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TMS from injury?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by desined, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. desined

    desined New Member

    Hey! I'm a 19 year old male, about 5-6 months ago had an injury while doing a backflip on a trampoline which led to acute pain in my lower back. A CT scan showed very small bulges in my discs, so small that 2 doctors couldnt see anything. Eventually I started feeling numbness in my leg and pain in the tailbone. Was told that the disc was pressing on a nerve. Physiotherapy and pills have done nothing. I am an anxious person by nature and often a perfectionist. A lot of my last traumas would become chronic, so I wondered, could an injury trigger TMS? It is very weird for the injury not to heal. I have read somewhere that acute injuries do not cause TMS. Maybe anyone had a same situation? Would really appreciate any advice
  2. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    Very small disc bulges would not cause nerve compression. With your history of anxiety and perfectionism and chronic symptoms it is very reasonable to assume your current symptoms are TMS. The injury to your lower back would definitely have healed by now. Acute injuries can trigger TMS as the brain utilises the fear of the pain to send you into a state of preoccupation as a way to deal with deeper unresolved emotions/issues. You can relax knowing that you are safe, your body is fine but your psyche needs some love and attention. We are here for you.
  3. desined

    desined New Member

    Thank you for your response! I will start with Dr. Sarno's book
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  4. Dorado

    Dorado Beloved Grand Eagle

    Symptoms that should have already disappeared after proper care and true healing are definitely TMS/the mind-body connection. This is why some people experience “chronic Lyme disease” after a successful round of antibiotics, antidepressant withdrawal that never dissipates, “sensitivity” to barometric changes, etc.

    Steve Ozanich touches on this topic here - MANY of us have experienced this: https://thrivinglaunch.com/stop-pain-steve-ozanich/ (Stop Pain - Steve Ozanich - Thriving Launch Podcast)

    Your doctors confirmed that the tests were clear. It’s time to start looking at the mind-body connection.

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