if it was ripped or whatever disease...worrying and being scared about it wont give u joy and recovery! FEAR is the biggest culprit and it will kill u faster than any "disease" whether it be real or fake! TAKE care CESCO! adios mi amigo!

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