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Pain and fear since 30 Years

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Kristina1987, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. MariaK

    MariaK New Member

    I wish I had time to give a longer reply. I would search the forum for others on here from Germany and write to them privately. Maybe you can create your own group. Also, maybe try making a rule for yourself to reduce the number of times per hour that you let yourself bend you knee. And continue to cut back. You're not going to get well today. You can only take small steps in the right direction. You're very aware of how obsessed you are, which everyone has already explained is feeding your symptoms. Work on focusing on other things, just for 5 minutes at a time for example. Say to yourself, for the next 5 minutes I'm not going to let myself think about this. You must have times when all your attention is going toward your daughter. Do you notice your symptoms lessen then? That is evidence you have TMS! Best of luck to you!
  2. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Please don't go down the splint and orthodontics path. It will lead to nothing but wasted time and more pain.
    I have TMJ jaw issues as well but it is not the cause of your issues. I'm not a doctor but I feel 100% confident in saying that your pain in your knees is not from your jaw.

    FYI, my mum went through the same thing -- she was talked into getting mouth appliances for pain she was having in her eyes and elsewhere. It just made her more miserable.

    I know it's hard to think clearly when you are uncomfortable. If a friend came to you with the same situation you'd be able to see and advise them not to waste time, money and hope on the jaw treatment.
  3. Kristina1987

    Kristina1987 New Member

    Thank you for the answers. I already have a therapist with whom I work psychologically. I need to get an idea about orthodontics. I know anyway I have to work in parallel. psychological and training for the body. In fact, I know some that have less pain from a good bite. my isg problems got really bad 5 years ago after 2 implants. I'm currently looking at what's behind the fear. i appreciate anger i'm staying tuned I see how far I can get and get a second opinion because of the teeth.

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